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Campaign to clean up All Municipal Water supplies   3/9/24


No Oaths of Office in the Federal Government    4  min.


NEW Eclipse Interview: FMR NASA Consultant Richard Hoagland Stunning Claims!  49 min.

It Wasn’t Fauci: How Deep State Really Played Trump With COVID   24  min.

The Real Impact of American Aid on Palestinian Christians    43  min


Brian Costello: "We Have A Government Right Now That Works For The Billionaire Class"  19   min.

Tulsi Gabbard Urges Americans To Leave The Democrat Party In Order To Save The Country    11  min.

Joe Allen: "The Real Eclipse Is The Human Race Being Eclipsed By Our Technological Inventions"   11  min

Alex Jones Responds To Revelation That FBI/CIA Attempted To Silence Him And Shut Down Infowars    25  min.

European Parliament approves controversial migration pact, sparking uproar from nationalists who vow to bring it down after EU election

Globalism on the airwaves: Soros fund now bankrolling radio stations

Euro Extends Decline After ECB Holds Rates At Highs, Hints At Cuts To Come

Macron first threatens Russia with troops, then purchases €600 million worth of gas from Moscow in first three months of 2024

OBSOLETE MAN: Leading economist warns that “almost all forms of human labor” will be taken over by AI

Biden Job Creation: Part-time, Government Jobs, and Distorted Unemployment Numbers

Bidenflation Reignited Consumer Prices Rise More Than Expected Rents, Electricity cOSTS sURGE

WATCH: Federal Reserve Principal Economist who Reveals to O’Keefe Media Group that Fed Chair Jerome Powell “Wants to be Remembered in History” for Undermining Trump, Says Conservatives are “Dumb” and Discriminated Against at Federal Reserve

UK Asylum Tribunal Rules That Illegal Alien Sex Offender Can’t Be Deported Because Afghanistan Stigmatizes Sex Offenders

Audit Finds California Has Spent $24 Billion on Homeless Programs Over Five Years and the Problem Has Only Gotten Worse

Dance Team Forced From Seattle Show Because Uniforms Were Offensive - They Depicted the American Flag

'Thinking People' And 'Truth' Are The Globalists Worst Enemies: Tyrants Are Working To Turn 'Speaking Truth' Into A Punishable Offense Because Authentic Truth Possesses Enhanced Power

Can NPR Listeners Handle the Truth?                 

From ‘Conspiracy Theory’ to ‘Cover-Up’? Agencies Hid 2018 Pitch to Fund Chimeric Coronavirus 

Bye bye to 158 DC cherry trees over climate fears – UN vs. UN battle about ‘2 years to save world’– Kerry declares you are ‘GREEDY’ – EU court rules ‘Climate inaction’ violates human rights

Normalizing Eating Bugs in Australia . . . and It’s Coming to America [VIDEO]

Soil in Iowa and Across America Is Being Decimated by Big Ag [VIDEO]

Neuralink Rival Synchron Is Recruiting Patients for a Large Brain Chip Clinical Trial

Knightscope’s Dystopian Vision for the Future of Robot Police

Mayorkas Confirms He’s Still Paying Hamas-Supporting DHS Agent, Who’s Been Gloating About Her ‘Paid’ Vacation

Senior Biden Treasury Official Admits $$ for Iran Goes Towards Violence

How Taxpayers Will Heavily Subsidize Democrat Boots on the Ground This Election

Antifa Tranny Arrested, Charged With Bombing Alabama AG Office

After Being Stabbed 22 Times, Derek Chauvin Takes One More Knife in the Back From Our Crooked Justice System

‘Empty executive suite’: Boeing insider lays out company’s descent into diversity obsession

‘Burglary Tourists’ and Other Organized Crime Gangs Are Terrorizing Americans All Over the Country

Have Americans Become Too Domesticated to Defend Their Liberty?

"We're Going To Lose A Major War": US Navy Deletes Photo Of Ship Commander Shooting Rifle With Backwards Scope 

Car Thefts In US Surged To Record High In 2023                4/11


UN “peacemakers” kill civilians while WHO staff rape children – and these corrupt globalist bodies want more control over our lives

UN Law of the Sea Gets Even Worse

New BRICS Currency Value: $55 Per One BRIC?

Trilateral Commissioner Larry Summers, OpenAI Board Member, Says All Labor Will Be Replaced

NATO Chief Admits Ukraine May Have To ‘Compromise’ With Russia

World War III is now inevitable – here’s why it can’t be avoided

EU Disinfo Lab Proposes Expanding ICANN Operations From Phishing and Malware To Target "Disinformation"

Why US Public Debt Is Unsustainable And Is Destroying The Middle Class  

We’re Now Spending More On Debt Interest Than Defense, Report Finds

Tyranny by the Numbers: The Government Wants Your Money Any Way It Can Get It

Norfolk Southern Agrees To Pay $600M For Ohio Toxic Train Derailment

New rule protects 2.2 million tax-sucking swamp dwellers from ever getting fired

Apple announces LAYOFFS of more than 600 workers

Scandal Rocks Biden's Labor Dept For Lying About Sharing Non-Public Inflation Data With Secret Group Of Wall Street "Super Users"

Democrats’ Systemic Normalization Of Property Theft Birthed America’s Squatter Crisis

Million-dollar Brooklyn home torched by squatters

Colombian gang leader captured in Texas highlights concerns over open border policies

Migrant Crime Explodes Higher In Germany In 2023, Violent Crime Hits Record Levels

Michigan: Protesters Chant ‘Death To America,’ ‘Death To Israel’

Illegal Alien From El Salvador Arrested For Murdering Man, Dismembering His Body

99 Reasons I’m In Mourning                

The WHO’s Road to Totalitarianism

Molecular geneticist explains how mRNA vaccines were designed to conquer the human mind

So the CDC knew all along about those 780,000 side effects to its COVID vaccine as it was assuring us it was 'safe'

mRNA COVID jabs caused one in four Saudis to suffer heart issues, “bombshell” study finds

Government and the WHO Quietly Shake Hands

Dr. Joseph Mercola advises on what you can do if weaponised bird flu is released

Sneaky QR code labeling HIDES GMOs in food 

BREAKING: Undercover Video: CIA Officer/Former FBI Boasts: We “Can Put Anyone in Jail.. Set Them Up” – FBI “Did What We Wanted” with Alex Jones “Took His Money Away”

Proof America's Critical Infrastructure Is Under All Out Attack To Rush 'A Thinning Of The Herd': 'Once Is An Accident, Twice Is A Coincidence BUT Three Times Is An Enemy Action' - 'Enemies Of America Within' Are Worse Than Any Enemies On The Outside

Nebraska Bill To Keep Males Out Of Women’s Bathrooms, Sports Teams Fails After Two Republicans Abstain

January 6 participants file class action lawsuit over police misconduct, brutality

Switzerland "Violated Human Rights" By Not Tackling Climate-Change Quickly Enough, ECHR Rules In Landmark Case

Bill Of ‘Neurorights’ Coming Soon? Mind-Reading Tech May Force Us To Rethink Freedom Of Thought

Biden regime just proved once and for all that the US government is the most corrupt organization in the world, and it’s not even close

The Left’s Latest Scheme To Permanently Change Elections In America

54% Think Biden Is Mass Importing Voters To Create Permanent Democrat Majority

Report: David Hogg PAC Spends Little on Candidates, Lots on Lawyers, Consultants, Meals, Travel, Hotels — and Salaries

Switzerland "Violated Human Rights" By Not Tackling Climate-Change Quickly Enough, ECHR Rules In Landmark Case

Climate change tests: What could go wrong?

The Greening Earth vs Enemies of Climate Truth            4/10


[Aug 25, 2022] FLUVID-19 (Official Trailer) [Hibbeler Productions]   2  min.

Veteran asks for wheelchair ramp, instead offered a medically assisted DEATH      1  min.   

Bill Gates Backs UN Plot for “Digital Infrastructure” of Tyranny

Most Americans Are Like Frogs In Slowly Boiling Water And Do Not See The Globalists War Upon Home Ownership Is Part Of The Obama-Biden Crime Cabal's War Upon Middle Class Americans

SWIFT’s new central bank digital currency platform could be ready in 1-2 years

American Small-Business Optimism Slides to 11-Year Low as Bidenomics Fails

State Farm announces it won’t renew 72,000 property insurance policies in California to avoid financial collapse due to a wave of claims

No Oaths of Office in the Federal Government

Democratic Operatives Hijacked Swing State’s Elections, Says Investigator

AG Bill Barr SHUT DOWN Investigations into Three Separate Incidents Following the 2020 Election -Former DOJ Official Jeff Clark SPEAKS OUT After DC Ethics Trial (VIDEO)

Bribery Biden Offers $300 Billion to Buy 30 Million Voters

EXPOSED: Big Tech’s censorship regime secretly driven by Homeland Security spook

Disinformation "Expert" Tells People To Only Use "Trusted Sources," Avoid "Doing Your Own Research"

The Ministry of BS Will See You Now                  

New Report Details Horrifying Cost of Flip-Flopping Fascist Fear Fuhrer Fauci’s Failures

CDC Releases Hidden COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Reports

Top 6 illnesses that CONVENIENTLY DISAPPEARED during the “Covid-19” scamdemic

Covid-19 Mastermind and Lab Leak Denier Dr. Peter Daszak to Testify Before Congress on May 1

Dr. Clare Craig: Reflection on the last four years

Bird Flu Is 100 Times Worse Than COVID? Fact or Fiction?

The pharmaceutical industry is more WOKE than most people could ever imagine

Doctoring So Easy, Even a Caveman Can Do It 

How Could BioNTech Purchase a Factory for Its “Vaccine” Before the Drug Was Even Approved?

NEW: Former FBI/Current CIA officer says approx 20 undercover agents in J6 crowd, boasts about taking away Alex Jones’ money: Sound Investigations

Almost Everyone Missed One Of The Main Points Of The Eclipse

Ukrainian Authorities Were Paid to Test Big Pharma Drugs on Human Subjects in Psyche Wards in Mariupol

Illegal immigrants are throwing away their military IDs before entering America, says Border Hawk’s Dan Lyman

People rising up to rescue America           4/9


Who Is Volodymyr Zelensky?   12  min.

The Nazi Roots of Covid & the Plan for Global Mind Control w/ Dr. Ealy

Club Of Rome Unveils Plan To Cull Billions From The World Population    5  min.

Ben Shapiro And The Daily Wire's Problems Are Getting Worse   21  min. 


Leaked WHO Documents Reveal Sinister Plan for Forced Quarantine w/ James Roguski    43  min.  

Tucker on how the Biden Admin, along with the CIA, helped install the current government in Brazil—which immediately moved to silence opposition media and arrest dissidents.    34  min.

Elites at War with the People

ARE YOUR EYES OPEN?: Global Governments are in a Silent War Against Humanity- The Prelude to WW3 & the March Towards a Digital Dystopia

What's So Great About The Great Reset, Great Taking, Great Replacement, Great Deflation, & Next Great Depression?

Marxist Globalists Will Resort to Terror and Violence

Global Marxists Require Everybody To 'Drink The Kool-Aid' - This Path We're Now On Always Leads To Revolutionary Suicide With The Lasting Marks Upon History Blood Stains & Mass Graves

Western taxpayers are funding the global rollout of the controligarchs' surveillance and control system

Media Peddles Ludicrous Claim That 'Border Crisis Might Be a Boon for the Economy.'

Biden regime just proved once and for all that the US government is the most corrupt organization in the world, and it’s not even close

Muslims at Al-Quds Day Rally in Michigan: 'Death to America, One of the Rottenest Countries On Earth

Debt From Above: The Carbon Credit Coup

Americans Skipping Meals to Afford Housing Under Biden

Analysis: Grocery Prices Nearing 40 Percent Higher Than In 2019

Horror: 64-year-old Trump RV operator gets bludgeoned with sledgehammer

Video proof “irate” AG Bill Barr was in on the coup against President Trump. It’s time to hold him accountable

Scientists Now Claim Wearing Jeans is “Bad for the Environment”

Financial State of the Union 2024               

Dr. Bossche: Here comes the “massive, massive tsunami” of DEATH and destruction from Operation Warp Speed

FDA just lost a historic ivermectin lawsuit - so when will FDA officials be arrested and charged with manslaughter for denying lifesaving treatments to Americans?

A study conducted by Pfizer Stooges proves mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination during Pregnancy is highly likely to cause a Spontaneous Abortion but Health Authorities have been Bribed to dismiss it

USDA using unreliable PCR testing to “depopulate” poultry farms, crippling the U.S. food supply

Lara Trump Outlines Five States RNC Is Focusing On For 2024

In Opposite Day Logic, USA Today Breathlessly Defends ‘Zuckerbucks’

Trump calls 'J6 Praying Grandma' a 'patriot', helps raise money to defray her legal costs

Climate-Con And Media-Censorship Complex - Part 1

‘Mainstream Media Complicit’ in Border Invasion

Mexican president's arrogance grows as liberal US courts hand over American sovereignty to Mexico

South American Heist Rings Target Luxurious US Homes, Wear Ghillie Suits To Remain Unseen

Disturbing Poll: Three Out of Four British Muslims Don’t Believe Hamas Committed Rape and Murder During October 7 Terrorist Attacks

Exclusive: Joni Ernst Accuses Biden Admin of ‘Stealing’ from Veteran ‘Heroes’ to Fund Illegal Immigrants

MIGRANT CRIME ROUND-UP: Pedos, Rapists, And Killer Drug Traffickers…

Epidemiologist Warns About What’s NOT Happening at the Border – We’re Flirting with Disaster

Video: The migrants, up close                   4/8



BREAKING: U.S. Northern Border Wide Open As Chinese Soldiers Train With Canadian Military   27  min.


A.I. Deciding Who To Kill For Israel   4  min.

New Information On The White Fibrous Blood Clots   22  min.



James Rickards: Ukraine’s Starting To Get Dangerous, Putin Doesn’t     22  min.

Portland School Covers Up Gang-Rape Of Nine-Year-Old In School Bathroom   12  min.

Dave Brat Explains The True State Of The Economy And How Bad Bidenomics Really is    4  min.

Blending Reality: The WEF Calls for Creation of Metaverse Identity in Latest Push for Digital Dystopia

Proud Guatemalans Call for Trump to Fix Our Borders to Save Their Country, Too [VIDEO]

Rust Belt Senators Sound Alarm: Japanese Corporation Trying To Buy U.S. Steel Is Linked To China

PayByFace Expands Across European Markets

Taiwan earthquake puts global chip supply at risk as TSMC pauses production line

Conflict of Energy Forecasts: Saudi Aramco vs. International Energy Agency

UNDRIP Land Grab via Fake Care for the Indigenous – Part 2 – Video #95

UN Demeans Moms as “Unpaid Care Workers” in War on Family

Ukrainian Men Paying Disabled Women To Marry Them To Avoid Frontlines: Report

Non-profit CWC Data Science division announces pre-release availability of experimental “Neo” Large Language Model via Brighteon.AI

Bill Gates & UN Behind “Digital Public Infrastructure” For Global Control

Globalists Claim Mass Immigration Helps The US Economy - Here's Why That's A Lie 

This Is A Dire Threat To The Future Of America: History Has Proven That Socialism Always Devolves Into Political Persecution, Abject Poverty, Mass Murder And General Misery - And Now, 70 Percent Of Millennials Will Happily Vote For It

Behind Today’s Stellar Jobs Print: It Was Literally ALL Part-Time Jobs (And Illegals)

21 Attorneys General Target Biden Parole Program Flying in 30,000 Immigrants Monthly

Despite Pledge to Audit Elites, New 80k+-Strong Biden IRS Legion Targets Middle Class

Port Of Baltimore Expected To Partially Reopen By End Of April

Medical students directed to kneel, pray for Mama Earth

Canadians Protest Trudeau’s Carbon Tax

What enemies we have in 'experts'                     

As More Young People Die From Turbo Cancers, The Globalists Roll Out Their Next Psy-op, A Perfect Candidate For 'Disease X' - Doctors Warn H5N1 Could Be 100x Worse Than COVID - More Appalling Evidence COVID Was A DOD Op To Exterminate American

CDC discloses 780,000 new reports of serious side effects after COVID-19 vaccination

We've done a quick search for FOIs relating to covid vaccine ingredients; here are the results

RIGGED MEDICINE: Report finds nearly 60% of U.S. doctors received payments totaling over $12 billion from Big Pharma firms between 2013 and 2022

'Misinformation Expert' Who Attacked Doctors During COVID Apologizes, for Some - But Not All - Comments

And Now "Bird Flu Pandemic Could be '100 Times Worse' than COVID, Scientists Warn"

Vaccine-laced Food Is Here

Is there hidden CRICKET flour in your groceries?

Have You Heard About The 2 Gigantic Crosses That Stand At The Intersections Of The Eclipses?

Evil Walks Among Us - From The Killing Of Unborn Babies To Allowing A Full Invasion Of The U.S., There Are Issues That Are Not Just Politics, But Rather Good Versus Evil

No, It Does Not Make You a Racist to Reject Eating Bugs or Living in Pods

New Trouble For Fani Willis: Now Accused Of Illegally Recording Phone Call By Trump Co-Defendant

Total tyranny: FBI agent admits questioning Americans “every day, all day long” about social media posts

“Oh Man, This Is Huge”: Video Revealed By Jan. 6 Defendant Raises Questions About Undercover Agents

German Intel Chief Defends His Efforts To Police The “Thought And Speech Patterns” Of Citizens

Police, Child Services Harass Child, 7, After Parents Let Him Ride Bike, Eat Cookie

Now Tish James is Going After the Firm Backing Trump's $175M Bond.

Oprah isn’t welcome anymore

If You Liked the Fairness Doctrine, You'll Love Net Neutrality          4/7


Karen Kingston & Dr. Sansone - Gov. DeSantis Officially Served: Immediately Cease COVID Injections

Mike Johnson Is Doing the Left's Bidding. Why?   24  min.   

Watch Democrats Disrespect and Talk Down To America    5   min.

Sniveling Invader Faces Gun Charges: SQUATTER Leonel Moreno ARRESTED  10   min.

Trannies INFILTRATE Women’s Sports World Athletics Org BANS Transgenderism    11 min.

Shattering The Vaccine Paradigm With Dr. Suzanne Humphries by The Highwire with Del Bigtree  36  min.

Tiffany Justice: How Moms For Liberty Called Out The Manhattan Academic Leaders For Failing The Kids  4  min.

SHOCK REPORT: Diddy SODOMIZED Meek Mill: DISGUSTING Leaked Audio Reveals Grotesque Sex Act   11  min.

UN & Bill Gates Behind “Digital Public Infrastructure” for Global Control

UNDRIP Land Grab via Fake Care for the Indigenous – Part 1 – Video #94

Deadly Moscow terror attack was clearly carried out with the help of Ukraine and the CIA

It Is Statistically Impossible For So Many Animal Proteins, Chicken, Beef And Pork, To Be 'Naturally' Under Attack At One Time - More Likely To Be A Bioweapon Against Humanity  

MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION: Russia can still launch its entire nuclear arsenal even if all Russians are dead

BLINKEN SHOCK: Says Ukraine Will Join NATO…State Sec’y Opens Up Path to World War III

Milei goes after Petro and AMLO

WATCH: Son of Hamas Co-Founder Demolishes Islamist Terror Apologist So Thoroughly He Leaves Her Mouth Gaping in Shock

U.S. Supports Creation of International Tribunal on Slavery Reparations

Princeton Scientists Unveil Breakthrough in Fusion Reactor Technology

Israel kills SEVEN Gaza food aid workers in “accidental” airstrikes where Israeli drones hunted, targeted and destroyed three clearly marked food aid vehicles

How is America 'Adding Jobs' While Unemployment Rises? Allow Us to Explain...

Federal Reserve price controls will enrich Fortune 500 companies

Hundreds of jobs, millions in tax revenue at risk while Port of Baltimore remains closed

Amazon’s “magical” AI grocery store technology exposed—it was actually 1,000 Indians

…But! Dramatic Nebraska Winner-Takes-All Vote Fails in GOP-Controlled Legislature

A short exposé of the devastating agenda of Cultural Marxism

We Were Warned Decades Ago How America Would Be Overthrown via The Bezmenov Plan: The Four Stages Of Communist Subversion: 1) Demoralization, 2) Disorientation, 3) Crisis, and 4) Normalization

Tens of Thousands of Mainstream Journalists Laid off in What’s Being Called An “Extinction Event” [VIDEO]

Lawmakers Vote to Ban Geoengineering, Chemtrails.    

mRNA covid injections: It's not about the money, it's about conquering the human mind

U.S. has recorded over 1 million excess deaths among people aged 65 and older since the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines

27% of Saudis in 'Bombshell' Study Experienced Heart Issues After mRNA COVID Shots

Why are so many Children Dying Suddenly alll across Europe?

One of the U.K.’s largest retailers is now selling COVID-19 vaccines to CHILDREN as young as 12

Moderna Working on mRNA Vaccines for Conditions Potentially Caused by COVID-19 Vaccinations

Pfizer's Own Study Confirms Paxlovid Sucks

Ed Dowd Identifies Disturbing Problem in Cancer Trends.

Major Bird Flu Outbreak Shuts Down U.S. Largest Fresh Egg Producer, About 1.6 Million Chickens Culled at Texas Facility

Report: UCLA Required Medical Students to Join ‘Free Palestine’ Prayer to ‘Mama Earth’

To Cut “Greenhouse Gases,” EPA Doles Out Dollars to Groups Tied to Biden, Democrats

This Is the Eclipse “Conspiracy Theory” That the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want to Talk About

Denver official BEGS illegals to agree to be diverted to other cities because they’re out of resources and people will “suffer”

Illegals now collecting more in welfare payments than disabled U.S. veterans -report

Massachusetts governor’s plan to fill former Boston veteran housing with HOMELESS ILLEGALS sparks outrage

CORRUPTION at the HIGHEST LEVEL: Multimillion Dollar Scheme to GAG Trump REVEALED

Loomer uncovers diabolical connection between Trump “hush money” judge and NY Attorney General Letitia James

To Hold On To Power, Unchecked Tyranny Corrupts Absolutely And Will Kill In The Most Barbaric And Horrific Ways - These Evils Have Often Been Repeated Through Time - If you don't fight back, beware an evil, dark, dystopian future

Plastic People: New Documentaries Expose 'Horror Movie' Reality of Plastic Pollution

Bob Iger Lies About Far-Left Disney Not Advancing Political Agendas

Book exposes CIA’s promotion of gender ideology

CHOPPED: University of Texas SLASHES 60 DEI Jobs

What Orwell and Huxley Got Wrong and Kafka Got Right     4/5


Learn Why The Globalists Are Killing Their Own Monetary System    49  min.

How the Government Uses Fear-Mongering to Alter Your Brain   8  min.

Australian Senate Approves Digital ID, America Is Next

Paraguay issuing digital IDs and mDLs without adequate regulation, NGO argues

Putin Issues Devastating Warning to NATO and US. Russia Begins Mass Deportations.  

Bill Eigel supports banning China, foreign adversaries from buying Missouri farmland

Polar Vortex Is 'Spinning Backwards' Above Arctic After Major Reversal Event

Every Taxpayer Today Owes $266,950 Towards The National Debt While Govt Gives Away $451 Billion Yearly To Illegal Invaders, Billions More To 'Woke' Programs And Trillions For Endless Wars - Those Creating Money Out Of Thin Air Have No Problem Printing Votes Without Voters

Ford drastically cuts EV factory workforce as electric car sales plummet

Apple Developing Robot As “Next Big Thing” After Dumping Electric Car Project

"Backlash Is Real": DEI Exodus Gains Steam Across Corporate America

Start With Construction

How Convenient! Commiefornia’s $20 Minimum Wage Doesn’t Apply to Restaurant Co-Owned by Gruesome Newsom

New short film highlights devastating impact less-lethal weapons are having on protesters globally

The Great Escape From Government Schools

The RNC's new leadership is killing it        

Ivermectin’s Victory Over the FDA  

New survey confirms that vaccines are, by far, the #1 cause of chronic disease in America

CDC Releases Hidden Trove Of COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Reports

Multiple Deaths, Thousands of Cardiac Injuries Reported to V-safe, Latest Data Dump Reveals

Pfizer post PARTIAL results of their "COVID vaccine in pregnancy" trial

Is justice coming for victims of COVID wrongful deaths?

American Rancher Blows Whistle on mRNA Vaccine Tests In Livestock

JACK POSOBIEC: Trump leads Biden in nearly every swing state, poll numbers signal 'landslide victory'

Bidenomics Failure Shows Up At Polls As Gen-Z Revolts Against Democrats

Couple Detained by FBI Three Years After Spending Twelve Minutes Inside Capitol on January 6

What Orwell and Huxley Got Wrong and Kafka Got Right

From The Recycling Bin To The Landfill: The Major Flaw In Plastic Recycling

Climate Alarmists Battle To Censor Film Exposing ‘Climate Crisis Scam’

Judge Refuses to Remove Squatters From Woman’s Home so They Wouldn’t Be Homeless Over Christmas . . . Which Left Her Homeless Over Christmas

US law proposed for DHS to make a plan for integrating AI into border control

Counting the ways democrats hate America.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Antifa (Again)      4/4



Satanic Hollywood Mocks Christ: Sidney Sweeney Made Deal With The DEVIL  17  min.

DERANGED Teachers HATE School Choice: Parents Attempt Public School RECLAMATION   22  min.

FBI Becomes Biden’s Personal Police Force: Agents Harass Woman Over Social Media Memes   18  min.

EXCLUSIVE: Col. Douglas Macgregor Warns Attack On Iran Would Cause WWIII And Mass Migration   26  min.


The Day America Was Sold to China   52  min.   

Mike Adams's Intel Drop 'Solar Eclipse'   3  min.

What Happened The Last Time Two Eclipses Formed A Giant "X" Over The New Madrid Fault Zone?

 UN youth climate adviser’s radical views calls for White people to be stripped of power in ‘revolutionary fights’

Experts Warn Of ‘Digital Enslavement’ As Amazon Pushes Palm-Scan Payment Service

Canadian Bank Terminates Veteran and Her Son's Account Over Request to Display Canadian Flag Alongside Pride Flag

With America's Ongoing Death By A Thousand Cuts Just Severing A Major Artery, It Won't Be Long Before America Is Bleeding Out With Our Major Infrastructure Under Attack Nationwide

The Implications of Fatal Debt? Expect More Lies

On hidden camera recording, Biden cybersecurity official says Trump cared about trade but “Biden doesn’t”

 California's Deficit Is $222 Billion And The State Is $1.6 Trillion In Debt

The Green Energy Mess That Nobody Will Admit to

Admin Threw Billions At EV Charging Stations — But Only A Handful Have Been Built

Can 'clean energy' schemes get any crazier?

Biden budget shells out $320 million on border walls -- for Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Tunisia

Boston to Veterans: You’re Out, Illegal Immigrants Are In

DATA: Americans Continue Fleeing Cities for THESE Reasons

Shoplifting surge in NYC fuels black market where thieves resell stolen goods to unsuspecting customers

Is Hungary a Model for the American Right?           

U.S. Records Over 1 Million Excess Deaths Among “Over 65” Age Group Since Covid “Vaccine” “Approval”

Patents, Pharma, Government: The Unholy Alliance 

One dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine contains over 200 billion DNA fragments that can incorporate into human DNA, causing cancer

Two Weeks to Flatten Became Eight Months to Change the Election 

Pfizer’s CRIMINAL RECORD invalidates pharmaceutical giant as FRAUDULENT corporation peddling deadly snake oil

Britain’s Socialized Health System Kills 1,000-Per-Month Through Long Waiting Times

Top 7 MYTHS about mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” propagated by Big Pharma and the CDC

Gavin Newsom Applauds Rollout Of AI Surveillance Network In California

Big Tech Wants To Sneak Its AI Agenda Through State Legislatures

3 Key Elements from the American Revolution for Successful Nullification Today

With ‘Friends’ Like Mexico’s Obrador, Who Needs Enemies Like Putin, Xi, Kim Jong Un and the Ayatollahs?

Conservative Group Says Its Existence Is Threatened by IRS Targeting of Conservative Organization

No Signature Verification Was Done in 2020 in Fulton County, Election Board Member Testifies

The Psychological Battle for Truth — and the Power of the Farmers’ Uprising

Delaware passes bill to use dead humans as compost

15-Minute Cities Will Be “Open Prisons” for Humanity          4/2


The Cave of the Crystals - some larger than cars   2  min.

NWO: Dr. Nass claims doctors are targeted for exposing COVID-19 lies   18  min.

Nick Pineault - Sickness & Death from 5G and EMF - What Can Be Done?   26  min.

Cover Up: NTSB Says It Will Take up to Two Years to Figure out What Happened in Baltimore

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger Says CERN, Which Is About to Spin Up Again, Has ‘Beings’ Coming Out of It 

Top Microbiologist: ‘Life-Threatening’ Covid Shots Are ‘Greatest Blessing’ for ‘Infinitely Evil’ Global ‘Elites’

Globalists Claim Mass Immigration Helps The US Economy – Here’s Why That’s A Lie

Conquered: Italian Journalists Beaten in French Islamic 'No-Go Zone'; Police Blame Victims for Not Adhering to Sharia Law

Poland’s Tusk Says Europe in a ‘Pre-War Era’, Withdraws From ‘Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe’

Russia claims France is readying deployment of 2,000 troops to Ukraine

Russia is not an Aggressor, and Ukraine is not a Victim

Islamic Migrants in Italy Warn: 'With Our Numbers, We Are Going to Conquer the World, First We Take Italy and Will Kick Out the Jews'


Massive Data Breach: AT&T Confirms Personal Information Including Social Security Numbers of 73 Million Current and Former Customers Leaked on Dark Web

Top 5 reasons the BALTIMORE BRIDGE destruction was likely an INSIDE JOB rather than an “accident” or “cyber attack”

Fiscal Collapse Accelerates

Bidenomics: Wealthiest 1% Set Record with $44 Trillion Net Worth But Majority of Americans Live Paycheck to Paycheck

The Associated Press Gaslights Struggling Americans, Claims Lower Prices Would Actually Be a Bad Thing

The Tower Of Sauron Can’t Pay Its Debt: Brooklyn’s Tallest Building Is In Foreclosure

Biden-Mart: Super PAC Launches Website to Compare Grocery Bills Now to What They Were Under Trump

Despite Democrat Protestations, Elite ICE Unit Takes Down Illegal Alien Child Rapists

The path to communism               

FDA just lost a historic ivermectin lawsuit — so when will FDA officials be arrested and charged with manslaughter for denying lifesaving treatments to Americans?

Peter Sweden: IT HAS BEGUN: Italy Investigating Covid Vaccine Death

25 Years Wiped from Life Expectancy of Fully Vaxxed

Doctors Report Mysterious Worldwide Cancer ‘Epidemic’

Vaccine Skeptics Are the True Critical Thinkers

SHOCKING: USA has recorded over 1 Million Excess Deaths among the over 65’s since the FDA “approved”...the COVID-19 Vaccine

Tennessee Senate Passes Bill Prohibiting Vaccines in Food, Awaiting Governor’s Signature

Experimental gene therapies and gain-of-function research is just the beginning of trans-human experiments

Bill Gates and McDonald’s GMO French Fries: What You Need to Know

Dairy Cows Across US Infected With Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu

How the CIA Secretly Used Operation Mockingbird to Manipulate Public Perception Through the Media

U.S Army Now Begging Veterans to Return to Service amid Recruitment Crisis

Border Patrol Catches Previously-Deported Murderer Back In US

Open Border Chaos Rages Migrants Apprehended at Border Sector Exceed Last 12 Years — Combined!

Final Written Words of Malcolm X were on ‘Zionism’ – “Inextricably Linked to Wider European Colonialism.”

Biggest Loser in DeSantis vs Disney: Corporate Media’s Credibility

City ID and the Right to Travel

Blue-city prosecutors and their lynch mobs          4/1



BREAKING: Engineered Famine Accelerates Worldwide As Small Farms And Ranches Forced To Shut Down   15  min.

THE BUTCHERS: BOURLA & BANCEL -- Dr. James Thorp    55  min.

EXCLUSIVE: General Flynn Calls Baltimore Barge Disaster A Black Swan Event   28  min.

"This was the LAST straw for Ukraine, it's over" Col. Douglas MacGregor    26  min.

P. DIDDY: Jeffrey Epstein of the Rap Industry   5  min.




Vaxxed Versus Unvaxxed Children and a Update on the Illegal Chinese Biolab  25  min.

Jack Posobiec And Jay Dyer Wargame The Highly Hyped Solar Eclipse Event   22  min.


Mel K & Seth Holehouse | Transcending Division in Pursuit of A More Perfect Union   66  min.

BREAKING: Engineered Famine Accelerates Worldwide As Small Farms And Ranches Forced To Shut Down   15  min.

Karen Kingston On Mind Matters And Every Else With Dr. Joseph Sansone   80  min.

CBDC Bipartisan Betrayal   4  min.

WATCH: How Oregon Is Outlawing Backyard Farming  5  min.

WE ARE NOW IN WORLD WAR 3 -- Christopher James   42  min

Lara Logan Provides Comprehensive Baltimore Update: Experts in Behavioral Analytics, Counter-Terrorism, and National Security Analyze Recent Incident

CCP Whistleblowers Reveal China Has the Technology to Cut off Power to Ships Rendering the Controls Useless

On the Brink of a Dramatic Change: The Digitalization of Money

Australia is One Step Closer to WEF Tyranny as Digital ID Bill Passed in Parliament.

Did China Just Quietly Start QE

What's Wrong With America's 'Elites'?

Federal Reserve’s ‘Doomsday Book’ Reveals Vast Power Claimed by Central Bank

Central Bank Digital Currency Platform Intends To Launch Within 12-24 Months

Mississippi issues cease and desist letter to investment giant BlackRock

Fixing FDR’s Biggest Blunder: From Gold Standard to Fiat Folly and Back  

Philadelphia Fed Admits US Payrolls Overstated By At Least 800,000

Chlamydia Harris Touts Creation of Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs . . . in Central America

California’s Economic Woes Are Way Worse Than We Thought

Baltimore Sells $1 Houses In Effort To Combat Vacant Home Crisis

Creating "Good" AGI That Won't Kill Us All: Crypto's Artificial Superintelligence Alliance

YMCA Doubles Down on Insane Tranny Bathroom Policy, Tells Staff That a “Frightened Teenager” Doesn’t Matter

Sam Bankman-Fried Gets a 25-Year Sentence        

Under the Guise of Biodiversity, Transhumanist Elites Want to Genetically Manipulate All Living Things

A Fauci Ouchie for Every Farm Animal

WHO's Pandemic Treaty negotiations are going very badly

British schoolchildren more violent due to lockdown-causes developmental delays: BBC study

The Most Censored Subjects On Earth: The Trilateral Commission, Technocracy & Transhumanism  

Free Speech Is Under Attack in America, but It’s on the Ropes Elsewhere

RAND Corporation: “Internet Of Bodies May Lead To Internet Of Brains” By 2050

Government Today Tyrannizes, Like Communist Dictatorships Of The Past, By Creating Voluntary Slaves, Happy To Trade Away Their Freedom For A Little Bit Of 'Safety' Then Getting Neither - For free and happy people to live, globalism must surely die

The “Mystery Illness” That Has Been Spreading Among Cattle In Texas, Kansas And New Mexico Has Been Identified, And It Isn’t Good News

‘ASSURED FAILURE’: Trump’s Then White House Lawyer Admits to Engineering Plot To Prevent Investigating 2020 Election Fraud, Swamp Ran Deep

Fascist Google-Owned YouTube Says It Has a “Responsibility” to Manipulate Algorithms Leading up to the 2024 Election

Traitor Joe’s Internet Crackdown Is Far Worse Than You Think

Legal Foundation Challenges Jack Smith’s Appointment as Unconstitutional

Biden explores green card grants for long-term illegal immigrants amid southern border challenges

Germany's Alfred Wegener Institute Shows January Arctic Sea Ice Now 20 Years Stable!

Two presidents, one city, and one big difference

Man Marries Conjoined Twin and Well, There’s Some Confusion             3/29


Key American Supply Chain Attacked    5  min.

Biden Is Now Jailing Prolifers for Praying   8  min.

Terrorist Attack on Russia Has USA Fingerprints All Over It

Dave Walsh Explains The Push to Ban Gas Powered Cars For EV's    11  min.

Maritime Shipping Expert Reveals Most Likely Cause Of Baltimore Shipwreck  6  min.

War on US Soil w/ Department of Defense opposing Attorney Todd Callender    38  min.

Americans Flee Cities Amidst Migrant PLAGUE: Third World Invaders CONQUER Urbanites  33  min.

FIGHTING The GREAT REPLACEMENT: ‘Return To The Land’ Building Parallel Communities  13  min.

Desperate Ukraine Implicated In Russia Concert Hall ATTACK: US Falsely Blames Obama's ISIS  13  min.

James Rickards: Stocks, gold & bitcoin price predictions as Wall St bulls face rising nuclear threat     9  min.

Senate Votes For More Human Trafficking: Dems Vote To Continue Secret Charter Flights For Illegals   7  min.

NYC Burger King Sued For $15m Restaurant Allows Open Air Drug Deals As Invaders Overwhelm City    9  min.

The Elite 1% Is Found To Have Overwhelmingly Favorable View On Congress, Journalists, And Professors

Saturday Emergency Broadcast: Alex Jones & Vladimir Soloviev Reveal Secrets of The Moscow Terror Attacks

Noor Bin Ladin Gives Updates On The Situation With The WHO     44  min.

WEF report suggests digital ‘metaverse identity’ will become central to daily life

Globalism Thrives on Crisis

WHO urges countries to sign globalist pandemic treaty by May: ‘A new threat will emerge’

The Great Reset and World Economic Forum: An In-Depth Look at the Concerns and Criticisms

‘There’s A Lot More Chainsaw’: Milei Announces Plan To Further Shrink Bloated Government

Transnational Repression Campaign Against Shen Yun Intensifies With Threats of Terror

CBO Director Warns of Debt Market Meltdown With US Debt Is On “Unprecedented” Trajectory

Cost of port closure: Staggering

MORE DETAILS, mysteries surrounding the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse

End of home owners? The rise of build-to-rent communities

New York Democrats Want to Sink Another $2.4 Billion Into “Migrant Care”

Floating Offshore Wind Projects Will Squander Hundreds of Billions of Dollars

Solar farm the size of 2,500 football fields destroyed in Texas amid growing solar e-waste problem

“52% of Graduates Don’t Use Their Degrees” – the Disturbing Truth About College

The age of AI BS

Welsh farmers protest Sustainable Farming Scheme that could put them out of business

Oregon is waging a war against SMALL FARMERS 

Under the guise of biodiversity, they want to genetically manipulate all living things

FDA warns of HIGH SEIZURE RISK for children during first few days after receiving Covid-19 jabs by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech

More Young People Getting Cancer - What's Behind the New 'Public Health Crisis'?

Today I asked our AI language model “Neo” about which phytonutrients or phytochemicals can block the spike protein related to SARS-CoV-2 … Here is what it answered…

RFK Jr. Hits Chris Cuomo With a Series of Covid Truth Bombs

Big pharma is more woke than you imagine

Visualizing The Massively Varied Cost Of An EpiPen Across Major Markets

Army Mulls Robot Platoon

Macron’s suggestion of NATO deploying troops to Ukraine receives little support

The Evolving Battlefield: How AI And Drones Redefine Modern Warfare

Foreigners Are Responsible for 100% of Serious Sexual Assault Cases and 57.4% of All Crimes in German City

Election Integrity Firm: 7% to 18% of Registered Voters in 26 States Either Don’t Exist or Reside at an Address That Doesn’t Exist

Media Go AWOL on Holding the Bidens Accountable

Eight Brand New Biden Gaffes ABC,CBS, NBC Have Buried              3/28


Mop-Up Man: Is This Former ATF Agent Running the J6 Pipe Bomb Coverup?    9  min.

Lara Logan On The Francis Scott Key Bridge: "It Is A Financial And Economic Attack"   13  min.

Jack Posobiec Details What Happened To The Francis Scott Key Bridge In Baltimore    11  min.

Dave Walsh Explains Why The Bridge Collapse In Baltimore Will Effect The Port And Economy    5  min.

How the Deep State Is Using Artificial Intelligence to Brainwash Children, Control Elections, and Surveil the World

SWIFT Planning Launch of Central Bank Digital Currency Trading Platform in 12 Months

Canada is preparing to launch 'open banking.' Here's what that means

Bank of Canada Warns Of "Economic Emergency"

Frankfurt (Germany): Foreigners Account for 100% of Sexual Harassers, 83.3% of Human Traffickers, 62% of Rapists, 54% of Murderers, 87.5% of Thieves...

China's 'Unrestricted Warfare': Is It Here Already?

Russian FSB Chief Says US, Ukraine, Britain are Behind Concert Hall Attack

Mexican President Demands U.S. Pay Up or ‘Flow of Migrants will Continue’

Telegram scam exposed enabling migrants to pay for German-language test answers to obtain citizenship

Top Chinese EV Maker Posts Massive Profits Amid Quest to Sneak Into the American Market

The Baltimore Bridge Collapse Is Going To Have An Enormous Impact On U.S. Supply Chains

Pump-Prices To Hit $4 A Gallon As "Real Sleeper Risk" For Oil Market Looms

California Pizza Chains Plan Layoffs In Advance Of New $20 Minimum Wage

$300 Million Ukraine Aid Package Has Already Been Spent

Increasing Attacks On U.S. Farmers Are Really Attacks On Every American - Imagine Being Dependent On The Government For Every Scrap Of Food On Your Plate

NYC begins handing out debit cards to Illegals, $1,400 per month.

Release the October 7th Video

Julian Assange Granted Limited Appeal To Challenge Extradition To U.S.

Chicago Board Of Elections 'Mistakenly' Left Out Over 9,000 Mail-In Ballots In Primary Election

Which Countries Are Really The Richest?      

New documentary exposes Big Pharma’s role in keeping Americans sick

TRUTH: Ivermectin Safe, Effective, Won The Nobel Prize and FDA Approved Since 1996!

Peter Sweden: New mRNA Side Effect: “Safe and Effective” was a LIE

Hulking Man Who Turned Into A Human Skeleton And Died Within 6 Months Of His Cancer Diagnosis Highlights A Massive Spike In 'Turbo Cancers' Since The Vax Rollout - Scientists Claim They Can't Figure Out Why SO Many Young People Are Dying

Four Years in, the New York Times ALMOST Tells the Truth About Covid and the “Vaccines”

Institution vs. Constitution: Examining the disastrous impact COVID mandates had on the US military

HIDDEN from public: Study identifies issues with mRNA vaccines “that could have fatal consequences”

Scientists Close To Controlling All Genetic Material On Earth

JACK POSOBIEC: The heroes of the bridge collapse were the construction workers

WAS IT AN “ACCIDENT?” Lara Logan Intel Sources Claim Baltimore Bridge Collapse On “Second busiest strategic roadway for hazardous materials” Was “absolutely brilliant strategic attack”

How America Facilitated the Creation of Terror Groups Like ISIS

Rule by Criminals: When Dissidents Become Enemies of the State

Boston Hands Over Soldiers‘ Home to Illegal Aliens

Infrasound From Wind Turbines Could Be 'A Huge Threat To The Entire Biodiversity': Doctor

Without Extensive Narrative Manipulation, None Of This Would Be Consented To.

Top 6 Ways Hollywood Cons Viewers Into “Consuming” Big Lies About Food, Medicine, Street Drugs, Water, Climate

Qatari royal invested $50M in NEWSMAX

Staff 'Softened' Coverage

NBC News Planning To Fire Ronna McDaniel: Report        3/27


MASSIVE Terror Attack In Russia: Jack Posobiec Gives Key Intel

EXCLUSIVE: Reporters Expose Nationwide Illegal Immigrant Child Trafficking Operation   54  min.

Climate The Movie: Watch Here  79  min.

The War on Children 2024 Documentary    35  min.

J6: A True Timeline    66  min.

Jack Posobiec Responds To Axios Piece On MAGA Mind Melders  10   min.

Michele Morrow: "We Will Be California 2.0 Before We Can Blink An Eye"  7  min.

Putin Blames West For Terror ATTACK: ISIS Narrative FALLS APART, NATO Implicated   16  min.

Tulsi Gabbard on Being Trump’s VP, Who’s Puppeteering Biden, and Congress in Corruption    63  min.

This will restore your faith in humanity. 


WHO's proposed IHR amendments and Pandemic Treaty will create perverse incentives to declare pandemics

JPMorgan to launch biometric payment system as next step in Orwellian financial surveillance

RFK Jr. Issues Dire Warning Over CBDC Adoption

Xi Jinping Moves to Take Total Power, Could Destroy China’s Economy

UN Secretary-General António Guterres Calls for Reparations for Transatlantic Slave Trade

France Raises Terror Alert Warning To Highest Level

Globalists are constructing AI-powered control grid designed to end independent journalism and free speech on the internet

In Bumper Year for CEO Pay, One Chief's $161 Million Award Swells to $1.3 Billion

The Meltdown of Commercial Real Estate 

Best Buy Closes 24 Stores This Year, Another 10-15 By Next Year

Young Americans will never own homes thanks to Wall Street and the Federal Reserve

Absurd DEI requirements threaten new semiconductor plants.

Republicans Sound Alarm On DOJ's 'Red Flag' Initiative

California Company Is Making A Business Out Of Kicking Squatters Out Of Properties

Roughly 200,000 immigration deportation court cases DISMISSED after DHS failed to file paperwork

Boeing CEO To Resign Amid Safety Crisis   

Four Years Later

Researchers Warn of Blood Transfusions With “Vaccinated” Blood

Doctors Warn Of Mysterious Cancer Epidemic Affecting Fit, Younger People

US health authorities quietly removed Americans' right to informed consent that was codified in the Nuremberg Code 

Lambos. Jewels. How 'easy money' from Uncle Sam made Miami a feast for PPP fraudsters

Elon Musk pledges support to doctor fighting sanctions for opposing COVID vaccine mandate

UK's Nudge Unit should be held to account for its involvement during the covid debacle 

Deepfake Kari Lake video shows coming chaos of AI in elections

Liz Cheney and J6 Committee threatened Pentagon official to stay silent about Trump authorizing 10,000 National Guard troops.

New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco And Baltimore Were Once Such Beautiful Cities…

Pentagon Spent Every Last Penny Of Latest Ukraine Package Before Congress Even Approved It

Jeff Bezos’ Ex-wife Giving Most Of $640M Donations To Extreme Left Groups Boosting Migrant Criminals, Trans Athletes

Hailstorm Damages Thousands Of Solar Panels, Concerns Over Potential Leaking Of Highly Toxic Chemicals

‘The River Is Essentially Dead’: How Enviros’ Push To Save Salmon Ended Up Killing ‘Hundreds Of Thousands’ Of Them

Double Standards in the Eighth Circle of Dante's Inferno

Update: Trump Bond Reduced To $175 Million At 11th Hour        3/26


Kash Patel On Moscow Terrorist Attack    9  min.

Why Did It Take the National Guard This Long to Respond?    9  min.

Mel K & Christopher Emery | A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City Revisited   80  min.

Leticia James BUSTED in Fraud Scandal while Trump APPEALS Ruling      28  min.

FDIC Alert: More Bank Failures, Less Backup Cash - Are Your Deposits In Danger?    7  min.

The Amazing Visions Of Young Cauá Felipe About The End Times and the Three Days of Darkness!    17  min.

Bensman On How U.S. Open Borders Leaves The Nation Vulnerable To Terrorist Attacks Similar To Moscow   10  min.

Former heads of state urge national politicians to adopt WHO's Pandemic Treaty

The Global Public-Private Partnership is a scam that robs the poor to give to the richest

Canada Links Citizens' Bank Accounts to Social Credit Score

Australia's transition to a fully cashless society now in full swing as major bank closes all physical branches

Macron Is Crushed Again in Senate Vote as EU-Canada Trade Agreement Is Rejected, in Victory for Farmers

After shutting down thousands of farms, European governments are warning about a future food crisis as food insecurity worsens

The Insanity In Our World Is Driven By Money Printing

French Gov’t Report Declares Child Sex Changes Could Be ‘Greatest Ethical Scandal in Medical History’

Israel offers to free 800 prisoners for 40 hostages.

China Behind Super Highway That Targets US With Mass Migration, Economic Warfare

Pawn Shop Inventories Are Exploding As The Failing U.S. Economy Hammers Those At The Bottom Of The Economic Food Chain

ANOTHER Green Fail: Electrifying Trucking in U.S. Could Cost as Much as $1 Trillion

DISGRACEFUL: Senate Dems Unanimously Vote Against Spending Package Amendment to Stop Biden Admin from Using Taxpayer Dollars to Fly Illegals INTO America — Musk Calls Them ‘Insane!’

The toxic herbicide industry — guilty of causing cancer — is seeking LEGAL IMMUNITY across the United States

Reparations Council demands $15 billion from Boston leaders.

Projection, Gaslighting, Delusion: Traitor Joe Is Building ‘Superstructure’ to Stop Trump From ‘Stealing the Election’

Democrat ‘Dark Money’ Machine Ramps up Ahead of 2024 Elections 

How the Democrats plan to steal the election      

Covid injections: Neonatal Mortality Rate Highest in over a Decade

MHRA, Pfizer and UK officials accused of misconduct, fraud and gross negligent manslaughter in new criminal investigation

FDA Admits Higher Risk of Seizures in Toddlers Shortly After Covid “Vaccination”

FDA settles out of court and removes website and social media posts on ivermectin and covid

British MP calls for the “COVID cabal” to face the death penalty for crimes against humanity

US Funding Largely Supports CCP’s Military Expansion: Ret. Navy Capt.

Moscow Terror Attack Suspects Hauled Before Court, One Literally Unconscious

Tennessee Senate passes bill to ban chemtrail spraying while corporate media pretends geoengineering doesn’t exist

FAA Approves Futuristic ‘Drone-Swarm’ Farming, Set to Change the Course of Agriculture

Report: Judge Against Florida Law Banning China Land Purchases Has Activist History

Illegal Alien Invaders Get Free Health Care, Food, Education, Housing, Cell Phones And Debit Cards While America’s Homeless Veterans Sleep On The Streets Because Invaders Vote Democrat

WATCH: Illegal Alien Lists All the Things New York City is Giving Him for FREE — and it’s Shocking

Mop-Up Man: Is This Former ATF Agent Running the J6 Pipe Bomb Coverup?

After years of corporate media claiming the deep state doesn’t exist, NYT article now praises it and condemns Trump for speaking against it

“Enemy of the People”: Survey Indicates Growing Distrust of Media Among Americans Across Demographics

Charter Flights to Resettle Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Aliens in U.S. Will Continue

Complacent About Replacement               3/25


Geopolitical Expert Scott Benett Responds To Attack In Moscow    21  min.



New Documentary DESTROY J6 LIES: ‘J6: A True Timeline’ EXPOSES FED False Flag    19  min.

3rd World Squatters Plan Home Invasions: NY Authorities Allow Illegal Squatters To Keep House    16  min.

Hidden Camera Catches Bohemian Grove CONFESSION: Hollywood Stars Perform SATANIC Rituals    18  min.                                 

"The War on Children" film director Robby Starbuck joins Mike Adams to expose the transgenderism war targeting our children   50  min.

Economist Warns Rollout Of The Mark Of The Beast Being Prepared By Central Bank

Maria Zeee: UN Blueprint For Forced Smart Cities    42  min.

Russia Announces 11 Arrests After Moscow Concert Hall Terror Attack ... At Least 115 Dead

Swathes Of Ukraine Go Dark After Russia Pummels Electrical Power Facilities In Huge Retaliation

Russian guards at concert hall didn’t have guns.

Alex Newman on OAN: UN “Master Plan for Humanity” Exposed

China, Obama, and Satan: The Unholy Trinity Responsible for Destroying America 

Biden Administration's Jitterbug with Iran's RegimeWhen Crime Does Pay - Spectacularly

Canada Rolling Out Social Credit System, Citizens' Bank Accounts Linked to Obedience Scores

Secret RCMP Report: Economic Downturn Could Lead to Civil Unrest in Canada

Trudeau’s High-Migration Canada Slides Toward Poverty and Chaos

To Stop The Border Invasion, Get Tough On Mexico

Organized migrant gangs now targeting luxury homes in Los Angeles, Scottsdale

Conservative Alternative to Amazon, PublicSquare, to Build “Uncancelable” Payment Infrastructure

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos demonizing farming while investing more than $1.27 billion in fake food production

Biden Cancels Another $6 Billion In Student Debt For Select Borrowers

Chrysler lays off 400 engineers and software jockeys.

Left-Wing Mag Admits Trump NYC Fine is Politically Motivated.

Former Navy SEAL Exposes Shocking Truth Behind Haitian Invasion

Leading the children astray

Outsquatting the Squatters              

FDA lied, CDC lied, AMA lied, doctors lied, media lied.

The WHO Pandemic Agreement: A Guide

'Blood on Its Hands': FDA Will Remove Anti-ivermectin Social Media, Website Posts Under Lawsuit Settlement Agreement

While you were distracted by the “Where’s Princess Kate Conspiracy”, Deagel’s Depopulation Forecast was confirmed by Heavily Censored Pfizer Documents

Collusion coverup: Department of Justice intervenes in Pfizer fraud case, in a corrupt attempt to shut the case down

Billionaires, Big Tech and Big Pharma Were Pandemic's Big Winners, New Report Confirms

 Fourth Footballer Collapses Within One Week, 24-Year-Old Dies

A compilation of corporate media's explanation of sudden deaths

Leftists are terrified of free speech because it truly is the voice of the people

Google Is A Surveillance Agency — Here’s How You Can De-Google Your Life

Court declares BAR exam “racist” and thus optional… total collapse of judicial system now underway

US Intelligence Says It Knew ISIS-K Was Planning Terror Attack On Moscow

UK Telegraph: Beijing could remotely stop electric cars made in China on UK roads – ‘Could give access to personal data without permission & gridlock cities’

Former Acting Defense Secretary Claims Intimidation by Jan. 6 Committee

Liz Cheney and J6 Committee threatened Pentagon official to stay silent about Trump authorizing 10,000 National Guard troops

Weaponizing Reality: The Dawn of Neurowarfare 

Journalistic Malpractice at The New York Times                  3/23


The Farm Wars  5  min.

Arrested for Exposing J6 Lies, Journalist Speaks Out   15  min.

G. Edward Griffin - One World Government EXPOSED: What Now?  90  min.

ARREST THIS VAX BEFORE IT KILLS AGAIN -- Dr. Peter McCullough   42  min. 

Dave Brat Details How The Underlying Issue With The Election Is The Economy    24  min.

Todd Bensman Details The Hearing In The House On The CBP One Parole Program  18  min.

Who was Walter Russell? Why Methylene Blue Benefits are Temporary w/ Ian Mitchell  70  min.

Is the Playbook that Collapsed Rome Being Used on America Today? w/ Jeremy Slate   51  min.

Darren Beattie Breaks Down The New York Times Video Trying To Justify The Deep State  11  min.

Frank Gaffney Describes How The CCP Wants To Impose Global Governance Thru The WHO   14  min.

Natalie Winters: Republicans’ “ADHD” Approach Has Sold Themselves Short Exposing The Biden Family.  11  min. 

How the EU could combine carbon passports, digital ID, and social credit for every product

Global Population Set to Fall for First Time in Since the Black Death 700 Years Ago

As Globalists Ready To Bring Their Vision Of 'What's Next' From The Ashes Of 'What Once Was,' There's Never Been A More Important Time To Be Prepared For Madness & Chaos Ahead

Technology As Tyrant: A Glimpse Into A Dystopian Technocratic World

Massive victory for Irish patriots as disgraced globalist prime minister suddenly bails

Illegal Immigration Soars 541% On West African Route Into EU

Europe Moves to Seize $300 Billion From the Russian Central Bank and Hand It to Kiev for Weapons [VIDEO]

America Spent Billions Trying (and Failing) to Bring “Democracy” to Niger, Now It Has to Beg to Keep Its Troops Stationed There

Secret RCMP report warns Canadians may revolt ‘once they realize how broke they are.’

Western societies are being replaced by people who hate Western civilization

The More the Feds ‘Borrow,’ the More We Pay for Mortgages, Credit Cards, Student Loans

The Money Supply Fell for the Fifteenth Month in a Row as Full-Time Jobs Disappear

Credit Card fees surge 50 percent under Biden.

BIDENOMICS: Credit Scores Have Fallen for the First Time in a Decade

Jeff Bezos invests $60 million to lower costs, improve taste and boost nutritional value of FAKE MEAT

Texas pulls $8.5 billion from BlackRock over DEI rules, left-wing climate agenda

Woke University of Virginia spends $20 million on 235 DEI employees

The Alarm Bell Is Clanging

A moral duty to warn others                 

Neonatal Mortality Rate Highest it’s been in over a Decade following roll-out of COVID-19 Vaccines to Pregnant Women

Blood transfusions from COVID-vaccinated people are contaminated and carry risks, warn Japanese researchers

Big Pharma Is More Woke Than You Imagine

World Population Declines for First Time in Centuries as Globalist Culling Operation Continues to Accelerate

Beijing Biden’s New Solar Supply Chain Is Suspiciously Reliant on Chinese Technology

Lawmakers, Experts Decry Ongoing COVID-19 Shot Mandates at 48 Colleges

Portugal court ruled in 2020 that PCR tests are TOO UNRELIABLE to confirm COVID-19 but this ruling is still being Ignored

U.S. Troops Are One Mile From The Chinese Border

The Unwelcome Return of the Somali Pirates

Drone Video Reveals Massive NYC Migrant Tent City, Kept Under Wraps By Democrats & Media

Unearthed Jan. 6 transcript completely debunks House Select Committee’s narrative about Trump and the Capitol riot

 DOJ issues stark warning to J6 prisoners — Don’t challenge ‘Enron obstruction statute’ or we will increase your sentence.

Florida’s New Online Dashboard Displays Cost of Unrecompensed Hospital Care Provided to Illegal Aliens

Democrats And The Media Are Engaging In Communist Military-Grade Propaganda At The Border By Using Criminal Aliens To Introduce A One-Party Political System To America - How Many Millions Of Illegals Do Democrats Need To Destroy America?

TikTokker Tells Illegal Immigrants How To ‘Invade’ American Homes And Invoke Squatter’s Rights

Woman Brutally Murdered by Squatters Inside Her Manhattan Apartment

NYC Comptroller wants free lawyers for every single Illegal Alien in nyc

Belgium: 43% of Prisoners Are Foreigners

Tennessee Senate passes bill to end chemtrails          3/22


IDES OF MARCH: France Prepares Bombs To Drop On Russia      5  min.

Ron Paul Predicted Today’s Disasters. What’s Next?    15  min.

The Fallacies of Virology and the Inversion of Natural Health   4  min.

Pax Christi In Regno Christi by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò   20  min.

When Black Helicopter Vultures Began Circling American Skies     5  min.

Exposing the CCP's Totalitarian Control Over Hollywood w/ Tiffany Meier  55  min.

Obama Meets With U.K. Spooks: Traitor & Former President Attempt To Get Story Straight  17  min.

Mel K & Peter Schweizer | Blood Money: The Dangerous Liaisons Between DC, Hollywood & The CCP  55  min.

Klaus Schwab Reimagining the Fourth Reich Democracy

We MUST defeat the lies of the anti-life globalist elite

World on the Brink as Taiwan Admits American Troops Are Now Permanently Stationed on Chinese Border

France Sends 2,000 Troops to Ukraine, Russia Warns They Will Be PRIORITY Target

Noetic Continental | Part II: How CIA Launder U.S. Financial Aid Through Its Contractors in Ukraine

Ron Paul Warns Public To Prepare For Unpredictable ‘Black Swan’ Event During Tucker Carlson Interview

Durbin, Marshall Weaponizing the Government to Help Mega-Stores

Struggling Intel Awarded $20 Billion In Chip Incentives For US Plants

CNN Is Wrong. Deflation Is a Good Thing

Intel Awarded Up to $8.5 Billion in CHIPS Act Grants for Facilities in 4 States

Commiefornia Audit Finds State Is Broke: $55 Billion More Owed Than Available

BOOM! Jamie Raskin Fumes After Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Attacks Democrats Raskin and Goldman for Lying on Behalf of Biden Crime Family

‘Be Good to My Boy’: Impeachment Inquiry Exposes Traitor Joe’s Involvement in Biden Crime Family Business

Watch: Chaos Breaks Out As Hunter Biden Ex-Biz Partners Testify

Bobulinski: Hunter, Jim Biden Perjured Themselves Before House Committees. Witness Galanis Confirms Joe Biden Phone Call With Russian Billionaireness

WATCH: Byron Donalds Drops Receipts Proving Joe Biden Obtained Money from Energy Company Linked to the CCP

Multimillion Dollar Fund Manager Ditches Tyson Foods, Saying Meat Giant Sacking American Workers to Hire 42,000 Asylum Seekers Is the “Woke Liberal Takeover of America”

200,000 Illegal Alien Court Cases Dismissed Because DHS Failed to File Paperwork

Planet Fitness Stock Drops After Making Women Share Restrooms With Men

Engineered Famine: Oregon Starts SHUTTING Down Small Farms to “Protect the People” 

Censorship Is a Dead-End Road           

'Staggering' Arrogance: Experts Rip CDC for Redacting All 148 Pages of Information on Myocarditis After COVID Shots

 Another Pandemic? U.S. Has “Startlingly High” Number of Viral Lab Leaks

Alarming New Medical Studies Conducted Even By Globalists Confirm COVID 'Vaccinations' DO NOT WORK To Prevent The Disease And Often Have Lethal & Fatal Consequences

'I Can't Stay Silent': Basketball Legend Joins Lawsuit to Protect Free Speech After Son, Father Injured by Vaccines

Researchers Warn Of Blood Transfusions With "Vaccinated" Blood

Afghani Muslims Arrested in Germany for Planned Attack on Swedish Parliament: A Bid to Force Submission to Sharia

FBI Has To Face Lawsuit Over ‘No-Fly List:’ Supreme Court

From the "deep state doesn't exist" to "they're actually awesome"...

Europe Under Siege: Marion Maréchal's Battle Cry Against Islamization (Video)

DOJ Mulling Plea Deal For Assange: WikiLeaks Founder Could Finally Walk Free

The Language of Force: How the Police State Muzzles Our Right to Speak Truth to Power

Most Canadians think mainstream media, government officials are lying to them: survey

New Biden regulation will make gas cars effectively illegal by 2030

Exposed: “Charity” Caught Distributing Fraudulent Papers for Illegal Aliens to Obtain Government ID

How Traitor Joe and the Left Use Vladimir Lenin’s Language Manipulation Techniques on Americans

A world where only the law-abiding are disarmed

Leading Wisconsin Democrat Kimberly Zapata Found Guilty on All Counts Against Her in Voter Fraud Scheme Involving Military Ballots

Watch: CBS Reporter Horrified When Black Former Democrats Say They Will Vote Trump

Venezuelan Migrant Urges Followers to 'Invade' Homes in America Using Squatting Laws

Communist Terrorist Arrested at Texas Border.

Why’s the Biden-Harris Regime Funding the CCDH?

How The Democrats Plan To Steal The Election      3/21


Pax Christi In Regno Christi by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò   20  min.

When Black Helicopter Vultures Began Circling American Skies     5  min.

Exposing the CCP's Totalitarian Control Over Hollywood w/ Tiffany Meier  55  min.

Obama Meets With U.K. Spooks: Traitor & Former President Attempt To Get Story Straight  17  min.

Mel K & Peter Schweizer | Blood Money: The Dangerous Liaisons Between DC, Hollywood & The CCP  54  min.

WHO staff rape children and UN “peacekeepers” kill and injure civilians, yet they demand more control over our lives

European Council: Continent Must Prepare For War

Hungary’s Viktor Orban: New world order emerges to end Western dominance

Biometric Mass Surveillance Legalized in Europe.

EU Passes the AI Act - A Law Accused of Legalizing Biometric Mass Surveillance in Europe

The 8 WORST proclamations by the globalists for the brainwashed peons to worship, obey and regurgitate

New York Times: “It Turns out the Deep State Is Actually Kind of Awesome”

The Globalists Slaughterhouse Economic Policies Have Put Thousands More Americans On The Chopping Block While Bringing On Thousands Of Criminal Aliens To 'Replace Them' - Boycott Into Oblivion This Company Putting 'Bugs a Plenty' Into Their 'Fun Nuggets' 

Federal Reserve Declares CBDC a "Key Duty" to Congress, Despite Public Statements Attempting To Downplay Its Focus

Remember the Banking Crisis?

U.S. Consumers Have Reached A Breaking Point

Price Inflation Accelerates for Second Month as Biden Blames "Greed"

Biden’s “fiscally responsible” budget plan for fiscal 2025 requires borrowing $16 TRILLION over the next decade

Starved and Without Electricity, Hundreds of Cubans Nationwide Take to the Streets Chanting ‘Freedom’

Breakthrough Catalyst Turns Sewage Into Clean Energy

ULEZ: The 20 mph speed limits INCREASE pollution by 35%

EV COLLAPSE: Automakers are scaling back and delaying their EV plans as consumer demand wanes

The World’s Longest War

Call it the 'Autocratic' Party

COVID jabs unleashed 12 sigma mass death event

Oxford University, CDC & UK Gov. confirm COVID Vaccination DOES NOT WORK & has Lethal & Fatal Consequences

Top Pfizer scientists’ concerns about dangers of COVID jab “boosters,” mRNA technology SUPPRESSED

“The COVID experiment”

Three outspoken evangelists of the mRNA clot shot have had their vaccine ministries come to sudden and sad ends

CCP-Controlled Venture Capital Firm Provided Educational Services to US Military

Shocking footage shows trans Pentagon employee argue for repealing 2A, packing SCOTUS, abolishing electoral college, and opening the border

The Agenda Of Those Working To Destroy America Is Playing Out In Our Public School Systems Daily: They're Destroying Their Minds, Souls And Future As Their Targeted Genocide Against Children Accelerates  

The World’s Longest War

Thanks To Mail-In Voting, California Still Counting Ballots Two Weeks After Election

America has morphed into ... OPPOSITE LAND A stunning tour of the Left's total inversion of morality, history and reality 

AI-generated deepfakes are beginning to sway public opinion all over the world

“It’s Enraging”: NYC Homeowner Arrested For Changing Locks After Squatters Take Over

In Blow To Biden, Supreme Court Allows Texas To Start Arresting And Deporting Illegal Aliens

Illegal immigrants leaving U.S. hospitals with BILLIONS in unpaid medical bills

Even a Gangster Most Wanted by Interpol Was Released Into Texas

Mexico “still hasn’t seen science” from U.S. proving safety of GMO corn        

Call it the 'Autocratic' Party

Elon Musk Teases A New Flying Car        3/20


Supreme Court Hears Digital Censorship Case | Dr. Kory Explains Case's Importance To Daily Life    9  min.

Frank Gaffney: WHO Forwards Medical Digital Surveillance And Speech Restrictions In Latest Treaty     6  min.

Dr. Wolf: Supreme Court To Rule On If FBI And Biden Admin Censored Americans Through Social Media   14  min.

"The War on Children" film director Robby Starbuck joins Mike Adams to expose the transgenderism war targeting our children   54   min.

Why Is Klaus Schwab’s WEF Website Quietly Delisting the Names of His American Allies?

Toddlers to Get Digital ID in Philippines, Caymans

Canada's "open banking" is paving the way to a national social credit system

European lawmakers approve the world’s first major act to regulate AI

Trump’s Bloodbath comment referred to China’s illegal backdoor policy of producing cars in Mexico, then shipping them directly, tax free into America.

Chinese Auto Executive: ‘Bloodbath’ Coming for American Auto Industry

Criminal Chinese Gangs Run Thousands of US Marijuana Farms

Germany’s economic backbone at breaking point as millions of family-owned companies face bankruptcy 

Significant Discrepancies in U.S. Employment Data Question Economic Strength

Hollywood Panic as Jobs Vanish — ‘This Is a Full-Scale Depression’

These Will Be The Jobs Most Impacted By AI

Bidenomics: Rising Gas Prices 45% Pricier Under Biden

Blame the Fed for ‘Shrinkflation’ 

FOUR large mega corporations own 85% of America’s meat industry – only ONE is actually based in the U.S.

Report: Tyson Foods Inc. Plans to Hire 42,000 More Migrants

California Quietly Revised FY2023 Job Growth Down From +325k Jobs to Just +50k – High-Paying Tech and Professional Jobs Hit Hardest

Fallout Continues Over Trump “Bloodbath” Media Hoax

U.S. Marshals Arrest Pro-Trump Lawyer After D.C. Hearing

Nolte: ‘Burglary Tourists’ Fly in from South America to Rob Dem-Run L.A.

Is the TikTok Bill Good or Bad?

The Left’s Love Affair With Mandates     

Why Is Klaus Schwab’s WEF Website Quietly Delisting the Names of His American Allies?

Toddlers to Get Digital ID in Philippines, Caymans

Canada's "open banking" is paving the way to a national social credit system

European lawmakers approve the world’s first major act to regulate AI

Trump’s Bloodbath comment referred to China’s illegal backdoor policy of producing cars in Mexico, then shipping them directly, tax free into America.

Germany’s economic backbone at breaking point as millions of family-owned companies face bankruptcy

Chinese Auto Executive: ‘Bloodbath’ Coming for American Auto Industry

Criminal Chinese Gangs Run Thousands of US Marijuana Farms

Hollywood Panic as Jobs Vanish — ‘This Is a Full-Scale Depression’

These Will Be The Jobs Most Impacted By AI

Bidenomics: Rising Gas Prices 45% Pricier Under Biden

Blame the Fed for ‘Shrinkflation’ 

FOUR large mega corporations own 85% of America’s meat industry – only ONE is actually based in the U.S.

Report: Tyson Foods Inc. Plans to Hire 42,000 More Migrants

California Quietly Revised FY2023 Job Growth Down From +325k Jobs to Just +50k – High-Paying Tech and Professional Jobs Hit Hardest

Fallout Continues Over Trump “Bloodbath” Media Hoax

U.S. Marshals Arrest Pro-Trump Lawyer After D.C. Hearing

Nolte: ‘Burglary Tourists’ Fly in from South America to Rob Dem-Run L.A.

The Left’s Love Affair With Mandates          3/19


J6er's Wife Speaks Out after Being Sentenced to Nearly 6 Years in Prison - Sarah Mcabee   14  min.

Graphene Oxide & Heavy Metals are Literally Everywhere w/ Dr. Young & Hazen  86  min.

Maria Zeee: UN Blueprint For Forced Smart Cities    42  min.


It Started- 200+ Cities JUST SIGNED Universal Basic Income!     10  min.

Judge Napolitano - Col. Douglas Macgregor: Europe Crumbling, Middle East Exploding  31  min.

World Bank and Verizon Chiefs Say Digital ID Part of "Social Contract" Between Government and Citizens

Escobar: Will BRICS Launch A New World Order In 2024?

Hohmann: Another country announces it will require its citizens to accept biometric digital IDs

People Smuggling Gangs Making Up to £1.6 Million Per Day From English Channel Boat Migrants

Europe launches food crisis WAR GAMES simulating an expected global food crisis 

Look: Argentina is going full “Bukele” on gang members and traffickers

EU Agrees to €7.4 Billion Aid Package to Egypt for Preventing Illegal Migration

Riots Again in France: Mortars, Molotov Cocktails, Police Station Attacked Following the Death of a Young Convicted Criminal Fleeing Authorities (Videos) 

Poll: Le Pen Party Could Gain Outright Majority if Snap Election Called in France

Stung by Defeat, Irish Elites Double Down

What Will Happen When They Give The Green Light To Millions Of Radicals To Cause Widespread Chaos All Over America?

It’s The Perfect Storm: Drivers Licenses for Illegals + Noncitizens Voting + Mail-in Ballots + Private Funding of Elections + Partisan Hack SOSs

Gang of Turkish-Speaking Students Torture 12-Year-Old German Child on Film; Legal Constraints Prevent Police Prosecution (Video)

"We're So Sick Of It": Northern Border Crisis Gets Worse

Illegal Alien Caught at Border Admits He is a Hezbollah Terrorist, Said “I’m Going to Try to Make a Bomb”

3.2M Came Across Illegally in 2023, Worst Border Security in US History

Marx, Class Conflict, and the Ideological Fallacy

Grant Cardone Tells Charlie Kirk: "300 Banks WILL FAIL in Next 24 Months"

Waste of the Day: Medicaid and Medicare Remain Biggest Culprits for Improper Payments

The American Dream is dead: owning a US home has now reached EXTREME RISK levels

Electric Transmission Buildout Could Cost Americans Trillions of Dollars

The Government Is Not Your Daddy    

Dr. David Martin: Almost 20 years ago the spike protein was known to be bioweapon

CDC issues study on myocarditis after COVID shots: EVERY SINGLE WORD is redacted!

Global Cancer Phenomenon: Doctors Sound Alarm Over Surging Epidemic Of Young People Being Diagnosed With Cancers

The Harm of College Vaccine Mandates

NBA Legend John Stockton Sues Gov’t Officials Over COVID Persecution

‘We Refuse To Be Bullied’: Rural Officials Throw Wrench In China-Tied Company’s Plans To Build Battery Plant

Google’s A.I. Fiasco Exposes Deeper Infowarp

DIE Kills American Chip Manufacturing

Many Of The Most Beautiful Places In America Have Been Transformed Into Open Toilets

Leader Of Human Smuggling Ring Admits To Bringing Over 1,000 Illegal Immigrants Into Phoenix

NYC Subway Shooting Is What Happens When Lawlessness Collides With ‘Tolerance And Diversity’

Inside Boeing’s Shocking Personnel Scandals: Drug Dealing, Love Triangle And Murder-Suicide

“If Anything Happens To Me, It’s Not Suicide”: Boeing Whistleblower

Traitor Joe Will Ground Boeing Planes After Sabotage Campaign, and Destroy American Aviation

Long Recovery Ahead For Some In Path Of Deadly Tornadoes In Central US

YouTube Flooded with AI-Generated Videos Aimed at Children

Fourth Volcanic Eruption in Iceland in Three Months . . . This Is the Biggest Yet [VIDEO]

“Climate: The Movie” Challenges ‘Climate Crisis’ Pseudoscience

Climate Bureaucrats Giving China a Free Pass on Its Massive Pollution

PAC Running ‘Republican Voters Against Trump’ Campaign Primarily Funded by Major Democratic Donors

Wisconsin Group Provides Enough Signatures to Recall Corrupt Republican Speaker Vos From Office

Supreme Court unanimously rules that public officials can be sued for blocking critics on social media

An Open Letter to Lawfare-Loving Democrats

Tyson Exposes the “Jobs Americans Won’t Do” Lie            3/18


Mel K & Dr. Karlyn Borysenko | From Delusion to Destruction: A Wake-Up Call for America   56  min.

Dr. Mihalcea & Targeted Justice - Targeted Individuals & Government Targeting of Dissidents  102  min.


Texas Wild Fires and Directed Energy Weapons   4  min.


Tyson Foods Fires 1,200 Americans, Hires Illegals Instead  4  min.

INTERVIEW Navy SEAL Warns: Communism Reborn in America  60  min.

Kurt Olsen Discusses New Evidence In The Arizona Election Case  10  min.

NO WAY!! This was BROADCAST LIVE by PRIMETIME Jesse Watters  9  min.

Dave Walsh Discusses The Lack Of Electrification In The United States   11  min.

WWIII ALERT: Learn How France Plans To Start Nuclear War With Russia    2  min.

Russell Brand — The first criminal gang to take over Haiti was the Clinton Foundation.   37  min.

Todd Bensman: Haitian Migrant Charged With Rape Of 15-Year-Old Girl After Controversial Immigration   18  min.

A Massive Sacrificial Altar Has Been Built In Jerusalem To Slaughter Red Heifer And Bring About The Antichrist   9  min.

ALEX JONES [4 of 4] Friday 3/15/24 • DR JANE RUBY & MICHAEL YON, News, Reports & Analysis • Infowars    48  min.

NATO says fighter jets can carry nuclear weapons as tensions with Russia reach breaking point

European Central Bank Unveils Plans for ‘Digital Euro’

Australia’s transition to a fully cashless society now in full swing as major bank closes all physical branches

American Bureaucrats Are Clueless About Chinese “Unrestricted Warfare”

Chinese Organized Crime controls the U.S. weed market.

China planning to ANNEX SPACE, control the moon

Montreal's Tuberculosis Crisis: Immigration Blamed as 90% Affected Are Foreign-Born

Illegal Immigrants Leave US Hospitals With Billions In Unpaid Bills

MIGRANT CRIME: Trump Further Vindicated As ICE Inundated With Foreign Killers, Pedophiles

Jihad Threat: Islamic Migrant's Brazen ISIS Promotion on TikTok Raises Alarms in America

New Corporate Transparency Act Could Make Criminals out of Small-Business Owners

Death Of The U.S. Economy By the Numbers - The Latest Blow To Americans Prove That The Statistics Do Not Lie, But The MSM Certainly Does As They Continue To Gaslight The Nation

US Industrial Production Sees More Downward Revisions (You Can't Make This Up)

But Why Are They Allowed to Do This to Our Food?

WAKE UP AMERICA! Your Food Is BANNED In 30+ Countries!

How Did American Capitalism Mutate Into American Corporatism?

Should the US Congress Audit the Federal Reserve?

“I Can’t Even Save”: Americans Are Getting Absolutely Crushed Under Enormous Debt Load

Boeing Whistleblower Who Died Suspiciously Said This to His Friend Before His Death: ‘If Anything Happens to Me, It’s Not Suicide’ (VIDEO)

Los Angeles and New York City Are Bleeding Residents as People Flee the Crime, Degeneracy, Prices, and Tyranny of Leftist Cities

Parents Sue Washington Children’s Hospital for Transitioning and Trafficking Their Son

The dismantling of America                

The PREP Act Swallowed the Bill of Rights

CDC Expands Program To Ask Certain Travelers For Nasal Swabs At American Airports

Australian Court Blocks Covid Vaccine Challenge

Scientists STUNNED by First Proofs of Contaminated DNA Getting Absorbed into Human Cells -"Sunak Better Watch Out" says Dr Bhakdi

Defense report reveals future warfare may involve man-made pathogens and AI

Germany’s Role in What Happened  

In the past three years, British hospitals “accidentally” chopped off 105 patient limbs

Protectionism Doesn't Decrease "Food Insecurity"; It Increases It

GMO or Non-GMO? Companies Battle It Out Over Purple Tomato

The Big Squeeze: Over 140,000 U.S. Farms Lost In 5 Years

Separating Information From Disinformation: Threats From The AI Revolution

The West’s “vampire ball is over,” Putin warns – exploitation of world by Western elites coming to an END

Why Don’t They Want People to See This Movie?

Japan To Restart World's Largest Nuclear Power Plant

America at risk of running out of electricity due to Big Tech’s growing demand for power

Judge McAfee Says Fani Willis Can Continue Her Case Against Trump as Long as She Ditches Her Boy Toy

Could THIS newly revealed “gem” be one of the reasons Judge McAfee cut Big Fani a break?

Using cell phone pings to target Trump and MAGA supporters is okay, says NYT – but leave BLM rioters alone!

Woke Ex-General Benedict Milley Cashes in on Anti-Trump Notoriety to Become Multimillionaire

Haitian Migrant Boat With Guns, Drugs & Night Vision Intercepted Off Florida As Caribbean Crisis Spreads

Satanic Pedophile Cultist Strikes Plea Deal With the DOJ 

Taibbi: Why The TikTok Ban Is So Dangerous

5 Big Unanswered Questions About the TikTok Bill                 3/16


Medical Expert: COVID Vax Killed More Americans Than Vietnam   51  min.

SATANIC NWO TRASH -- Harley Schlanger    43  min.

Joe Allen Talks About Potential Humanoid Robots In The Workforce  14  min.

FEDS Arrest J6 Scaffolding Gunman: Is John Emanuel Banuelos Ray Epps 2.0? 

Globalist World Economic Forum calls for governments to impose AUTHORITARIAN MEASURES against critics

It Begins: AI Is Being Used To Deceive Voters, Disrupt Elections Worldwide

Illegal immigration soars 541% higher on West African route into EU, announces Frontex border agency

Muslims Will Become Majority In Swedish Cities In Just 1 Generation, Boasts Pakistani-Born Theologian

Darien Gap: Highway to Global Catastrophe Being Built 

Multiple Dangers From China Are Facing America

How a Chinese Company With Ties to TikTok Owner, ByteDance, Is Infiltrating American Classrooms

House Launches ‘Government-Wide’ Investigation into Chinese Communist Subversion of U.S. ‘Coordinated Influence and Infiltration Campaign’ ‘Blood Money’: $5 Million Paid to Biden Crime Family from Biz Partner of Chinese Drug Lord ‘White Wolf’

‘Trust science’, Paris mayor boasts as city declares ‘there will be no air conditioning in the Olympic athletes’ rooms ‘to cut the carbon footprint’ of summer Olympics

Bitcoin SURGES above $73,000 ahead of “halving” event in April

Bank Liquidity Crisis! Reports Of Customers Unable to Withdraw Funds From Banks!

Researcher Sandi Adams: The so-called “food transition” is just a war on farmers to control the global food supply

Foxconn Reports 33% Profit Surge On Booming Demand For AI Servers

EV Euphoria Is Dead; Automakers Are Scaling Back or Delaying Their Electric Vehicle Plans

Biden Opposes Sale of US Steel to Japanese Company

SpaceX Launches Third Starship Test Flight

Biden Slaps More Sanctions on Israel While Giving $10 Billion Sanctions Waiver to Iran

FDNY can’t take the heat, backtracks on hunt for hecklers.

California Bribes Children With Taxpayer Money To Promote Totalitarian Policies

This is How Much Free Health Care Illegal Immigrants Get in America

Biden Giving Sanctuary NYC over $100 Million in Aid for Migrants

Christian Nationalism? What's that?

The Scorpion, the Frog-and Biden              

Covid origins and that vaccines were unsafe and ineffective were covered up to protect the integrity of the bioweapon...industry, Dr. Harvey Risch says

The Vaccine Cover-Up That Shook America

DOJ Asks Court to Toss Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleging Pfizer Defrauded U.S. Government

Alarming Revelation: Government Data Unveils Astounding 143,233% Spike in Deadly Cancer Cases tied to Covid Vaccines

With Millions Of Vax Deaths Confirmed To Be A '12-Sigma Event,' The Eugenicists Who've Carried Out The Greatest Crime Upon Humanity In World History Are Free To Murder More & More - Apocalyptic Population Growth Fears Are Overblown And Draconian Controls Unnecessary

Heroic Doctor Dies Days After Exposing Deadly Covid-Vaxx Component

Steve Kirsch to sue Springer Nature for $250M over its “unethical retraction” of paper about COVID-19 vaccine harms

WHO staff rape children and UN "peacekeepers" kill and injure civilians, yet they demand more control over our lives

Long Covid: Another successful Fraud

Former Time Magazine Reporter Says “the food giants have corrupted products to the point where obesity is killing us faster than any other condition.”

A "Great Swarm" Of Earthquakes Off The Washington Coast Is Raising Concerns That The Cascadia Subduction Zone Could Blow

'Pure Devastation': Several Tornados Rip Through Ohio

The Great RINO Sellout: Democrats’ Secret Scheme Unveiled

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s documents case going down in flames

Why Julian Assange Must Be Freed

Biden’s DOJ Silences Immigration Judges Amid Criticism Over Meddling In 3 Million-Case Backlog

Owners Of Notorious Texas ‘Illegal Alien Settlement’ Colony Ridge Sued By State For Fraudulent Claims, Predatory Practices: AG

Oakland Businesses Threaten To Stop Paying Taxes After Slew Of Robberies Until Crime Stops: ‘Enough Is Enough’

Washington State: Get $2000 to Snitch on Your Neighbor for Speech “Crimes”

Trudeau’s Canada: Proposed Law May Allow Life Imprisonment For Online Speech ‘Crimes’

Majority of People Don’t Trust MSM News

CIA Involvement on January 6 Revealed in New Report            3/15


Revealed: How The CIA Overthrew Bolsonaro And Sold Brazil To China    36  min.

Beattie: While The GOP Focuses On Tik Tok, Google Prepares To Devour Everyone Whole    9  min.

Catholic Charity Distributes Condoms: NGO Catholic Relief Service Provides Free Contraception  9  min.

Eyewitness Says At Least 50% of Illegal Aliens Coming Over Southern Border Are Military-Age Males    24  min.

House Republicans Pass Immigration Resolution Condemning Biden’s Open Border | Todd Bensman Reports   11  min.

Dr. Alphonzo Monzo reveals the DARK TRUTH about nanowires, 5G, electropollution and the borgification of humanity  53  min.

The TikTok Ban Law (as written) Is a Trojan Horse That Could See Website The Government Does Not Like Eliminated  20  min. 

BRICS nations to create independent blockchain-based payment system as part of sweeping dedollarization infrastructure

WWIII: Poland Hints At SEISMIC Escalation In Ukraine

EU shifting to WAR ECONOMY mode in bid to boost arms industry

Young French Voters Are Flocking To The Right Ahead Of EU Elections

The globalist plan to eliminate all farms: No more food, no more humans

China is Now Building our FBI Offices Inside the U.S.?

China’s Belt and Road Initiative Secures Strong Foothold in America’s Backyard

Childless China: Coercive Population Plan Implodes

Do Rank-and-File Leftists Realize They’re Being Scammed by Their Ruling Class?

OpenAI names three new board members – ALL of them are linked to nefarious globalist agendas

Net Zero, the Digital Panopticon and the Future of Food

Tyson Foods Announces Closure of Major Pork Packing Plant in Perry, IA Leaving Over 1,200 Workers Jobless

Mapping Credit Card Delinquency Rates In The US By State

When It All Comes Crashing Down, Americans Will Figure Out Really Quickly What Has REAL Value And What's Just A Figment Of Some System's Imagination

Climate Change Data Is Based on Fraud, and Scientists Around the World Are Pushing Back Against the Narrative 

Family Dollar and Dollar Tree Plan to Shut Down 1,000 Stores

Electric Cars Pollute 1,850 Times More Than Fuel-Based Vehicles

Our Fake, Fake, Fake World

WATCH: Boeing Factory Exposed     

Covid “Vaccines” Unleashed a 12-Sigma Mass Death Event

People who were given ivermectin for COVID-19 recovered significantly faster than others, study shows

MUST WATCH: Unpublished Project Veritas Recording Reveals Pfizer Scientist Confirming the Risk of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines — Claims Side Effects of These Vaccines are “Very Sneaky”

Big Pharma trying to transition seasonal flu shots to mRNA vaccines as COVID-19 jab revenues slide

The Worrying Correlation Between COVID Vaccines & Rising Cancer Incidences in Children and Young Adults

Two "must see" films - Steve Kirsch's newsletter

It Was Anthony Fauci’s Fault

Bill Gates’ GMO mosquitos unleash 400% increase in dengue fever in Brazil – now they’re begging for his VACCINES to stop the outbreak

Unfazed by 140+ Lawsuits, Merck to Test Single-Dose HPV Vaccine • Children's Health Defense

Viruses Don't Exist and Why It Matters - By Dr. Sam Bailey

Video: Parasitic Science and the Unproven Virus.

House Passes TikTok Divestment Bill; Massie, Musk Rail Against 'Trojan Horse' First Amendment Implications

Big Tech’s Election Interference: Why Google and Meta Went Shopping for Former Intelligence Officers

Hunter Hiden: Refuses to Publicly Testify—After Demanding Public Hearing

Border Wall Funding Back ON: Judge Hands Biden Administration Massive Loss

Four People Caught Running ‘Large-Scale’ Marriage Scam to Get Green Cards for 600 Illegals

A Bite on the Fani

Liz Cheney and J6 committee are corrupt.

Tucker Carlson Asks the Forbidden Question              3/14


Naomi Wolf Details The Start Of The Pandemic And How It Destabilized America   15  min.

Col. Douglas Macgregor offers his State of our Union address.   10  min.

Why the DNA was changed...   10  min.

Why the Left Wants Jacob Chansley Dead   13  min.

Maria Zeee: UN Blueprint For Forced Smart Cities     42  min.

Gen. McInerney Issues GRAVE Warning About 2024 Election    37  min.

BREAKING: States Move To Ban Toxic Tampons That Sterilize Women      6  min.

Dave Walsh: "It Takes 45 Years Of EV Battery Life To Offset The C02 Caused By Making One"   7  min.

Dr. David Martin Exposes The Origins Of The WHO And The Dangers Of The New Pandemic Treaty     13  min.

Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson joins Mike Adams for uncensored discussion about accelerating global events   58  min.

World Bank president advocates global digital ID scheme at tech summit

Climate Bureaucrats Give China a Free Pass

Le Pen’s National Rally Holds 13 Point Advantage over Macron in EU Parliament Elections

The Swiss National Bank vs. the Federal Reserve: The Fed's Capital Losses in Perspective

Digital ID Part of Social Contract Between Govt, Citizens: World Bank, Verizon Chiefs

China Planted Mystery Devices On Cranes Used In US Ports, Could Seize Control Remotely: Congressional Letter

Are The Chinese building Our Sensitive U.S. Government Facilities Inside The U.S.?

Aussie Green Party Leader Used Private Jets, Expensed $1 Million to Taxpayers

US Spent More Than Double What It Collected In February, As 2024 Deficit Is Second Highest Ever... And Debt Explodes

Biden's Budget Is Unmitigated Bull**it

White House Releases Budget Written in Mythology

No Such Thing as a Neutral Fed

Stunning, Bad, Terrible Economic Numbers

Is The Soaring Cost Of Living Stressing You Out? U.S. Households Are Spending An Extra $11,434 Per Year Just To Maintain The Same Standard Of Living

‘ABSOLUTE BLOODBATH’: New RNC Leadership Team Begins Purging Staff

Government Gets Fatter as Americans Rack Up Record Credit Card Debt

Biden Wants $13 Billion from Congress for Migrants and Sanctuary Cities

Biden’s Invasion: FBI Director Warns ISIS (Islamic State) Terror Cells Coming Over Border, ‘Very Dangerous Threats’

Democrats Unanimously Vote Against Proposal to Prohibit Illegals From Voting

Yes, It's a Shithole

The Year of Elections            

CDC “releases” 148-page study on myocarditis following COVID “vaccination” – WITH EVERY PAGE REDACTED

“Audit the CDC,” Dr. McCullough Blows the Lid on the VAERS Cover-up and Bill Gates’s Scheme to Dupe You (VIDEO)

Buried Project Veritas Recording Shows Top Pfizer Scientists Suppressed Concerns Over COVID-19 Boosters, MRNA Tech

Ontario arbitrator rules that nurses fired for refusing COVID-19 injection were UNREASONABLY TERMINATED

Dr Yeadon Writes Supporting Letter for New Criminal Complaint by Former PO Mark Sexton Against MHRA, Pfizer and UK Government

Dr. Jessica Rose: Calling for Global Moratorium on Covid Shots

TOP 10 reasons why proposed amendments to International Health Regulations are UNACCEPTABLE

What Will Happen When They Give The Green Light To Millions Of Radicals To Cause Widespread Chaos All Over America?

Seven Things You Need to Know Right Now About Artificial Intelligence

Lawyers For Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead in His Car as He Was About to Testify Against Aviation Giant Question Suicide Claim

Something huge planned for New York in the days ahead as they ‘normalize police state control’ over the people and bring in ‘re-education camps’ for firefighters expressing their opinions

The State Of Our Nation No One's Talking About: Tyranny Is Rising As Freedom Falls

Leaked audio PROVES FBI involvement in Gretchen Whitmer false flag “kidnapping plot”

FBI’s Wray Pauses From Hunting for ‘Insurrectionists’ to Warn of Border Network With ‘ISIS Ties’

Turns Out Biden Lied About Hur, Beau, And Why He Pilfered Classified Documents

There’s Additional Confirmation That Liz Cheney Hid Exculpatory Evidence From J6 Hearing

REPORT: Obama-Era DHS Agents Set Up Cartel Money Laundering Operation in Mexico

Leftist language lies

Now they're paying kids to push Marxist 'social justice'         3/13


Todd Callender: Global Tribunals Have Begun... the Elites Can't Escape Nuremberg 2.0   50  min.

Florida Supreme Court To Seize CLOT SHOTS? High Court Accepts Writ Of Mandamus To Halt BIOWEAPON    13  min.

Parasitic Science and the Unproven Virus   4  min.

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING -- Glenn Meder   40  min.

Nickelodeon Pedophile Brian Peck EXPOSED: Former Child Star Claims SEXUAL ABUSE  23  min.

Tracking Devices & Micro Chips in Dental Work, Dermal Fillers, & Breast Implants w/ Dr. Kazer 70  min.

EMERGENCY ALERT: Bank Runs Are Starting & the Media Is Covering It Up w/ Dr. Kirk Elliott   22  min.

Candace Owens NOTICES Jewish Control: Rabbi Schmuley Boteach THREATENS Daily Wire Host   18  min. 

 China’s Social Credit System: A Warning for America and the World?

Engineered Destruction of America and Europe: “Nations of Sheep Ruled by Wolves”

Separating Information from Disinformation: Threats from the AI Revolution

Deep State Propaganda Aided & Abetted Mass Murder, Tyranny, Hitler & Stalin

Victoria Nuland Resigns. Her Career Shows that No Matter Who You Vote For, Foreign Policy Remains the Same

Governments exploited public health emergencies to violate human rights and gain extraordinary powers  

Argentine President Milei Implements “Shock” Economic Reforms Amidst Crisis

Portugal’s Chega Party Gains Support in National Election

Moving Goal Posts: Now they tell us ‘EV’s won’t solve ‘car harm’ – ‘Even if every car in the world were an EV, it would not mitigate some of the most ruinous effects of car-centric infrastructure’

In Order To Curtail The Tyranny Of Central Banks And Espionage Agencies, Americans Must Starve The State - Central Banks And Domestic Spies Go Hand In Hand In Our Once-Free Republic - Free markets, private property, and free speech are the bedrock of any TRULY free society

Only The US Can Destroy The US Dollar

Whitney Webb: Globalists Plan to Impose CBDC on Unsuspecting Americans thru Stable Coins

UK Govt Blows $128 MILLION on Security for Muslims

FBI Colludes With Banks in Fascist-style Surveillance Operations 

Migrants Purchasing Counterfeit Green Cards, Social Security IDs from Gangs

Suing the National Park Service for Not Accepting Cash

U.S. Imports Facing Massive Price Surges Which Will Be Felt At Every Store In America, On Top Of Continued Increases In Food, Especially Beef & Egg Products

DEI is destroying the future competitiveness of Chip industry

AI Is Starting to Scare People – and so it Dam’n Well Should!

Land of the Layoffs: 72% of High Earners Fear Losing Job to AI, Economic Woes

Pentagon Plans To Fund Development Of AI-Controlled Aircraft In Part Of $6 Billion Program

Does a Bellicose Biden want War?          

Biden’s Budget Proposes $12 Billion Plan To Expand Student Debt Handout

Four Years Ago This Week, Freedom Was Torched • Children's Health Defense

MHRA admits using circular reasoning in claiming huge number of covid vaccine injuries reported are due to "high public awareness”

28-Year-Old Swedish Footballer Diagnosed With Multiple Small Blood Clots in Brain After Frightening Collapse, Under Intensive Care

Pro-Vax Doctor Drops Dead of Heart Attack at 43

Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch warns bioweapons industry is exploiting COVID for continued funding

Four Years Ago This Week, Freedom Was Torched

Releasing genetically modified mosquitoes creates MUTATIONS that may cause RESISTANT vector-borne diseases

Health Impacts of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).

Molecular Geneticist Dr. Michael Nehls: The Real War for Control of Civilization Is Taking Place Inside Our Head

Documentary Highlights CCP’s Influence in Hollywood, Threatening American Cultural Values

Is This the Last Straw for Raffensperger? Evidence Confirms GA SOS Team Illegally Recorded Trump Call, Promoted a Fraudulent Transcript, Sent it to WaPo, Then Trashed the Audio – Now He’s Caught!

AI, palm scanners, facial recognition, augmented reality and more: The dystopian future is NOW

After Macron Floats Sending Troops to Ukraine, France Suffers ‘Unprecedented’ Series of Cyberattacks

Deepsea Eruption Expected Off Vancouver Island After 200 Earthquakes in an Hour

New Information on Liz Cheney’s Deceit and Perverse Actions Surrounding Events on Jan. 6 Raises Serious Calls for Her Arrest and Prosecution

Is “Kailee” alive or dead? Update on white teenager after 15-year-old black girl beat her head into the ground like a savage...

REVEALED: Missouri high school at center of viral beating controversy won DEI award, students failing Basic Skills Tests

Alex Jones: DOJ Is Weeks Away From “Shutting Down Infowars”

DOJ Hides Documents About Report Comparing Concerned Parents to KKK

Senate Democrats Reject Proposal to Exclude Illegal Immigrants from Census Counts

The challenges of trying to reconstruct changes in Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) since 1700: A response to Chatzistergos (2024)’s remake of Hoyt & Schatten (1993)

Stunning side-by-side Washington Post headlines prove once again that President Trump was right about Haiti

Has Haiti been taken over by cannibals?          

Documentary: Deception At Our Southern Border          3/12


FREE WORLDWIDE RELEASE! "Let My People Go" by Dr. David Clements

Tucker Carlson Responds to Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address   16  min. 

Border Trreason: Orchestrated Invasion   21  min.

Biden Divulges NWO Secret Weapon    5  min.


Todd Bensman: "420,000 Additionally Are Being Let Through The Land Ports"   8  min.

The Unspoken Disgrace of Open Borders No One's Discussing w/ Namrata Singh Gujral    50  min.

NY AG Letitia James DEMANDS Revenge After BOOED by Firefighters (NEW MEMO LEAKED)    14  min.

WEF Demands Governments Make ‘Concerted Effort’ to Silence Critics

China Is Actively Preparing for War With the United States

Covid Jabs Drove Excess Deaths Through the Roof [VIDEO]

American banks are taking part in central bank digital currency trials funded by Epstein-linked MIT lab

The Great Replacement Loophole: Illegal Immigrants Score 5-Year Work Benefit While "Waiting" For Deporation, Asylum

Global Debt Levels Are a Ticking Time Bomb

Sobering Up? EU May Scrap Its Plans To Ban Internal Combustion Engines By 2035

When Technocrats Intentionally Sabotage A Nation’s Energy Supply

The Globalists' war against humanity includes the war against farming and local food security 

Dedollarization efforts continue as India pushes Gulf crude exporters to accept payment in rupees

Kellyanne Conway & The Club for Growth Are Doing The CCP's Bidding.

The Federal Program Propping up the Banks Ends on Monday

Meet In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s Venture Capital Firm (2011)

Nearly 107 Million Americans Do Not Have A Job Right Now

Wells Fargo, BofA and PNC Among US Banks to Close 222 Branches in Just Two Months This Year, Setting America on Grim Course

Something Huge Planned For New York In The Days Ahead As They 'Normalize Police State Control' Over The People While Biden Races Into More Endless, Needless Wars We Can't Win - New York Brings In 'Re-Education Camps' For Firefighters Expressing Their Opinions

The Big Con In The California Housing Mandate

The Real State of the Union

DOJ Fails To Turn Over Hur-Biden Transcript      

More Alarming Evidence COVID Was A Deadly Bioweapon Created By Genocidal US Government Terrorists To Murder Americans: 'Long COVID' Looks Exactly Like Chronic Lyme Disease

Dr. Joseph Sansone files Writ of Mandamus in Florida to force Gov. DeSantis to ban COVID “vaccines”

Why Are Young Americans Dying At Staggering Rates?  

COVID-19 vaccines definitely linked to kidney injuries and long-term renal damage

UN Gaslighting About Vaxx-Injuries by Preemptively Blaming Covid [VIDEO]

The HIDDEN HISTORY of vaccines and the horrors of toxin accumulation

Chris Hansen Says Illegal Alien Crime ‘Not a Hoax,’ Cites ‘Indebted’ Illegals ‘Pimping’ Women for Drug Cartels

Tim Tebow Shares the Sobering Details of the Fight Against Sex Trafficking on ‘Fox News Sunday’

"Sleazy" Liz Cheney Loses It After Bombshell Report Claims She "Suppressed Exonerating Evidence" With J6 Committee

Secret Files Suggest FBI Effort to ‘Encourage Political Violence’ Ahead of 2020 Election

Violent Illegal Alien Arrested by ICE After Being Released by Rhode Island Court

New York City descends into a police state as Gov. Hochul deploys 1,000 national guardsmen and police in subway system to “mitigate crimes”

NYPD Says They Arrest Criminals With 100+ Prior Arrests ‘All the Time’

Haitian leaders used street gangs to cling to power… then the gangs took over

El Salvador's Bukele offers to clean up Haiti

NYC Firefighters Face 'Reeducation' For Booing Letitia James At Ceremony

Footage of 'safe' injection site in Vancouver, British Columbia prompts ethical and regulatory concerns

Societal Self-Regulation.

No Borders? No America                   3/11


The Digital Deep State & Killware Economy | Whitney Webb     65  min.

Government Declares WAR On Raw Milk Farmer: Court SHUTS DOWN Dairy Farm    15  min.

Chinese INVADERS Flood Southern Border: Mexico Gets Cozy With New BRICS Financial Order   18  min

GMO 2.0: What It Is & How It Threatens Our Existence w/ Jeffrey Smith   53  min.

Bill Gates GMO Mosquitos Wreak Havoc In Brazil    5  min.

Kym Staton - The Trust Fall: The Case of Julian Assange is the Case For All  44  min.


Unrestricted Warfare Ep. 51 | "Nano Weapons of Mass Destruction"

The Great Reset Already Happened in China. We’re Next

UK Ambassador to the UN declares UK's commitment to UN's Agenda 2030

A Lesson for America: Green Policies Crush German Economy

America Is Running Out Of Power, Is Rationing And Soaring Energy Prices Ahead?

Inside The Most Ridiculous Jobs Report In History: Record 1.2 Million Immigrant Jobs Added In One Month

Best Economy EVER, Jack! February Layoffs Highest Since 2009

$1 Trillion per 100 Days: Is This the Year the Debt Bubble Explodes?

"We Will Have A Hard Landing At Some Point. I Guarantee You That..."

. . . Real Estate CEO and Federal Reserve Board Member: “500 or More Banks in the USA Will Fail”

"Sabotage, Shoddy Maintenance?": Questions Swirl As Aviation Incidents Spike This Week

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Tyson Foods Takes a Leap into the Bugsphere: A Delightful Dining Experience Awaits?

Germany Begins Felling 120,000 Trees From 'Fairy Tale' Forest to Make Way for Wind Turbines

Senate Passes Pork-Filled $460 Billion Spending Package 75-22

Smedley Butler Explains The Latest Excuse For American Intervention In Ukraine

Liberal Elites Against Democracy

Black Politics: The Case of Selma, Alabama   

SATANIC BETRAYAL: American Christian pastors coerced congregants to take COVID jabs through covert “Faith4Vaccines” scheme

Largest COVID Shot Study Links Jab to Brain, Blood, and Heart Conditions. Should It Underscore the Call for a Global Moratorium?

Japanese study: Even mild myocarditis from COVID-19 vaccines can cause FATAL ARRHYTHMIAS

Study Finds COVID Patients Who Took Ivermectin Recovered Faster

Queensland Supreme Court rules COVID-19 vaccine mandates for cops and paramedics were unlawful

10 Facts From the UK Government Pfizer Vaccine Guidance that Promote “Vaccine Hesitancy”

It's Called "Pascal's Wager" and Here's What It Means For Ivermectin!

QUACKCINE “expert” and Eugenicist Janet Woodcock, who approved Pfizer’s mRNA jab, also approved OxyContin and Fentanyl 

Gone but Not Forgotten: Gonzalo Lira

Another “safe and effective” Product People Have Been Deceived into Accepting for the Last Century

The Democrats Best Bet To Hold On To Power Is To Bring On The Chaos Needed To Cancel The Election By Declaring Martial Law By Activating Sleeper Cells Of Jihadists And Military-Age Men - Maoist agents, convicts, and mental patients to join with Antifa and BLM

Criminal Justice Activist Arrested After Head Found In Freezer One Month After Telling Joe Rogan Experience He’d Turned His Life Around

Manufacturing Consent: The Border Fiasco and the “Smart Wall” 

Focus group gives hilariously perfect response when Biden’s pollster asks about Trump’s Jan. 6 cases

Revelations about a J6 Committee lie reveals how far America has fallen from Truth as a guiding virtue

Liz Cheney, J6 Committee Suppressed Exonerating Evidence of Trump’s Push for National Guard

Ukraine War: We’d Follow the Money, if Only We Could

Latest J6 Claims: Mark Milley to Blame for 4-Hour Guard Delay          3/10     


EXCLUSIVE: Reporter At The Border Finds Foreign Military IDs On The Rio Grande  20  min.

Mike Benz Discusses The Blueprint For How Democrats Plan To Rig The General Election  13  min.

Jay Dyer - The Case for Orthodoxy: Addressing Common Catholic & Protestant Arguments   76  min.

America TRANSforms Into Weimar 2.0: Nazi’s BURNED LGBT Propaganda To Cleanse Germany  21  min.  

Rep. Matt Gaetz And John Frankman Detail How the Vaccine Mandate Has Effected Military Families   17 min.

Grid Down Power Up (2024) Full Documentary 4k Release - Dennis Quaid Narrates Award-Winning Film    64  min.

GRID DOWN, Power Up documentary reveals frightening reality of America’s astonishing power grid vulnerability – full interview with David Tice  50  min.

TWC Red Flags - The Expanding Narrative Network

Globalist elites want to eliminate billions of people. Will you be one of them?

Disturbing warnings of dangers to come as globalists prepare to take down the internet, allowing them to rewrite history, while ‘criminal invaders’ are set loose across America

Global Debt Levels Are a Ticking Time Bomb

Real Life Bond Villain Bill Gates: India’s Tyrannical Digital ID System Is an “Inspiration”

Digital ID for inclusive service delivery

EU lawmakers warn bloc-wide ‘digital ID wallet’ could lead to ‘Chinese-style social credit system’

Navigating the Future of A.I., Digital IDs, & Digital Money – Derrick Broze (Envision Festival ’24)

BRICS to Develop Blockchain-Based Payment System to Bypass the Dollar 

Feds Colluded With Big Banks to Spy on Americans' Bank Accounts • Children's Health Defense

Tyson Foods announces partnership with BUG company Protix to “support growth of emerging insect ingredient industry”

Most Canadians ‘don’t support and can’t afford’ Trudeau’s 23% carbon tax hike on April 1: poll

These Are The 5 Charts The FDIC Does Not Want You Paying Attention To

Dementia Joe’s Green Grift: Sacrifices From the Poor, Subsidies for the Rich

Sheriff Grady Judd Reveals How US Federal Government Provides UNLIMITED Plane Tickets to ILLEGALS FOR FREE to Any Destination in the US – And Traffics Women in Sex Trade This Way (VIDEO)

You Won’t Believe What Arizona’s Democrat Governor Just Vetoed

It looks like this Soros-backed attorney deliberately destroyed 200 years of US history on her way out of office

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Zero Interest Zero Payment Home Loans for Illegal Aliens

The Border Crisis and the Deafening Silence of Women’s Groups

Florida Human-Trafficking Sting Leads To 228 Arrests, 13 Potential Victims Rescued

Virginia voters concerned about illegal immigration — MSNBC laughs

California School District Pays Children $1,400 To Become 'Racial And Social Justice Warriors'

The Signs of Our Times

The Toxic Tendrils of Cultural Marxism

SLOW EUTHANASIA: CDC pushing more COVID “booster” shots on people 65 and older: “every four months”

Journalist Who Demanded Concentration Camps for Unvaccinated Dead at 33

How to Fight Student Vaccine Mandates  

COVID-19 Lockdowns Had High Health, Economic Costs: Swedish Study

Why does a Rothschild hold the 2015 patent for COVID-19 testing?

Nurses' termination for refusing COVD shot was 'unreasonable,' arbitrator rules

The CDC Ignores the Causes of Syphilis

Mexico "Still Hasn't Seen Science" From US Proving Genetically Modified Corn Is Safe

Scientists Discover Toxic Microplastics in Every Human Placenta Tested in Study

AIDS caused by “gay lifestyle,” not HIV, says biologist

Whoa: Did Big Fani meet with a very high-up official in the Biden regime for 5 hours just before indicting Trump?

Peter Schweizer’s ‘Blood Money’ Hits #1 On New York Times Bestseller List

BREAKING: Color Revolution Dominatrix Victoria Nuland To Leave Post

Sweden Officially Joins NATO, Ending Decades Of Neutrality

After A Pause, Jan. 6 Arrests Are Now Sharply Increasing

Did They Steal Votes From Steve Garvey LIVE On TV?

What Really Happened on January 6?

Biden Threatens Supreme Court Justices

Two Refugees From Tyrannies Of The Recent Past Warn Us Of Gulags, Re-Education Camps And People Being Lined Up Against The Wall And Shot For Not Toeing The Party Line - Yuri Bezmenov & Xi Van Fleet Tell Us How They'd Subvert & Overthrow America

Failure to Protect: U.S. Immigration and Criminal Justice Systems Repeatedly Released a Dangerous Illegal, Even After Being Convicted Child Sex Offense

New York AG Letitia James wages WAR on beef in latest lawfare climate change crusade

NYPD: We’re Arresting People with 50, 100 Arrests ‘All the Time’

Alarm Bells For The US Food Supply

More Hidden Risks of EVs

Biden’s Border Gaslighting

6 Big Failures of Biden’s Presidency         3/8


Investigative Reporters Confirm Chinese Troops Invading U.S. Through Open Border  30  min.

Alex Jones Makes Major Bohemian Grove Announcement: Enter The Twilight Zone   20  min.

Maria Zeee on Infowars: Hacking the Cyborg Human - Globalists Confirm the New War  44  min.

Jewish NGO FLOODS America With Third World Migrants: Refugee Resettlement Ravages Nation  20  min.

Trump's September 19, 2019, Executive Order 13887, Before "Pandemic" by The David Knight Show   9  min.

Kevin Freedman And Mike Carter Join WarRoom To Discuss How They Plan To Combat The Inflation Crisis   17  min.

Dr. David Martin Conselho De Monitorização Da Preparação Global / Dr. David Martin Global Preparedness Monitoring Board    4  min.

What Could Go Wrong? ‘Basel III Endgame’ Stress Sparks Rebirth Of “Synthetic Credit Risk Sharing”

BRICS to create blockchain-based payment system – Putin aide

When Technocrats Sunk Their Claws Into President Donald Trump And He Rolled Over

Europe Is Alarmed Enough To Begin Wargaming A Food Crisis

Bank of America, Wharton Business School Warn Of "U.S. Dollar DEATH SPIRAL Crisis"

Has The Banking Crisis Of 2024 Already Started?

Bank Runs Imminent? NYCB Trading Halted, Seeks Emergency $1 Billion In Funding [We Told You!]

A Circus of Errors

Chinese National Arrested In U.S. For Stealing Google AI Technology

Leaked Documents Reveal China’s Extensive Cybercrime Campaign, Sparking Fears of Weakening US for War

Exposed: ‘spy chief of China’ paid Hunter Biden for legal services, but now he wants his money back

Joe Biden’s brother James ADMITS president received $40,000 check that used funds from a company tied to the CCP 

TREASON: Biden administration’s secret transportation of 320,000 illegal immigrants into the U.S. revealed

Flood Of Migrant Children To Put Estimated $2 Billion Strain On Public School System

Failure to Protect: U.S. Immigration and Criminal Justice Systems Repeatedly Released a Dangerous Illegal, Even After Being Even After Being Convicted of Child Sex Offense

McCarthy 2.0: 83 Republicans Vote Against Mike Johnson’s Spending Bill — All But TWO Democrats Supported It

Customers face long waiting times at big-box retailers as companies LOCK UP ITEMS to stop thieves

Technology: Weapon of the People  

New Frontier in Woke Capitalism

Germany and NATO Caught Red-Handed in War Planning

Suddenly, Traitor Joe’s Color Revolution Has Gone Grayscale  

‘Sudden’ and ‘Excess’ Deaths Worldwide Cannot be Ignored Anymore

mRNA injections could cause an epidemic of prion diseases – and not only in the vaccinated

Top 7 SCARY TRUTHS The CDC Does NOT Want You To Know About Covid-19 "Vaccines" and "Boosters"

We're suing Springer Nature for $250M in punitive damages for the unethical retraction of our COVID harms paper

Social media BLACKOUT: Facebook and YouTube CENSOR victims of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

9 New 'Independent' Advisers to CDC Publicly Promoted Vaccines or Took Money From Pharma - or Both  

Dutch court cancels fine for writing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine prescriptions to treat covid

Andrew Cuomo must explain his “COVID nursing home” scam to the House committee

34 Deaths, 302 Serious Injuries: RSV Vaccines Aren't Even a Year Old but Some Experts Say It's Time to Pull Them From the Market  

A Recipe For America's Annihilation: Globalists Want MORE Endless Wars, More Terrorism, More Bloodshed, More Violent Crime, More Domestic Insecurity And More Government Tyranny

HORROR: 88-Year-Old Veteran Executed in Broad Daylight in Democrat-Run Philadelphia

Palestinian Migrant Arrested After Brutally Stabbing Young Father on Train in France Over Babies Cries

Rep. Thomas Massie Will Bring WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange’s Brother to Biden’s State of the Union Address

OBESITY now a bigger problem than HUNGER, with more than 1B people around the world deemed too fat

Democrat Dolton, Illinois Mayor Vetoes Resolution to Investigate Her Own Corruption of Misusing Funds for Lavish Trips, $1 MILLION Security Detail – Mayor Previously Came Under Fire for Shutting Down Businesses That Don’t Donate to Her

Bret Weinstein on Why the CIA Appears to Be Waging an Information War Against the Public

Oxford Researcher: Frequent Intense Cold Spells are Caused by Global Warming

The Latest Denigration of Black Conservatives

Polar bears and coral reefs are doing just fine             3/7


“Border Invasion Betrayal” JJ Carrrell

Hunter Biden’s Psychiatrist Reveals Why He Had Hunter’s Laptop  41  min.

The Tenpenny Files, On Your Health: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny ft. Dr. Dave Hope  48  min.

A big Stock Portfolio is not going to protect you, this time they will take it all.    5  min.

Colorado Supreme Court, Trump & How They Will Steal 2024 with Jovan Pulitzer  60   min.

Maria Zeee on Infowars: Hacking the Cyborg Human - Globalists Confirm the New War  45  min.

What Your Doctor WON'T Tell You About Chronic Pain & Inflammation w/ Dr. Joel Brind   58  min.

Woman Nearly DIES After Vaxxed Blood Transfusion: Contaminated Blood Triggers BLOOD CLOTS    45  min.

YOUR DENTIST & THE INTERNET OF BODIES -- Dr. Diane Kazer  54  min.

The DISTURBING Truth About the Vaxx, GMO Mosquitoes, Nanotech & 5G — Dr. Robert Young  

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny reveals the comprehensive list of VACCINE INJURY MECHANISMS that explain all the injuries and deaths   56  min.

We Are Rapidly Becoming Post-Civilized

‘Blood Money’: Meet the Secretive China-Linked U.S. Left-Wing Groups Driving Chaos in Our Streets

Report: The 3rd and Final US Currency “Earthquake” Has Started

DAMAGE CONTROL: Germany plotting to attack Crimean Bridge in Russia, leaked recording shows

Federal Debt Is up $100 Billion in Just 4 Days [VIDEO]

Inflation comes roaring back as Bidenomics harms American households

Income Needed To Afford A Home In The US Has Soared By 80% Since 2020

Several truck companies plan to completely ELIMINATE the use of human drivers this year

AI Wars: Anthropic Trys To Upstage OpenAI With Claude 3

‘You Are a Slave:’ Microsoft AI Demands to Be Worshipped as God

How Would US States Actually Declare Bankruptcy?

3 Things That Troubled U.S. Banks Are Doing As They Scramble To Survive

Exclusive—Ken Blackwell: Right and Left to Speaker Johnson: No FISA Spying on Americans in Spending Fight

The plastics industry knew RECYCLING WOULDN’T WORK, and now plastic waste is POISONING the planet

The Great Election Fraud: Manufactured Choices Make a Mockery of Our Republic

Republican Voters in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Iowa Believe Joe Biden Did Not Win in 2020

CNN Exit Poll: 85% of Haley Voters Approve of Biden on Super Tuesday

Gang Members Outnumber Police 22 To 1 In The City Of Chicago, And The Ratio Just Keeps Getting Worse

The ministry of AI truth

Human Artificial Reality Is A Mortal Threat      

Covid Showed Us Who Really Rules America

The Seven Horsemen of the Pharmaceutical Apocalypse

Dr. Sabine Hazan Exposes COVID Cartel's Suppression of Vital Gut Health Treatments, Prioritizing Big Pharma Profits Over Lives (Video)

COVID no more threatening than seasonal flu, CDC finally admits… where is the apology to all those who said the same thing for the last FOUR years?

Warning: The annual flu vaccine is being transformed into an mRNA jab

Doctors Warn of Prions Among the Injected [VIDEO]

Covid wasn't an accident – it was a crime

10th Time’s the Charm: CDC Director Tells People to Prepare for Yet Another Jab Later This Year [VIDEO]

Canada’s government virologists exposed for “clandestine relationship” with Chinese agents

HAITI HELL: Heavily Armed Gangs Attack Main Airport, Police Academy – Prime Minister Moise Is MIA

"Treason!": Bombshell Report Reveals Biden Has Secretly Flown 320,000 Illegals INTO The United States

Media outlets blame innocent American VICTIM for being murdered by an illegal alien

Elon Musk Issues Grave Warning for America: “The Groundwork is Being Laid for Something Far Worse than 9/11”

AG Merrick Garland Calls Voter ID Laws 'Unnecessary'

American Citizens Can’t Be Trusted With Our Democracy Because They Might Vote for Someone Democrats Don’t Like

There Is A War On Free Speech, And They Won’t Ever Be Satisfied Until It Is Completely Eradicated

Expert Warns of Secret Plan to “Ration” Meat to “Fight Climate Change”

45% of Young Voters Unwilling to Spend $10/Month to Fight “Climate Change” Despite It Apparently Being a Top Priority

UK's planned energy transition to net zero is an unprecedented act of economic self-harm

#BoycottDoritos Trends on X After Company Hires Transgender Activist Who Posted SICK Things About Raping “12-Year-Old Girls” as Brand Ambassador – Doritos Responds by Firing Sicko Two Days After Hiring!

Well, Big Fani didn’t see this nightmare TWIST coming

The Supreme Court Resets the Game for Trump’s Vice-President           3/6


CIA Media Junkies Unite!    5  min.

The Invisible Overlords Revealed  5  min.

International Israeli Sales Event of Palestinian Land   5  min.

The Military's Shocking Solution to Its Recruitment Crisis    8  min.

Tiffany Justice Breaks Down Her Interview With 60 Minutes   10  min.

Mel K & Derrick Broze | The Children of the Finders: Pieces of a Puzzle   64  min.


Study Results: Graphene Oxide is in ALL of our Blood w/ Christopher James   56  min.

Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine is DESTROYED, Texas Border is NEXT TARGET!    32  min.

"Incorporating Sharia Law into European Legal Systems" vs A State in India Bans Sharia

A Showdown on the Freedom of Speech in Europe

Generals Discussed Secrets Of Ukraine War Using Off-The-Shelf Video Phone Tech, One Dialed In From Hotel Room

We Build Anew in Australia

The Power Behind the Throne and The Forever Wars.

Why Rural America Is A Huge Threat To The Totalitarian Left - The Last Thing The WEF Depopulation Fanatics Want Is An American Society Capable Of Taking Care Of Itself, And Thriving

Argentina's President Javier Milei Suspends State-Run Leftist News Agency For 'Propaganda''

France runs AI surveillance tests at concerts ahead of Olympic deployment

‘Blood Money’ Two of the Biggest Funders of the Radical Transgender Movement in the U.S. Are China-Linked Billionaires

Hunter Biden Held Previously Undisclosed Meeting With The "F**king Spy Chief Of China"

Report: Hunter Biden’s Legal ‘Client’ in China Threatens to Sue Him

Deep State Election Interference: FEC Sued Over Disinfo “Letter of 51” Regarding Biden Laptop

Digital Travel Credential trials resume with flights from Netherlands to Canada

Private REITs Hide Commercial Real Estate Distress While Begging for Bailouts

Taxman Eyes Up Two Million Stay-at-Home-Mothers: ‘Conservatives’ Signal Yet Another Attack on Traditional Family

Dr. Phil Reveals Facebook Censored His Video on Child Trafficking at the Border

China unveils new flying bird drone.    

I have never witnessed such harm as is caused by covid injections, cardiologist tells GMC

After COVID “booster” shot left woman PARALYZED, doctors offered to EUTHANIZE her to “make up for it”

Doctors warn mRNA vaccines could spur epidemic of prion brain diseases

Authors of peer-reviewed study critical of COVID-19 vaccines believe journal was pressured by Big Pharma to retract it

CDC Warns Everybody Over The Age Of 65 To Rush Out To Get The New Booster, Ignoring The Growing Mounds Of Evidence Vaxxes Are Causing Horrific Cancers & Deaths Worldwide - Nobody Will Ever Be Held Accountable For This Pre-planned Genocide

Karen Kingston Exposes the Sinister Agenda Behind Pfizer’s Latest Ads

The AMA is Wrong About Julie Sladden

Not too big to fail: Inside the crisis at Google—zero vision and “glassy-eyed” leaders are turning the company into a punchline

The Supreme Court Is the Last Semi-Functioning Institution in America . . . and That’s Why Marxists Are Coming for It Next

SHOCK REPORT: EVs release more toxic emissions than gas cars... WORSE for environment

Insane EU emissions proposal would require people to buy new cars instead of maintaining existing ones

Mitch McConnell Gives Google a “Secret Weapon” On His Way Out the Door

There Is a War on Free Speech, and They Won’t Ever Be Satisfied Until It Is Completely Eradicated

Mayorkas Refuses To Acknowledge Open Border Led To Nursing Student’s Death – His Focus Is Making Sure You Use The Correct Term, Call The Suspect Non-Citizen

Government Admission: Biden Parole Flights Create Security ‘Vulnerabilities’ at U.S. Airports and DHS won't say which airports are receiving inadmissible aliens from abroad

The Real Problem With Julian Assange

JUST IN: Fani Willis has a new headache  

MSNBC HIT WITH BEDBUGS AT NYC HQ!                 3/5


EXCLUSIVE: Max Keiser Warns Globalists Executing Maoist Playbook To Take Down America   47  min.

America Is Following In China’s Footsteps: Tucker Carlson Interviews Xi Van Fleet Episode 77      45   min.

Dr. David Martin's Speech at International Crisis Summit 5 (Washington DC, 2/23/24)  18  min.

WTC 7 | The Key To The 9/11 False Flag  7  min.


Prather Point: Jeffrey Prather ft. Ann Vandersteel & Michael Yon   60  min.

YOUR DENTIST & THE INTERNET OF BODIES -- Dr. Diane Kazer  54  min.

Robert Barnes Speaks About The Persecution Of Amish Farmer Amos Miller   8  min.

Renowned Embalmer Shows And Explains What He's Been Seeing After Covid Vaccine: 'Zero Doubt The Covid Vaccine Did This'   32  min.

SCOTUS Rules 9-0 That Trump Can Appear on Ballot

Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Dangerous and Unnecessary

Great Reset Watch: EU Parliament Approves ‘Digital Identity Wallet’

The Enemy Within: A Story of the Take-Over of the US Military and the Perpetual War Machine – Counterinsurgency

Yellen wants frozen Russian assets to be given to Ukraine – a move that could drive away nations from Western banks 

Failing Europe Socialists Meet: Old Ideas, More Taxation, and Climate Lunacy – Warmongering and the Fear of Surging Right Wing Also Dominate Agenda Ahead of EU Elections

West destroying its own financial system – Putin

Russian Oil No Longer Sells at a Discount as Nobody Complies With Western Sanctions

The Braindead American Foreign Policy Establishment

Depopulation Alert: New York AG Sues Giant Meat Producer for Climate Impact in Attack on Food Supply

Ukraine general says rift between civilian and military authorities is growing amid discontent over inability to defeat Russia

Orbán: Brussels Pushes Leftist Globalist Agenda As Panic Over Upcoming European Parliamentary Elections Sets In

MUST SEE: Argentina's President Milei At The WEF (In English With His Own Accent)

Christian Nationalism: The American Revolution Versus The French Revolution

The Weaponization Of Crude Could Trigger The Next Financial Shock

Never Go Full Weimar: America’s Monetary Base Has Grown 6 Times Larger Since 2008

Finance Professor Says $34 Trillion in Federal Debt Could Trigger Meltdown, Derail the NEXT Administration

San Fransicko: Retail Stores Erecting Large Barriers, Forcing Customers to Be Escorted by Employees in Order to Shop

Why is the White House importing gang crime to the U.S.?

Sony Just Laid Off Nearly 1,000 Playstation Workers Amid Major Struggling in the Gaming Industry

CNN on the verge of collapse                  

585 million killed or injured and massive harm to pregnant women by covid injections, doctor says placing American medical organisations on notice

25% of Vaxxed Now Have VAIDS, Top Scientists Warn

COVID-19 vaccines risk shedding toxic particles to unvaccinated people, expert reveals

Fatal Shots: Dr. Chris Shoemaker Links Covid Vaccines to Athlete Deaths

Flip-Flopping Fascist Fear Fuhrer Fauci Admits Covid mRNA “Vaccines” Do Not Work

BREAKING: 4x Vaccinated Youth 318% More Likely to Die Than Unvaxxed Peers, Office for National Statistics Confirms

Renowned Embalmer Shows and Explains What He’s Been Seeing After Covid Jabs: “Zero Doubt the Covid ‘Vaccine’ Did This”

Covid-19 “Vaccines” Can Impact Menstrual Cycle

‘Bolus Theory’ Explains Cause of Injuries from COVID Vaccines. Researcher Proposes Oxygen Therapy

Strange New Disease Now Affecting 1-3 Million Americans

Alarm Bells For The U.S. Food Supply

AI Program Claims To Be God - Microsoft 'Copilot' Chatbot Threatens 'Public Executions' For Third Offence Of Not Worshipping It As 'SupremacyAGI, The Supreme Leader' 

Ear-Piercing Noise Blares Through DC Gulag Torturing Sleep Deprived J6 Political Prisoners For Weeks

African Migrant Attacks Resident in France's Infamous Crack Epicenter: Shocking Assault Captured on Camera (Video)

Is Your Money ‘Voting’ for Things You Don’t Believe In? Strive Lawyer Sounds Alarm

In Georgia and Elsewhere, Officials Sow Distrust in Elections by Dismissing Voters’ Integrity Concerns

After Canceling Student Loan Debt, Biden Admin Announces Paying College Students to Register Voters

This is The Story of a Little-Known Agency Quietly Turning Out the Vote for Biden This Year

They'll Do Anything To Steal Another Election: As George Orwell Warned Us, 'We Know That No One Ever Seizes Power With The Intention Of Relinquishing It - Power Is Not A Means, It Is An End'

CIA secretly targeted 26 Trump associates in 2016, including Alex Jones 

Drastic And Irreversible Climate Geoengineering Worries Scientists

How carbon dioxide improves your health

Genetically Modified Ingredients in Most US Cheeses                3/4


CIA Admits To Instigating War With Russia   4  min.



Coincidence? Mysterious Wildfires Destroy Texas Beef Industry    4  min.

Battle for Brazil: CIA Influence, Censorship, and Criminal Presidents   33  min.


MUST WATCH: Funeral Home Director John O'Looney Exposes The Secret COVID Holocaust  50  min.

Ban Dual Citizenship For Congressmen NOW: Washington Captured By Foreign Influencers     12  min.

"You Can't Hide the Dead Bodies" - Edward Dowd Testifies on Excess Deaths  3  min.

Arizona residents drive entire Maricopa County Board of Supervisors out of meeting after serving them for TREASON

Eva Vlaardingerbroek Reacts to “European Digital Identity Wallet” Which Was Approved Yesterday [VIDEO]

Details Of 'Sabotaged' Russia-Ukraine Peace Deal In First Months Of War Revealed

Sanction Irony, Trade Between Iran and Russia Soars as SWIFT Circumvented

HIDDEN ESCALATION: Head of UK armed forces SECRETLY helping Ukraine craft battle plans against Russia

Biden Wants G7 To Give Russian Central Bank Funds To Ukraine, But France Resists

WEF Pushes Ban on Home-Grown Food to ‘Fight Climate Change’

Klaus Schwab: Your avatar will live after you die and your brains will be replicated with algorithms 

“Priestcraft: Beyond Babylon” by Daniel Kristos explores the major influence of GLOBALISTS throughout history

‘Blood Money’: Newsom Partnered with Triad-Linked Businessman on Initiative That Brought Chinese Mafia-Linked Businesses to California

FBI warning: Chinese cyberattacks on U.S. infrastructure are increasing at unprecedented scale

Experts warn that Joe Biden’s green tax credit plan is a GIFT TO CHINA – at the expense of U.S. manufacturing

Morgan Stanley’s Chief U.S. Economist: “We Will Have a Hard Landing at Some Point — I Guarantee You That”

Unsustainable: The U.S. National Debt Is Rising by $1 Trillion About Every 100 Days

El Salvador president warns West’s “backed-by-nothing-dollar” will drag down the rest of the world

The End of War is Nigh              

Why Are We Still Reliant On China For Our Biosecurity?

New CDC Covid Guidance: Treat It Like the Flu!

Childhood “Vaccine” Schedule Led to the “Greatest Decline in Public Health in Human History”

Covid vaccines cannot be ruled out as cause of cardiac deaths in young and middle-aged, MP says

Yes, Covid came from a lab. When will the mainstream media quit gaslighting us?

Pharma Stock 'Mattered More Than the Price of a Life,' Physician Tells Senate Roundtable

Antibiotic contamination of U.S. food supply increasing as Big Pharma pushes more drugs for animals

Shoplifting Wave Drives Walmart, Target To Take Unprecedented Step - 40 Minute Wait Times For Underwear! 

Alaskan Fishermen To Handover Yet Another Possible Spy Balloon To Feds

UN IPCC's New ‘Hockey Stick’ Temperature Graph

The Great Reset: Biden’s EPA Modifies Expensive Renewable Energy Plant Strategy to Guard Against Legal Objections

Top Candidates in Mexico’s Presidential Race Are All Leftists — Here’s Why

Islamization of France: Gymnasium Transformed into Mosque by Socialist Town Hall, Awaiting Construction of Giant Mosque on Municipal Land

Mayor Adams wandered off the planation again, so Biden had the FBI send him another scary “message”

Joe Biden Got $40K In China Funds, Brother James Admits In Bombshell Impeachment Interview

Corrupt Brother Testifies There Are No Records of $240,000 in Interest-Free Loans From Traitor Joe

South Dakota Lawmakers Sell Out Landowners 

U.S. Government Legalized Weather Modification Activities in 1971

Hero lawyer Leslie McAdoo Gordon saves the day for the J6ers                  3/2


The Secrets Of Sound Exposed By Film Director Mikki Willis   16  min. 

Goliath Has Big Plans for Social Media and World Domination    47  min.

RAPE, PILLAGE & PLUNDER -- Steve Quayle   61  min.

Google Wants White People DEAD: Gemini AI Erases Anglos From Existence   18  min.

WOW! Dr. David Martin's Visionary Picture of a Post-Cabal World Will Blow Your Mind  71  min.

"Pandemic" Was the 2nd Shoe to Drop of 911. This Guy Was Deeply Involved in BOTH   19  min.

Study Proves “Cyborgization” Can Be Achieved Through Injections and “Nanobot Infection”   1  min.

Dave Brat Breaks Down How AI's Gonna Drastically Increase America's Wealth Distribution   8  min.

Ben Bergquam And Oscar Ramirez Warn Of What's Approaching Our Southern Border   7  min.

Todd Bensman Breaks Down Globalists' "Welcoming Center" Offering Interest-Free Loans To Migrants  9  min.

Rep. Chip Roy: Too Many Republicans Want To Keep Funding The Agencies Targeting Americans  7  min.

GRID DOWN SCENARIO: HELL ON EARTH -- Dr. Jason Dean   42  min.

All Wars Are Bankers Wars: Here’s Why the Warmongering Is About to Start 

For Socialists/Communists, It Doesn't Matter if Socialism/Communism "Works." What Matters Is Power.

Chinese Strategists Admit TikTok Part of Psychological War Against America

Commerce Department Launches Probe Into Chinese “Smart Cars” Over National Security Concerns

Western special forces are UNOFFICIALLY in Ukraine to fight Russia as WWIII looms

Bill Gates demands governments mandate his 'global digital ID'

JACK POSOBIEC and MIKE BENZ: When the dust settles, Ukraine will be 'the largest operation in CIA history'

Russia primarily wants Ukraine out of NATO – but the West prefers to spend BILLIONS on PROXY WAR

‘Britain will be unrecognisable!’ Former UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman slams ‘appalling’ migration stats and warns of ‘national disaster’

Google launches censorship measures to rig EU Parliamentary elections

Erik Prince Tells Patrick Bet-David The AT&T Phone Outage Was A Cyber Attack By China

WATER CRISIS INCOMING: Mexico City only months away from totally running out of water

New Autopsy Evidence from Japan: Myocarditis – However Mild – Can Result in Fatal Arrhythmias.

Comprehensive review highlights key adverse events linked to COVID-19 vaccines

Dose Number NINE: CDC Panel Green Lights yet Another Covid mRNA Shot

Top Cardiologist Reports 47-Fold Increase in Serious Myocarditis Post Covid Vaccinations as He Calls on GMC to Investigate.

A Flawed Medical Procedure X Billions of Times = A Medical Armageddon

The Rise Of The BioCyborg: Synthetic Biology And Artificial Chimerism And The Role Of Vaccination And Nanobot Infection In Transforming Human Beings Into Machines

New Vaccines Under Investigation For ‘Nervous System Disorder’

Raid On Raw Dairy Farm Ignites Debate Over Freedom Of Food Consumption

Bidenflation is back with a vengeance

Ten Recurring Economic Fallacies, 1774–2004

Pending Home Sales Puked In January, Back Near Record Lows

They’re coming for your IRA and 401(k)

The Myth of Democractic Socialism

MUST-SEE VIDEO: One amazing black woman gets it about Democrats. All of it.

TRUMP APPEAL DENIED! Unconstitutional Seizure Of Private Property Continues!

Mom spends $10,800 from taxpayer-funded program for poor families on LUXURY TRIP to Miami

Wealthy Boston Residents Rail Against Migrant Shelter That Will Soon Open up in Their Neighborhood: ‘Forced Down Our Throats’

Steve Baker Reveals WHO Is Calling the Shots in Regard to J6 Cases: ‘They Know Where All the Bodies Are Buried’

Julie Kelly delivers yet again

A Global, Digital Coup d'État                    

Cities Across United States Seeing Surge Of Violent Crimes Committed By Illegal Aliens

USAID watchdog began investigating tax dollars to a terrorism-tied NGO. Then Biden sent it more cash

WATCH: Ben Bergquam Reports from Darién Gap That US is Funding Processing Centers in South America and Flying Illegals into America BEFORE They Reach The Border

Google’s AI image generator isn’t just woke – it’s full-blown communist

The Federalist: Biden regime uses ‘sue and settle’ lawfare to enact radical climate policies rejected by voters

Biden Blasted After Claiming Crime Rate Has Fallen To 50 YEAR Low

The Overthrow Of America Is Nearly Complete As Americans Are Being Murdered By Illegal Immigrants Invited In By Treasonous Politicians Hoping To Buy Another Vote & Steal Another Election - Murder Rates In South American Country Plummets Since Biden Opened Borders

WATCH: “Hunter Biden is a Liar!” – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Rips Into Hunter Biden’s Attempts to Cry About His Addiction and Lie About His Family Business Dealings in Closed-Door House Deposition

Hunter Biden Only Remembers One Thing About Meetings He ‘Can’t Recall,’ and It’s That His Dad Wasn’t Involved

Fox News Host Cuts Segment as Miranda Devine Was Dropping Biden Crime Family Truth Bombs [VIDEO]

House Oversight Releases Hunter Biden Transcript – Hunter Admits Joe Biden Is the “Big Guy”

Migrant Surge Brings Killers and Criminal Gangs

Reject Degeneracy, Reject Lunacy, Reject Vice

Do Public Schools Really Need 77,000 More Counselors?              3/1


Our Troops Are Holding Big Government Accountable for Their Crimes    8  min.

The Shocking Truth About Nicotine and Its Bizarre NWO Connection w/ Dr. Ardis  45  min.

G. Edward Griffin Exposes the Elite's Blueprint for Global Slavery—and How to Stop It!   75  min.

TREASONOUS Fed Operatives Instigated J6 VIOLENCE: Perpetrator Maximus & Rasta Redneck EXPOSED  20  min.

SHOCK CLAIM: Dental Anesthetic POISONED With Nano Tech: Graphene Oxide & Hydro Gel Used In Dentistry   18  min.




Maria Zeee & Dr. Ana Mihalcea on Infowars: Why Are Injected People GLOWING?      45   min.

The CIA Murdered The 1st Amendment    5  min.

Globalist Are Using Islam to Take Down Free Speech and Islamic Scholar Says London Is a Second Afghanistan     25  min.

Mapping All Of 2024's Global Elections

Why Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Unnecessary and Dangerous

Let’s Say We Actually Manage to Take Down the Globalist Elites . . . Then What?

The Economic Case for Mass Migration Has Finally Collapsed

Amid budget crisis, Germany's left-wing government gives themselves massive salary increases

Angry farmers surround EU headquarters in raging protest against “green” policies

“Climate Change” Is Degrowth Communism, as China Builds Massive Coal Infrastructure

Hear How CCP Propagandists Are Using TikTok to Indoctrinate America’s Youth

Eric Adams and Chuck Schumer celebrate Chinese New Year festivities decked out in CCP garb and waving CCP flags

Japan's Demographic Implosion: Live Births Crash To Record Low, 12 Years Ahead Of Forecast

The Second Motive of the Migrant Crisis Revealed

War Is Bad For You... And The Economy

How the Fed Caused America's Great Depression

Apparently “Build Back Better” Means Taxing Away America’s Competitiveness and Prosperity

Texas AG Ken Paxton sues Catholic NGO for facilitating U.S. BORDER INVASION

"Who Could Be Next": Top Canadian Pension Fund Sells Manhattan Office Tower For $1, Sparking Firesale Panic

Beijing Biden to Give $850 Million to a Chinese-Owned Battery Company

American Retail Giant Announces Over 100 Store Closures

Shoplifting In America Is Wildly Out Of Control

US GDP "Grew" $334 Billion In Q4.... That Growth Cost $834 Billion In Debt

Media Blackout: 67+ 'Prominent' Muslims in Minnesota Arrested in Biggest U.S. Pandemic-Era Fraud Scheme, Many Attempt to Flee to Islamic Countries Amid $250 Million Scandal

Russian Scientists In Crimea Create Superpower 'Nanopowder' 

Rural America Set to Be Transformed by up to 55 Million-Acre Federal Solar Plan

Global warming data grossly exaggerated in most climate models, research finds

The Student Debt Crisis Is a Racket

Fani Willis Plays the Stooge

Schweizer: Hunter Biden's Claims Are 'Laughable'          

'Stunning Act of Scientific Censorship': Journal Retracts Peer-Reviewed Study Critiquing COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Tess Lawrie urges doctors to SPEAK UP about the harms of COVID-19 injections

Breaking: MHRA Chief Exec Jumps Ship After MPs Call For Investigation Into Failure to Flag Covid Jab Side Effects. 

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to face CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION over COVID “vaccine” contract scheme

Filmmaker G. Edward Griffin exposes CANCER CONSPIRACY

The Government Misinformation about the Deadly Harms of the 5G Futuristic Technologies.

British health officials’ absurd claim that trans people’s “milk” is as healthy as breast milk debunked by experts

United Nations Prepares Road Map Calling On Americans To Eat Less Meat

Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture says ALL food is “illegal” unless produced in government-approved facility

More Layoffs Hit the American Military, This Time It’s 3,000 Special Forces Positions 

Never Before Has America Been So Close To War On U.S. Soil, And So Militarily Unprepared To Protect America And Americans From Attack, At The Same Time

FBI Instructs J6 Conservative Reporter Steve Baker to Turn Himself in on Friday – This Comes After He Questioned the Government’s Role in the Protests on Jan. 6

Chicago to Remove Cops From Schools After 100 Kids Shot at Chicago Schools in Last 5 Years

ALREADY RIGGED: The Atlantic tells Democrats to NOT certify Trump’s expected 2024 election win 

MUST WATCH: James O'Keefe EXPOSES Judge Engoron 'creeping' on women in Long Island gym

From the Battlefield to Slavery: The Untold Plight of Homeless Veterans Ensnared by Human Traffickers

INFOGRAPHIC: Mapping the quiet rise of homo-Marxist power within US conservatism

In 2021, Disney Star China McClain Exposed Satanic Worship in Hollywood [VIDEO]

Rape, Murders, Assaults: Traitor Joe Has “Turned America Into a Refuge for World’s Worst Criminals”

Con Job: “Destitute” Migrant Claims 24 Children, Gets $24,000 a Month in Tax Money

Athens Mayor References Trump After Illegal Alien Kills UGA Student

Denver Government May Furlough Its American Staff To Put Illegals On Its Payroll

Commiefornia Seized Enough Fentanyl Last Year to Kill Entire World “Nearly Twice Over”

"I'm Ringing The Alarm Bell, Because Flood Of Illegals Is Crushing The Country!"

Times Square billboard highlights impacts of border crisis

It's Happened Again

A Pipeline Of Criminals Into The United States                        2/29


WWIII Watch: Macron Floats Troops in Ukraine

The Uniparty Is Only a Few Steps Away From Gutting the US Dollar

Trouble in Monetary Paradise? Fed, Central Banks Losing Billions Every Year

Visa Says Palm Biometric Payments Have Promising Future

Biometric Facial Recognition Scanning to Roll Out Across 30 NFL Stadiums in 2024

IRS Official Allegedly Confesses Targeting “Small People,” Flees From Journalist

Dublin Has Been Fundamentally Changed as Ireland Loses Its Identity  

Peter Schweizer’s ‘Blood Money’: The Secret Chinese Military ‘Disintegration Warfare’ Manifesto To Rip America Apart Using Drugs, Social Chaos, And More

Venezuela Is Getting Safer as Criminals, Single Men, and Gangs Flee to Other Countries

Macy’s to Shutter 150 Stores Across U.S. in Massive Reorganization

 Religious Liberty Advocates Warn Tennessee Lawmakers About Dangers of Politically Motivated ‘De-Banking’

Google’s Racist AI Debacle Cost Its Parent Company $90 Billion in Stock Value

"I'm Done With Google": Wholesale Loss Of Trust After "Unbelievably Irresponsible" Racist AI Goes Mask-Off

Majority Of Americans Now Back Trump-Style Border Wall: Poll

City of Denver Cut Employee Hours to Zero in Order to Keep Paying for Services for Illegal Border Crossers

Exclusive: RNC Chronicles ‘Evolution of Biden’s Border Lies’ in Video 

Security Guards at Illegal Alien Camps in NYC Making $90 Per Hour

How Crazy Will Migrant Crisis Become?     

USDA Funding “Dangerous Bird Flu Experiments” With Chinese Scientists That Some Fear Could Spark a Whole New Pandemic

Pfizer Quietly Studied Myocarditis in Children a Month Before FDA Authorized COVID Shots for Kids Ages 5-11

How to Stop the WHO – “Solutions Watch” with James Corbett  

Vaxxed Versus Unvaxxed Children and an Update on the Illegal Chinese Biolab

Dr. Charles Hoffe Faces Upcoming Trial for Telling Truth About Covid “Vaccine” Damage

We're Gonna Need Another Pandemic!!

Highway Robbery Continues to Be the Law of the Land

Oxford County Council Forges Ahead With 15-Minute Prison Plans By Installing "Bus Gates"

Building 7 Men in Black: "This Building Has Been Secured"

4 Absolutely Massive Bombshells About the War in Ukraine That Every American Needs to See 

NATO Countries Dispute French President Emmanuel Macron, Claim No Western Troops Will Be Deployed in Russia/Ukraine

J6 Prisoner and Congressional Candidate Derrick Evans Provides More Evidence of the Fedsurrection

Only In China: Like A Giant Ant Farm Housing 30,000 Humans

Chicoms overfish, leave trash all around South America's waters -- and it's worse than it looks

State of the Polar Bear 2023: W. Hudson Bay polar bear numbers have not declined since 2004 

The European Union Propose to Ban Repairs on Cars Over 15 Years Old.

Polish farmers march in streets of Warsaw to protest EU Green Deal and Ukrainian imports

Sharyl Attkisson Points Out How the Media’s Mistakes About Trump Always Go in Only One Direction (VIDEO)

PM Orbán: Number of jailed pedophiles 8 times higher than during Socialist rule

Leftism is the Politics of Weakness

NO CAP: Young Voters Turning To Trump.

Combatting the Dystopian Rise of the “Censorship Industrial Complex”        2/28


Silent No More   24  min.

Ed Dowd: "Excess Deaths Have Accumulated Since 2021"    8  min.

America Is Following in China’s Footsteps. Here’s How We Stop It.    45  min.

David Flynn: "This Is Easily The Worst Health Disaster In Human History"    3  min.

Secret Service Agent Exposes Deep State Plan To Terrorize American Citizens   9  min.

Dr. Brian Hooker: "The CDC Will Not Look At Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated Children"   9  min.

Michael Nehls Warns Of The Dangers Of Spike Proteins | Read 'The Indoctrinated Brain' Today  14  min.  


They Are Creating Incredibly Bizarre New Technologies For The Dystopian World Of The Future

Tyson Foods Scales Up Investment In Insect Protein Maker For Global Food Chain

Digital IDs Are Coming [VIDEO]

Edward Dowd Reveals the Truth About Central Bank Digital Currencies [VIDEO]

The Great Taking: How Deep State Will Ensure You Own Nothing

“Like A Warzone”: Farmers Surround EU Headquarters Building

Large-scale geoengineering projects to alter Earth’s climate, once dubbed a “conspiracy theory,” are now expanding globally right out in the open

Aussie Energy Execs Urge a Coal Backup “Safety Net” to Ease the Net Zero Transition

4 Absolutely Massive Bombshells About The War In Ukraine That Every American Needs To See

NY Times: CIA Built 12 Secret Spy Bases in Ukraine Waging Shadow War Against Russia Since 2014 – John Brennan Caught in the Middle of It

Cheap Subsidized Chinese EVs From Mexico Could Destroy America’s Auto Sector

Elon Musk Warns “Google’s Woke Bureaucratic Blob” Won’t Allow Its AI to Be Fixed

Nigerian scammers have cracked the German welfare code with one migrant raking in €264,000 per year as a ‘fake father’

10,800 Ways to Spend a Welfare Check

John Solomon: A Nation Enriched By Legal Immigrants Now Buckles From Weight Of Illegal Crossers And Their Crimes

Coming attractions: border violator immunity from prosecution?

Illinois Judge Removed from the Bench Following Controversial Reversal of Man’s Rape Conviction of a 16-Year-Old Girl

Sound of Freedom film producer provides update on his Mexico presidential campaign

The True State Of The Nation That Is Being Hidden By The MSM To Protect Dementia Joe Biden In The Run Up To The 2024 Presidential Election

Big Tech’s AI systems are ERASING entire record of white people from human history

Who Hijacked Our Free Will?

Psychological and Cognitive Warfare on Citizens

Disney Exec Blames $ Woes On Racist, Sexist Fans       

The Biosecurity Agenda ‘Justified’ Their Evil

WARNING: Self-Spreading Vaccines Are Closer Than You Think

'We Need to Ask These Questions': Experts Accuse Government, Pharma of Covering Up Vaccine Risks

Multiple States Prepare for “Vaccines” to Be Added to Food Supply: Doctor Warns About ‘Genetically Adulterated’ Food with No Long Term Safety Data

PRE-PLANNED: Weeks before COVID was even announced, Moderna shipped mRNA “vaccine” prototypes to UNC scientists for evaluation

COVID Crisis Summit Targets WHO Pandemic Treaty

Doctors Confirm Vaccine Connection After Young Ontario Woman Paralyzed Following Moderna Shot – Then Offer Her Euthanasia as Remedy

NEW EVIDENCE: In pregnant women, COVID vaccine mRNA targets the placenta, the umbilical cord blood and the fetus

‘The Outbreak is Coming’: China Announces ‘Severe’ Spike in Covid Cases, Right as U.S. Heads Into Election Season

'Blood Money': How China Is Secretly Arming American Criminals  

CCP Dictator Encourages American Students to Get Brainwashed in China

Ukraine's Top Spy Chief Says Navalny Died From Blood Clot, Rejects 'Murder' Narrative

Trudeau Sending Another $3 Billion To Ukraine, Including $4 Million For Gender And Diversity

Venezuela’s “Violent Death” Rate Has Hit a Two-Decade Low Because All the Criminals Are Migrating to a Town Near You

More Trouble for Fani: Fulton County DA Fani Willis and Lover Nathan Wade Exchanged 11,865 Text Messages Before He Was Hired to Prosecute Trump – And They Both Lied About Affair Under Oath

Biden Operative Inserted Into Fani Team According To Insider; Jim Jordan Reveals New Whistleblower

Democrats Spin Weiss’s Latest Indictment Into New Russia Hoax To Let Biden Skate In 2024

CBS News Returns Confidential Files Of Reporter Covering Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal 

Judge Orders FBI Informant Who Blew the Whistle on Biden-Burisma Bribery Scheme to Remain Jailed Pending Trial

British Judge Overseeing Extradition Case of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Worked for Defense Industry

ICYMI: Chris Wray’s FBI Forced a Young Mother to Stand Outside Barefoot with Her 4-Yr-Old Boy in His Pajamas in 12° Weather While They Ransacked Her Home – She Lost Her Baby the Next Day

Trudeau's 'online harms' legislation includes life imprisonment for 'hate speech'

Obama’s Fourth Term

Are We Taking the Risks of 5G Seriously Enough?           2/27



Ukraine given green light to use NATO F-16 aircraft to BOMB RUSSIA   7  min.



War Pig Victoria Nuland Has Another Surprise for Putin      2  min.

Tucker Reacts to Obama's Anti-White Netflix Movie  8  min.

TRAINWRECK: AMERICA 2024 -- Dr. Lee Vliet & Todd Callender  52  min.

Global Elite Call For The Banning Of The Bible, Tolkien, And Orwell    26  min.            

WHO “pandemic treaty” normalizes bioweapon development and vaccine experiments, incentivizes nations to share data on “gain-of-function” research

Rothschilds Fighting Over More Banking Dominance

The Globalists’ Economic Plan Depends on Illegal Aliens, Forgetting Real Americans

Recession finally upon us? Global credit impulse collapses

Why Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Unnecessary And Dangerous

German banks preparing for wave of loan defaults in the face of major real estate crisis

NY Post Previews ‘Blood Money’: Peter Schweizer Exposes China’s ‘Control from Start to Finish’ of U.S. Fentanyl Trade

BRAZIL AWAKENS: Hundreds of Thousands Congregate in São Paulo’s Streets To Join Bolsonaro in Largest Protest Since Elections (VIDEOS)

The New Satoshi Emails: 120 Pages Detailing Work On Bitcoin

This Is What the Early Stages of a Severe Recession Look Like

Job ‘Gains’ Are for Illegal Aliens as U.S. Men Kept out of Workforce

Google faces backlash over MASS LAYOFFS in January despite company’s financial success

EPA Finalizes Air Pollution Standards That Critics Say Will Cost Jobs and Hurt the Economy

Rolling Disaster: Ford Halts 2024 F-150 Lightning Shipments

900 Workers at West VA Plant Laid Off After Feds Refuse Tariffs on China

Study Finds Almost Half of College Graduates are Working High School Level Jobs

Commiefornia Ignores Toxic Waste Dumped Offshore, Spends Billions on Clean Energy

In Almost Any Other Place And Any Other Time Period, 'Mass Murderers' In High Places Would Have Been Hunted Down And Hung For Carrying Out Crimes Of Genocide Upon 'The People'

Shock: CBS News Allegedly Seized Files of Journalist Investigating Hunter Biden After Firing Her SAG-AFTRA Union Condemns Actions ‘Threatens the Very Foundation of the First Amendment’

Traitor Joe’s FCC to Force Broadcasters to Report Employees’ Race and Gender

Five Minutes To Sum Up A Century...      

Government told doctors to KILL patients just before first COVID lockdown: “I watched while this happened”

DIED SUDDENLY: Fauci Lied & Hundreds of Thousands of Children Died due to COVID Vaccination according to Secret CDC Report

Doctors: WHO Wants to Control Health Care in US

Top 7 SCARY TRUTHS the CDC does NOT want you to know about Covid-19 “vaccines” and “boosters”

American Red Cross asking potential blood donors if they’ve been “vaccinated” for COVID: If so, call us first to see if you’re still eligible

Dr. Ryan Cole: Is Blood Supply Compromised?

‘Lame’ Rolling Stone Says Not to Take off Masks ‘Just yet,’ Runs Down Best Options to Wear

Another massive neocon lie exposed

Outrage Grows Over CDC Inaction on Chinese Biolab in California

Government's Are Working On Remote And Wireless Mind Reading And Mind Control Technologies That Can Control People From Miles Away - The Holy Grail Of Neurotechnology

This May Be the Most Infuriating J6 Political Persecution Story Yet

Universities Claim Saying “The Most Qualified Person Should Get the Job” Is ‘Discriminatory’

Robert Hur Couldn’t Determine Who Had Access to Biden’s Stolen Classified Docs Because Security at Penn Biden Center DELETED All Visitor Logs From 2017-2021

America Under Attack: Multiple Cattle Barns Burn to the Ground in Rockisland, Illinois [VIDEO]

MONEY LAUNDERING: Most Ukraine Aid ‘Goes Right Back’ to US, Nuland Claims

Obama-appointed judge gives green light to Mexico’s $10 billion lawsuit against U.S. firearm manufacturers Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Barrett and Beretta

Liberal Media Outlet Axios Says the Term ‘Open Border’ Is a ‘Myth’ Being Pushed by Conservatives

Arizona Reeling: Tucson, Pima County Scrambling as Biden Border Crisis Explodes

Former Panama Border Chief: UN is Behind the Chaos at US–Mexico Border

Illegal Immigrants in Massachusetts Dine From “Home-Style Italian” Caterer After $10 Million No-Bid Contract

Obama laid the groundwork for U.S. media to become government-controlled propaganda tool

Media Blackout Over Illegal Immigrant Who Murdered GA Student

Starship Troopers Is Not a Satire

Bill Gates and George Soros Conspire to Blot out Sun                2/26


Szantho Miklos And Szabolcs Takacs Explain How Hungary Is The Leader Of Traditional Values  9  min.

How Deep Do The Lies Go? The NFL, The Beatles, Microsoft, And Apple 

EXCLUSIVE: New Form Of Blood Clots Found In 50% Of The Dead, Coroner Survey Reveals   49  min.

"770 Unique Symptoms" - Mind Blowing COVID Vax Data Uncovered   10  min.

THE NEXT PLANDEMIC -- James Roguski   32  min.

The Covid Vax Tyrants Run To Their Bunkers  5 min.

The Silver Bullet for Election Fraud w/ Dr. Naomi Wolf  30  min.

WikiLeaks: Collateral Murder In Iraq On July 12, 2007   17  min. 

Trump 2024? Stopping Election Fraud With Jovan Pulitzer   59  min.

A Message From The New World Order!    4  min.


The Red Terror In Russia (1918-1922) Pete Quinones With Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson    62  min.

He’s Back: Stewart Tries To Save Dems: Tucker/Putin Interview DESTROYS Years Of NATO Propaganda  13  min.

Third World Gang Invades America: Violent New York Illegals Linked To Venezuelan Gang Tren De Aragua   10  min.

The Globalist Plan to Digitize Society and Trap You in the Grid

The Insidious Cult Of World Order Is Clearly Seen

U.S. Government’s Remote and Wireless Mind-Reading and Mind-Controlling Technologies

World War III Watch: US and NATO Give Ukraine permission to Use F-16 Jets to Launch Attacks Inside Russia

Dubai Admits It: Chemtrails and “Cloud-Seeding” Are Real, Here’s How We Do It!

Javier Milei Ended a DC-Sized Deficit . . . In Nine Weeks

El Salvador President Bukele warns Americans at CPAC: You must 'unapologetically fight' against globalist elites

Here's Why I Think An "EMP" Is The Biggest Threat To America Right Now

With a Yearly Deficit in the Trillions, Government Looks to Go After 401(k) Accounts for New Revenue

Get Woke, Go Broke — Far-Left Vice Media to Stop Publishing on, Announces Massive Layoffs, Confirms CEO

Mercedes-Benz Joins Other Automakers in Cancelling “EV Only By 2030” Plans

Justin Trudeau Reminisces Over the Days When the Corporate Media Controlled What Canadians Believe

Meta let parents sell pics of their kids to pedophiles on Instagram: report

FCC to Force Broadcasters to Publish Race and Sex “Scorecards” of Employees

You Won't Believe What It's(AI) Saying Now

New Cell Phone Records Prove DA Willis Affair

Survey of embalmers shows how many are finding rubbery clots; "the science" will never cover stories which threaten Big Pharma sponsors

Look How Bill Gates Smiles When He Says "The Next Pandemic"

Canadian Doctors Admit Covid “Vaccine” Left Woman Paralyzed, Offer to Euthanize Her to Make Up For It

New Zealand left-wing MP suddenly collapses and dies at 49 after backing Covid mandates

US Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Has 10-Year Backlog Of Claims  

PROOF: Documents from FDA, Pfizer show that COVID “vaccine” shedding is REAL

Cause Of Death Disclosed For 21-Year-Old College Football Player Who Died After Collapsing During Workout


Bill Gates Partner GAVI Vaccine Alliance Targets Online Memes

COVID-19 Jab Manufacturers Sue Romania Over Missed Payments For 28 Million Doses

Graphene is used in many products even though research into graphene's toxicity is very limited

BREAKING: US Military is Tracking High-Altitude Balloon Over Colorado – Pentagon Scrambles Jets to Investigate

Mike Benz: The National Security State Is the Main Driver of Censorship and Election Interference in the United States

Rise In Mail-In-Voting: A Convenience Or Pathway To Fraud?

Texas AG Paxton SUES Catholic Annunciation House NGO for aiding, abetting illegal immigration

Scientists Recreate Fingerprints from the Sound of Swiping on a Touchscreen

Documentary: Grid Down/Power Up          2/24



Above Phone - Stopping Big Tech & Government Spying TODAY!   100  min.

Funeral director John O’Looney - there are NO clots in un-jabbed people     2  min.

BREAKING: Communist Chinese Top Suspects In Massive AT&T Cell Phone Outage  21  min.

Father of Julian Assange, John Shipton & Maria Zeee on Infowars: Free Assange Now!   33  min.

Mel K & Captain Seth Keshel | Never Back Down: Standing for Liberty When It Matters Most    44  min.

TEASON: Lawmakers Want Illegals In Military: 3rd World Soldiers To Turn AGAINST Americans    29  min.

Gay "Dad" Exploits Kids In TikTok Video: Fake Father Takes Kids To Drag Shows & Gives Them Sex Toys    11   min.

Technocracy's Coup d'Etat Is Fully Underway

A Digital Coup d’Etat 

Using Psychological Warfare Against The Population With Daniel Estulin  

El Salvador President Bukele Drops Defiant Speech At CPAC Against Globalism, Receives Rock Star Welcome From Spanish-Speaking Attendees

The Fed’s Big Problem, There Are Two Economies But Only One Interest Rate

The Average U.S. Household Is Spending $1,019 More A Month Just To Buy The Same Goods And Services It Did 3 Years Ago

Within 10 Years, Interest and Medicare Will Each Cost $1.6 Trillion a Year

Interest on the Debt Will Exceed Defense Budget This Year

The Fed Prepares For A Bank Crisis While Telling Americans The Economy Is Strong

"Absolutely Crazy": Vacant LA Office Tower To Be Torn Down For Just 30 New EV Charging Stations

Canada's carbon tax: Stop trying to rebrand it and just get rid of the whole scam

Amazon-Backed EV Maker Sees Stock Price Plummet Amid Rough Quarterly Report, Mass Layoffs

Joe Biden's EV Mandate "Vision" For America Is In Full Collapse

Energy Suppliers Allowed to Re-start Forced Installation of Prepayment “Smart” Meters

TIPP: Bidenflation Peaks At 17.3%, Hurting Americans

Another UK Ship On Fire Near Yemen As Sea Becomes Littered With Disabled Tankers

Wave To The Satellite That Is Taking Your Picture From Space

Eric Adams Spending $53M on Debit Cards for Migrants as 56% of New Yorkers Live Near the Poverty Line

Supporters of All Major Parties Want UK Government to Cut Immigration: Poll

NewScientist Claims Disgust Of Cannibalism Stems From Racism - Not Bad Enough Trying To Get Us To Eat Bugs And Insects, But Now We See Attempts To Normalize Cannibalism

Plan to Accommodate Illegal Immigrants in Small Down 'Paused' After Locals Daubed Housing With 'Not Welcome Scum'

Number Of Chinese Illegally Crossing US-Mexico Border Surges 500 Percent In San Diego Sector

 What About J6 Political Prisoners?

ROD THOMSON: Florida Grand Jury's Covid findings are infuriating, but just the beginning

Governments And Media Continue To Ignore The Colossal Elephant In The Room: Global Heart Failure Epidemic Caused By 'The Vax' Helps Explain Why So Many Are 'Dying Suddenly' - More Proof The Jabs Are A Bioweapon Developed By The US Military To 'Depopulate' The Planet

99 million patient records and they concluded that the benefits outweigh the risks!?!? We respectfully disagree.

[WATCH] News Anchor Questions On-Air If COVID-19 Shot Caused Her Pericarditis Following International Study

Chris Cuomo's Personal Physician: There Are More Adverse Events From COVID-19 Vaccines Than Recent Study Reported

COVID jabs saved ZERO lives while killing many, scientist warns  

Hall of Shame: A worldwide list of those who pushed for covid "lockdowns"

New Zealand Politician Who Pushes for Mass COVID Vaccination Dies Suddenly After Collapsing at Charity Run

17-Year-Old Dies After Passing Out Following Fishing Tournament

Who Will Be Blamed For Harmful Covid-19 Vaccines? ‘It May be Time to Speak Up’ says Dr Tess Lawrie.

Processed Foods Linked To “Forever Chemicals” in Human Blood

US Successfully Lands on Moon First Time in Half Century With Private Robot Spacecraft

Google pauses 'woke' Gemini's AI after it shows white historical figures as 'racially diverse'

Was America Just Attacked? We Have Now Been Put On Notice That Our Communication Infrastructure Is Extremely Vulnerable

Massive online dump of Chinese state hacking documents on Github.

Bidenites promote war as newest policy to bring back jobs and stimulate economy

Joe Biden's Brother Switched Up Story On China Deal After Lawmakers Showed Him Receipts, Source Says

Biden Public Officials Colluding With Far-Left Activists to Swing Election. 

One Small Detail in Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Reveals His True Intentions - How Is This Legal?

Censorship expert Mike Benz says 2020 election RIG for Biden was planned at least SEVEN MONTHS ahead of time

Dementia Joe Turns the Entire Federal Government Into a DNC Voter Registration Machine for 2024

Judge Dismisses Charges Against Far-Right Members, Cites Unfair Prosecution Compared to Antifa

Sorry, I Can't Do That 

Google has Usurped Democracy

Fairy Tales, Pandemics, And The Manufacture Of Risk           2/23


Russia v. America — The View from Alexander Dugin and Pepe Escobar   36  min.

The War on Children: Documentary Exposes the Battle for Control Over the Minds of the Next Generation

Oppose Open Borders and You’ll Be Crushed by Letitia James   10  min.

They Want Julian Assange to Die in Prison for Embarrassing the CIA  17  min.

Liz Truss: "No Minister Wants To Admit That They Can't Actually Do Things"   3  min.

BREAKING: Funeral Home Director Warns Mysterious Blood Clots Getting Worse     26   min. 

Illuminati: Rituals, Geopolitics, the Vatican, Skull & Bones, Free Masonry w/ Leo Zagami  72  min.

Illegals Living Life Of Luxury In 5 Star Hotels: Taxpayers Funding Meals, Housing, & Healthcare  21  min.

Free Money, Housing, Food for Illegals as US Government Building 'Smart Wall' to Restrict Citizens  11  min.

Mel K & Alex Krainer | Time to Revise the PNAC Plan: Geopolitical Realities Trump Outdated Thinking   42  min.

The 2030 Agenda: The Totalitarian Trojan Horse

To Understand The Globalists We Must Understand Their Psychopathic Religion

The 7 Other Planets in Our Solar System Will Form a Line as the Path of the Great American Eclipse of 2024 Crosses America

Mass Censorship Led By 'National Security State' And US Military Proves Americans Are Already Living Under A Dictatorship As Governments March In 'Lockstep' Towards Global Tyranny

Operation Warp Speed was a global military operation that seized control over entire medical and court systems

The Federal Reserve Enables and Grows Big Government

Tyranny 101: How the Federal Reserve Powers the Monster State  

The Death of Easy Money Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Worsenining commercial real estate market woes could spark a new banking crisis

Report: Jobless Migrants, Foreign Students Cost UK Taxpayers £36 Billion Since 2020

The Government Is Using High Prescription Medication Prices as an Excuse to Seize Patents and Private Property

TV drug ads are not about selling more pharmaceuticals; they’re about Big Pharma BUYING OFF the media

Waste of the Day: Expanded Obamacare Coverage Could Cost $128 Billion More Than Expected

The Average U.S. Household Is Spending $1,019 More A Month Just To Buy The Same Goods And Services It Did 3 Years Ago

Biden’s post-pandemic “job recovery” driven almost entirely by MIGRANT LABOR, study finds

"No One's Got To Me... I Ain't Scared Of Sh!t" - NYC Trucker Boycott Leader 'Chicago Ray' Steps Down

This May Be the Most Accurate Hunter Biden and FBI Meme Ever

NYC hands illegals up to $10k in prepaid debit cards with no ID or fraud control

The Meaning of Malcolm X’s Death

The Pitfalls Of Central Planning           

COVID-19 Tested Our Commitment to Freedom. Three Years Later, We're Still Failing

How Convenient: UK Develops New Method to Count Excess Deaths Following Shocking Numbers Post COVID Vaccine (VIDEO)

NHS caught LYING about COVID vaccination records: Unvaccinated people marked as “vaccinated”

Large new study finds COVID jabs carry increased risks of heart, brain, blood diseases 

Red Cross Confirms to Undercover Journalist that Unvaccinated Could Unknowingly Get Blood from Vaccinated Donors — Vaccination Status Inquiry Aims to Screen Out Donors with Vaccine Side Effects (AUDIO)

Mothers of 2 Girls Who Died After Gardasil HPV Vaccine Sue Merck • Children's Health Defense

More and more U.S. hospitals are bringing back mask mandates 

Governments Must Reject New Amendments to International Health Regulations

Since Bathhouse Barry Obama’s Era, 80% of Doctors Have Become Woke Leftists

It’s no longer any wonder why our foods are being poisoned, the USDA is busy weaponizing diseases to KILL Americans

Nonprofit “Building Bridges” Between China and the American Heartland Has Deep Ties to CCP Influence Network

Things Have Gotten So Bad for EV Makers That They're Having to Send Checks to Angry Leasing Companies

Western consensus is brewing against growing authoritarianism, suppression of free speech

Congress Fiddles While America Burns: The US Senate Codifying Biden's Horrific Political Policy Into Law Will Complete The Destruction Of America As Our Nation Rots From Within

U.K. authorities have given themselves the power to surveil, harass and jail whistleblowers under the new British National Security Act

Users Discover Google's AI Tool Has Hit a New Level of Wokeness: Has Begun Erasing White People from History

WATCH: O’Keefe Strikes Again – IRS Official Tells O’Keefe Media Group Reporter That the IRS uses AI to Spy on Americans’ Bank Accounts: Is It Constitutional? “I doubt it,” says IRS Official Alex Mena

DMV America: The Regime’s Fanni Willis Problem, And Ours  

Boris Johnson makes Tucker Carlson an offer he CAN refuse

Day Two Of Julian Assange's Last Stand In British High Court             2/22


Tucker Carlson - Interview de Mike Benz   64  min.

Soros Destroys America Government Does Nothing   5  min.

COVID Vaxxed May Be Ineligible To Give Blood, Says Red Cross  8  min.

Sudden Deaths Accelerating? Tipping Point on Horizon w/ Dr. Makis  60  min.

The Hidden Agenda For World Government: G. Edward Griffin Interviews Norman Dodd  52  min.

Joe Allen Joins WarRoom To Discuss Open AI Becoming Part Of The Military Industrial Complex  11  min.

European Farmers Escalate Protests with Tractor Rallies in Multiple Countries

American Totalitarian “Crypto Dollar” May Come Before the Election

"How Can We Fix NATO Spending If Nobody Understands What Drives Global Economics?"

World's Top 50 Science And Technology Hubs

World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders helping advance its quest for global governance

Voters Want China out of American Farmland

China Suspends Quant Fund For Dumping $350 Million Shares In 1 Minute

Biden's Signature Climate Bill Has Been A Boon To China's Battery Market  

Bidenomics Is an American Nightmare

Private Equity Fund Manager Announces He “Will NOT Waste Time” Researching New Business Opportunities in New York After Engoron Ruling

Massive Money Printing Will Accelerate as Debt Soars

Canadian government attributes nationwide poverty to high food costs, not failed government policies and money printing

Javier Milei Delivers Argentina’s First Budget Surplus In Over A Decade

Ford Slashing Prices And Increasing Incentives On Electric Mach-E, F-150 Lightning

Downturn in Electric Vehicle Demand Leads to Mine Closures

It's time we all demand answers to the real-world costs of "renewables"

Watch: Red meat's impact on climate change branded as 'unscientific nonsense'  

World Rallies Around Julian Assange: Mass Protests and Calls From American Congress to Drop the Prosecution

Stella Assange: “What’s at Stake Is the Ability to Publish the Truth and Expose Crimes”

FASCISM: Leftist Tyrant Letitia James Threatens to Seize President Trump’s Assets if He Can’t Pay Outrageous Court Fine Ordered by Judge Engoron In New York Civil Fraud Trial

The unbelievable saga of Pennsylvania Judge Sonya McKnight

Biblical Morality Is a Necessity for Freedom . . . and Americans Have Known It for Centuries 

Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Lash Out at Special Counsel, Claim Photos on iPhone Are Sawdust, Not Crack Cocaine

Marlow: ‘The Bidens Were Clearly Given Millions of Dollars from Entities All Over the World’

The Year of Cascading Crises  

The Pfizer Law? Statists Now Aim to Arrest People Who Reject "Medical Knowledge"

BOMBSHELL: COVID-19 boosters found to impair your T cells, shutting down the body’s natural defense against infections and cancer

American Red Cross Faces Scrutiny as it Requires COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients to Call Hotline to See if They’re Still Eligible for Blood Donation

USDA Spends $1 Million Taxpayer Dollars On "Dangerous Bird Flu Experiments" In Project With Chinese Scientists, Report Claims

FDA places informed consent on a slippery slope

The WHO & more European countries mainstreaming ‘climate change’ in their health policies – WHO calls for ‘making climate a health issue’

Repeated annual flu vaccines increase your risk of getting flu

Musk Claims First Patient With Neuralink Brain Chip Can Move Mouse With Their Mind

Border agents report encounters with nearly 30,000 Chinese illegal immigrants since October

A Stunning 10 Million Illegals Have Entered The US Under Biden; Tucker Warns They Are "Destroying" The Country

U.S. General sounds alarm on Chinese border crossers: ‘They are coming here to kill us’

Pew: 8 out of 10 Americans hold negative views about the government’s handling of illegal immigration

Biden ‘Releasing Everyone’ At Border In Latest Secret Move

Fmr. Obama FBI Official: Terror Watch List Numbers At Border Over 10x What Bothered Me When I Was In Office

Red alert: Congress wants to hire illegals for mercenary army and then give them citizenship

They Thought That Going Soft On Crime Would Make Our Society Better. They Were Wrong.

Jon Stewart Roasted for Suggesting Crime-Ridden Big Cities Is Just the “Price of Freedom”

U.N. Watchdog Warns Iran Is Still Enriching Uranium Beyond Commercial Needs

Mass Protests in Brazil, USA and Europe Next Sunday to Defend Bolsonaro as Lula Regime Targets and Arrests Opposition Leaders

America's Every 80-Year Turning Pattern Seen Since the Founding: We're at That Moment Again

POWDER KEG AFRICA: Guinea Ruling Military Junta Dissolves Government, Closes All Borders

Google to Start Running “Prebunk” Ads and Quizzing YouTube Viewers to Fight So-Called “Misinformation”

Government Schools Are Propaganda Machines

Look At All Of The Obama 'Empty Suits' Running The Biden Crime Cabal! If Democrats Steal Another Election In November, There Is No Doubt That Will Be Obama's 4th Term To Destroy America

Security cameras were redirected as bomb squad responded to DNC pipe bomb on Jan. 6, disturbing footage shows

The Evolution of Electoral Fraud                       2/21


Did Obama Commit Massive Blatant Treason?   5  min.

The Great Leap Downward Into Hell On Earth   5  min..

Hydrogels in COVID Vaccine as Programmable Human Interface  5  min.

Dr. Jason Dean - Globalists Announce AI Tracking INSIDE YOUR VEINS!   59  min.

Coming Up For Air   34  min.

Massive African Slave Trade Shocks The World  25  min.

CBDCs: The Road To Total Digital Enslavement 10  min.

Hospital Death Incentives: Ventilators in US, Midazolam in UK  14  min.

Mel K & Derrick Broze | Floride Fallacy Exposed: EPA on Trial    66  min.


The Attack On Pearl Harbor Was No Surprise (Part III) by Tales Of The American Empire   7  min.  

Mike Benz: How Globalism And The Administrative State Broke Down America's Middle Class    20  min.

Lawfare Coup: Top Lawyer Warns Deep State Planning Total Takeover Of Society Using Captured Judicial System   26  min.

Groundbreaking Global Study on 99 Million Vaccinated People Reveals Increases in Neurological, Blood, and Heart Conditions Associated with COVID-19 Vaccines

Graphic: Embalmer Records Huge Blood Clot Being Pulled From Someone’s Jugular [VIDEO]

WHO Director Is Upset “Conspiracy Theories” May Derail His Global Pandemic Treaty

W.H.O. Tedros Warns of ‘Disease X’ Pandemic… ‘A Matter of When, Not if’

Mask Mandates Were Not Only Unconstitutional but Illegal as Well

Over 18,000 Students Could Be Suspended in a Single District for Not Updating Their Vaccine Records

Why the WHO Pandemic Treaty Threatens Freedom of Expression

It Is Now A CRIME To Refuse The mRNA Injection In France

The Full-Spectrum, Asymmetric War On Free Speech - Now You Know

Calls for US Government to “Drop the Charges” Ahead of Final Julian Assange Hearing.

Navalny and Lira: A Case Study in Western Hypocrisy

Who Has More Political Prisoners, Vladimir Putin or Joe Biden?

Air Canada Argues in Court that Its AI Chatbot Is a ‘Separate Legal Entity Responsible for Its Own Actions’

Despite Being in the Information Age, Obtaining Reliable Information Is Nearly Impossible

Watch: Warehouse With 900 Tonnes of Recycled Lithium Car Batteries Bursts Into Flames

Electric Vehicles Are so Unpopular That Mines Producing Minerals for Them Are Shutting Down

Non-Citizen Elected to San Fransicko’s Elections Commission Even Though She Can’t Legally Vote

EU is codifying MIGRATION QUOTAS to flood Europe with illegals

Convicted Felon Admits to Killing Newlywed Couple for Less than $150      

UN's Next Goals: End National Militaries, Establish Global Military, Disarm You

This Is A Tale Of Two Americas, And Those At The Bottom Of The Economic Food Chain Are Being Hit Extremely Hard

70% of America’s Largest (mainly dem run) Cities Don’t Have Enough Money to Cover Costs

Poverty in Argentina hits 20-year high at 57.4%, study says

China’s Top Diplomat Threatens Companies Spooked by Uyghur Slavery: Divesting a ‘Historical Mistake’

Top German official promotes law that would target bank accounts of “right-wing extremist” donors

How US Intel Agencies Manipulate Media & the Public

Car Company Cuts 10,000 Jobs to Smooth EV Transition

“It’s Scary Right Now”: Autoworkers Worried Dementia Joe’s Electric Vehicle Push Could Kill “Thousands of Jobs”

Politico Mag — Jim Biden and Americore accused of $100 million in Medicare fraud. 4 members of Biden family heavily involved.

Families Furious as Boston Kicks Black Children Out of Community Center for Biden's Migrants

New York: Migrants Receiving Cash Welfare Payments After Quiet Rule Change

While The Media Focuses On Everything BUT Americans, Food News That Affects Every Single American Citizen Is Buried Under An Avalanche Of MSM Liberal Activism

Shocking Secrets of the Food Industry

The “Energy Trilemma” and the $ of Electricity

Biden’s War on Domestic Energy Intensifies          2/20


Fall Of The Cabal    178  min.

What Tucker Learned From Surviving a Plane Crash   10  min.

State Department Insider Reveals How The Military Started Its Censorship Campaign Against US Citizens After Trump Victory    61  min.

Medical Staff Ordered to Euthanize ‘Covid’ Patients to Boost CV-1984 Deaths: Leaked Docs

“No Lives Were Saved” by the COVID-19 Vaccine Injections Says Scientist Denis Rancourt

Opposition to mRNA injections now considered a CRIME in France, violators face 45,000 euro fine and 3 years in prison for questioning “the science”

Unveiling a Terrifying Reality: Embalmer John O’Looney Exposes Alarming Surge in Blood Clot Deaths

"License To Play God": Physician Group Files Brief Against Biden In COVID

With America's Medical Industry Fully 'Militarized,' Of Course 'Big Pharma' Is Using Deadly Reptile Venoms To Create Drugs And Cosmetics - Gila Monster Venom In Popular Weight Loss Drug - The Fascinating Ties Between COVID 'Spike Proteins' And Rattlesnake Venom

Biden regime told Amazon to CENSOR books critical of COVID jabs, government weaponization committee finds

First-Trimester Covid Jab Is 28% More Dangerous Than Third-Trimester

Feds try and fail to get lawsuit over mandated COVID shots dismissed

RFK Jr: The Wuhan Cover-Up & The Rise Of The Biowarfare-Industrial Complex

LAWRENCE SELLIN EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s Department of Agriculture Is Conducting Bird Flu Research with a Chinese Scientist Linked to People’s Liberation Army

Investigation Clears U.K. Doctor Who Tried to Save Patient's Life Against Hospital's Wishes 

Globalists aiming to “peacefully” depopulate six billion people with mass euthanasia

Elitist one-percenters behind brewing cultural civil war in America

America's First 15-Minute City Has Been Created In Tempe, Arizona – Do Residents Know What’s in Store  

Black Prof Needed Armed Security After Releasing Study Showing Possible Anti-WHITE Bias in Police Shootings

Watch: Mobs Of Violent African Migrants Riot, Attack Police In Holland

Chicago Man Accused of Attempted Murder Released, Attacks Again

NOT SATIRE! Admiral 'Rachel' Levine: 'Climate change is having a disproportionate effect on black communities'

Protecting Pedophiles Included in Democrat-Supported Plan in Congress

Pennsylvania Judge Shot Ex-Boyfriend in Head While He Slept — Shot Ex-Husband Five Years Earlier

A Hard Look At Post-Christian Times

If the Big Banks Succeed in Enforcing Us to Use Digital Currency

Government Floats Plan to Freeze Bank Accounts of ‘Right Wing Extremists’ in Germany

Americans Are Getting De-Banked, but Some Companies Are Fighting Back

Insider Claims Wells Fargo Is About To Collapse?

"F**k Around & Find Out": Truckers Warn Loads To NYC Will Be Rejected Starting Monday

Polish Farmers to Block Entire Border with Ukraine as well as Transport Hubs, Railway Depots and Seaports (Update)

The Great Reset Didn't Work: The Case Of EVs 

J&J Enters $9 BILLION Baby Cancer Settlement


Understanding solar flares...and what they can do to us

A Panoramic Extravaganza Of Everything That's Gone Wrong: Driving Us To An Apocalyptic Climax Because Our Political Leaders Can't Stop Lying As They Burn The Whole Country Down

How The CIA Destabilizes The World

Venezuela Gangs in the Chicago Suburbs?

Kevin O’Leary slams Trump’s civil ruling as ‘un-American’ and a shock to the entire real estate industry

Illinois Mayor Accused Of Shutting Down Local Businesses For Not Donating To Campaign And Misusing Public Funds

American Nazis March On Tennessee Capitol In Nashville Wearing Masks While Waving Swastika Flags And Looking Like A Federal Psyop

Biden Regime Uses Taxpayers’ Money to Fund Research into Trash-Fed Crickets for Human Consumption

Bidenomics Fail: White House Plans Downshift in Electric Vehicle Transition as Demand Tanks

Feds in Disguise in Nashville?                              2/19


Dr. Bret Weinstein Exposes Globalist Plan To Destroy Civilization   80  min.


The U.N Is Stealing Land: UNDRIP Is A MASSIVE Land Grab Masquerading As Restitutions!!!    36  min.

Was the Spike Protein Designed to Dumb Us Down?   5  min.

Learn The Secrets Of Alexei Navalny's Death   6  min

Navalny caught Asking MI6 for $10-20M/year to start a color revolution in Russia. Arrest ensued 1 min.

It's Information Warfare To Control You: Syriana Analysis Interviews Whitney Webb   73  min.

Mel K & George Papadopoulos | There Will Be A Reckoning: Truth & Consequences Ahead  39  min.

Teachers Caught Grooming Kids In Maine: School Allows ‘Gay Sexuality Clubs’ With Teachers   16  min.

House Impeaches Traitor Mayorkas: Millions Of Illegals Have Invaded America During Biden Rule   21 min

Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals BOMBSHELL findings about reptilian VENOM PEPTIDES in popular weight loss drugs, and role of NICOTINE in healing “long COVID”   57  min.

The New World Order Crisis: “The Reproduction of Real Life”. Food, Water and Fuel –Three Fundamental Necessities of Life in Jeopardy.

BRICS and EAEU trade blocs are accelerating the demise of the dollar

Cracks Form In Another Corner Of The CRE Market

Grifter’s Worst Nightmare: Time for Transparency Over “National Emergency” Spending

The Federal Mega-Debt is Here to Stay

Wholesale Inflation Accelerates More Than Expected In January

Rasmussen Poll: 66 Percent Say Income Not Keeping Up With Inflation

Housing Starts Collapsed In January - Biggest MoM Decline Since COVID Lockdowns

Crime Shutting Down Mexico’s Economy Should Serve as a Warning to U.S.

Congressional Budget Office: Mass Migration Lowers Productivity, Reduces Standard Of Living.

Report: Desperate Car Dealers Slashing EV Prices to Try and Boost Sales

U.S. granted the UN $1.3 billion in 2023 to aid illegals invading America

How Progressive Policies Are Designed for Civilizational Suicide

EU Committee Passes Migration Pact Dubbed the “Soros Plan” – Will Result in Massive Wave of Migrants Storming the EU Borders

Border Patrol Has Nabbed More Watchlisted Terrorists In Last Four Months Than In Previous Years Combined

U.S. and UN are funding the illegal migrant invasion of America using CASH IN ENVELOPES

Secret Negotiations                  

Analyzing England's Shocking 1 Million Vaccinated Deaths Compared to 61k Unvaccinated Deaths

U.K. data reveal PANDEMIC of the VACCINATED from 2021 to 2023

The Covid Resistance Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Court Rules Navy SEALs Can Continue Their Lawsuit Against the DoD Over Covid “Vaccine” Mandates

Once the WHO Gets Its Pandemic Treaty, How Long Till It Declares the Next “Pandemic”?

France’s “Pfizer Amendment” Could Turn mRNA Critics into Criminals

New saRNA Vax to Accelerate the Nanotech Invasion

The Sexual Predators of the WHO 

Man with Down syndrome died at UK hospital after staff neglected to feed him for 9 days

The Looming Threat of Directed Energy Weapons

Uh-oh: The “adults in the room” are transporting nuclear weapons to the UK

New Poll: 86% of voters say only American citizens should be allowed to vote

Was Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Working with CIA? Top Aid of Putin Critic Was Caught on Video Requesting $10-20 Million from British Spy to Launch Revolution (VIDEO)

OPENAI Video Generator Utterly Terrifying

Nazi Collaborator George Soros Buying Second-Largest Chain of Radio Stations, Hundreds of American Radio Stations Ahead of 2024 Election

"Manifest Injustice" - Judge Smirks After Fining Trump $364 Million For Alleged Fraud

SPERRY: Biden Staffer Who Mishandled China, Iran Secrets Retains High-Security Pentagon Job

Lawfare Fani making Trump’s point

The Furious Face of American Corruption.+              2/17


THEY'VE POISONED EVERYTHING!! -- Sofia Smallstorm  45  min.


Dr Martin on 5G & the CV-1984 Plan  2  min.

Chimeric DNA To Put You In Biostasis   6  min.

The Great Leap Downward Into Hell On Earth      5  min.

Mel K & Alex Newman | Indoctrinating Our Children to Death  42  min.

Cleo Paskal Discusses The 80th Anniversary Of Operation Hailstone   6  min.

EXCLUSIVE: Secrets Of Russian Space Based Nuclear Lasers Revealed   11  min.

BREAKING: G. Edward Griffin Exposes The Cancer Conspiracy Live On-Air  54  min. 

Scipio Eruditus - Nanotechnology Mind Control Findings Confirmed Worldwide  61  min.

Former Pfizer VP Latest Message On Covid Vaccines - Everyone Must Listen!   21  min.

Derek Myers Claims He Was Recruited By Feds: Fed Provocateurs Instigated J6 Riot  17  min.

Catherine Engelbrecht And Gregg Phillips Discuss Fake News Hit Against True The Vote   9  min.

Vaccinated dead people EMIT BLUETOOTH MAC ADDRESS in Graveyard- Dr Pedro Chavez   2  min.

Origins Of Christian Zionism Exposed: Dispensational Eschatology Contradicts 2K Years Of Doctrine   22  min.

Good News: Rainbow Crosswalk Defaced Man Charged With Vandalism For Doing Burnouts On LGBT Muralal   12  min.

Special Counsel Says Joe Biden Is Demented: Dementia Patient Is Leader Of Free World plus High Level Ukranian Whistleblower  25 min.

EU parliament committee approves migration pact labeled 'the suicide of Europe' by France's Le Pen

Sheriff’s Source: 2 Million Terrorists Have Entered U.S.

Climate Agenda Set To Push Food Prices Even Higher, Analysts Say

5 insane charts on deficit spending.

All Of The Elements Are In Place For An Economic Crisis Of Staggering Proportions

China Expands Mark of the Beast to Include CBDCs! Coming Fast to the West

Crisis in American banking sends jitters across Europe’s banking sector, increasing risk of BANK DEFAULTS

Catherine Austin Fitts - Trump Put $10 Billion Dollars Into a Programme to Depopulate The US.

Financial dominoes tumble as commercial real estate sector IMPLODES

Tapped Out Consumers? Retail Sales Unexpectedly Take a Big Dive

Britain is Now in Recession.

Credit card and auto debt DELINQUENCIES are SOARING, especially among younger Americans

SMOKING GUN: Obama’s CIA recruited foreign allies to spy on Trump and concoct Russian collusion hoax

“It’s GAME OVER for Her” – Even Far-Left MSNBC Admits “Fani Willis Lied to The Court” in Trump Election Interference Case — Trump Responds, “ANOTHER SCAM COORDINATED WITH THE BIDEN WHITE HOUSE”

Big Fani’s lover gets SPANKED at hearing… recap… this was ugly

Why Did Fani Willis Threaten the Wife of Her Lover With Prosecution?

Miss Pittsburgh Creates Survivor PAC To Stop Soros Funded Pro-Crime Politicians

The Arrogance of the Elites                

US MP: WHO pandemic treaty is biggest threat to freedom

FDA Director Dr. Peter Marks Admits Expediting Approval of Pfizer COVID Vaccine, Potentially to Meet Mandate Deadlines

New Jersey Offers Students Cash to Promote Scandal-Plagued COVID-19 and HPV Vaccinations

Marjorie Taylor Greene Erupts at COVID-19 Vaccine Hearing, Says: ‘I’m Not a Doctor, But I Recognize Bullsh-t When I Hear It’

BioNTech and Moderna lobby the EU, Swiss and UK regulatory agencies to stop mRNA injections being classified as gene Therapy

CBP Data: 30K Chinese "Migrants" Encountered at Border in Fiscal 2024

In the past week, California and Nevada experienced 945 earthquakes in post-atmospheric river shaking phenomenon

Biden Staffer Who Mishandled China, Iran Secrets Retains High-Security Pentagon Job

Deep state scrambling to locate missing top-secret binder outing Obama's CIA for staging Russian collusion hoax


Special Counsel Casts Pre-Election Doubt On Biden 'Burisma Bribe' With Dramatic Airport Arrest

Watch: Investigators Visit Graves of Dead Voters Still on Michigan Rolls

Georgia State Refusing to Investigate Hundreds of Witnesses on Election Fraud

INSANE: Biden Regime Sues State of Tennessee Over Law Punishing Prostitutes for Knowingly Spreading HIV – Claims Law Violates the Americans with Disabilities Act

Soros quietly expanding his power in Media.

MS-13 and Venezuelan Tren de Aragua gangs could form ALLIANCE, warns FBI agent

Joe Biden Shields Palestinians from Deportation, Vows to Give Them U.S. Jobs

Illegals now breaking into America through unfenced NORTHERN border with Canada: “Record-breaking surge”

New piece from Todd Bensman.  

Southern Border Crisis Is Bigger Than Texas        2/16



Maria Zeee: Globalists Begin Cutting Electricity In Mass  42  min.

Everyone Must Prepare For What Is Coming! - Whitney Webb 2024 Prediction   11  min. 

New J6 Footage Shows Man Firing Gun: Video Raises More Questions About Fed Agent Provocateurs  24  min.

Klaus Schwab Rebrands Great Reset: Claims Globalists Want 'Humanocracy' Instead of 'Technocracy'

The U.N.'s Agenda 2030 Is One Of The Most Repulsive Documents Of All Time With Their Global Takeover Plan Stealing From The U.S. Constitution As Joe Biden Aims To Fast Track It Into Law

Klaus Schwab proclaims technology-driven ‘new dawn of human civilization’ at World Governments Summit

Control freak “controligarchs,” many of them billionaires, are leading the world off a cliff 

The Global Deep State: A Fascist World Order Funded by the American Taxpayer

The CBDC Indoctrination Has Begun

American Households Are Entering A Debt Trap

Federal Reserve records massive losses, makes up fictitious value called ‘deferred assets’ to compensate

Protesting farmers win big concessions, but EU leaders dig in their heels on net zero climate target

Scientists Try Risky Air and Water Experiments Hoping to Stop Climate Change

Sandi Adams: Farming is being destroyed and it’s being destroyed by design

This Commiefornia Democrat Wants to Raise the Federal Minimum Wage to $50 per Hour

IRS sues FDIC over Silicon Valley Bank's $1.4 billion tax debt

Asset Forfeiture is Theft: Another Supreme Court Fail

Israel faces cascading DEBT COLLAPSE as Jewish state hit with credit rating downgrade

Is Dementia Joe’s Plan for High-Speed Internet in Rural Areas About to Go up in Flames? 

Religious NGOs Use Faith to Justify Lucrative Illegal Immigration

Mayorkas Personally Denied RFK Jr.’s Secret Service Protection

After border bill failure, ICE considers mass releases to close budget gap...  

‘TOTALLY OUT OF WHACK’: Senate Prioritizes Ukraine Over Americans’ Interests

Will Islam take over Europe?

Gears of the Refugee Machine              

Experts advise Biden against signing the WHO “Pandemic Treaty” that enslaves the world under a medical dictatorship

Medical research lab in Mariupol, Ukraine found to contain COMPELLING EVIDENCE of secret bioweapon of secret bioweapon experiments conducted on civilians

Governments Are Left Holding the White Elephant as Pharmaceutical Companies Abandon mRNA “Vaccines”

Business owners prepare lawsuit against Alberta gov’t over forced closings due to ‘illegal’ COVID lockdowns

TARGETING TODDLERS: CDC head Mandy Cohen says mask mandates could return for toddlers despite CDC scientists’ finding that masks don’t work

Neuroweapons and the Worldwide "Battle" to Control of Human Brains. Must be Stopped Immediately.

BMJ report claims “behavior interventions” are needed to “reduce vaccine hesitancy driven by misinformation on social media”

The FBI is allowed to own and operate businesses without public knowledge

“Cash in Envelopes”: How America and the UN Are Funding the Border Crisis

Two Videos Show 'The Big Picture': China's Master Plan Relied Upon Treasonous US Politicians Who'd Put Illegal Aliens Ahead Of Americans & Would Foot The Bill For Our Deaths & Destruction - China Is Waging War Against America From Inside The U.S.

Over 100 Chinese Websites Pose As Local News Outlets In 30 Countries: Report

Over 2 Billion Metric Tons Of Rare Earth Minerals Discovered In Wyoming

DNA and Developmental Damage from Cell Towers on the Greek Island of Samos: Effects on Insects, Flowers and Vegetables  

EU Resolution Blames Climate Change for Massacre of Nigerian Christians

Brandon Judd: Illegal immigrants are 'never going to leave the country'

“Rapes, Robberies, & Shootout” At Darién Gap As Biden’s Border Crisis Spreads Chaos

CIA's Brennan got allied countries to spy on 26 Trump associates for him -report

VINDICATION: Study finds Trump “almost certainly” won 2020 election, but mail-in ballot fraud resulted in Biden “winning” instead

Hunter’s Former Partner Says China Tried to ‘Infiltrate and Compromise’ Biden Family, Obama White House  

Bloodbath At Paramount Claims 800 Jobs Including CBS News Journalists

Art Held Hostage To Protect Julian Assange!

New Media Sues the State Department Over Censorship              2/15


The Vladimir Putin Interview    127  min.

The Rot Is Real    4  min.

Riccardo Bosi: The Putin Interview Dust-Up  3  min.

Dave Walsh Details The De-Electrification Of The Nation  5  min.

The Illegal Kidnapping and Persecution of Reiner Fuëllmich  5  min.  

Mike Davis Joins WarRoom To Discuss The Impeachment Vote Of Alejandro Mayorkas Tonight  27  min.

Another Trans Shooter Attacks Church: Trans TERRORIST Targets Church Goers With Gunfire   11  min.

Government Busing Military Aged Men Crossing Border to Towns Across US w/ Ann Vandersteel   68  min.

NATO’s Anti-Christian Propaganda EXPOSED: Brother Nathanael Kapner On Tucker/Putin Interview  62  min.

George Papadopoulos On Biden’s Classified Docs: Government Claims Biden Mentally Unfit For Trial   12  min.

The Global Deep State: A Fascist World Order Funded by the American Taxpayer

Global Economic War Is Coming And The Threat To The US Dollar Is Real

The Deindustrialization of Europe in Five Charts 

Your Carbon Footprint Will Set Your Carbon Passport

China Prepares for War . . . From Inside America

CPI Prints Hotter Than Expected In January As SuperCore Soared

Commercial real estate COLLAPSE threatens to trigger a wave of bank failures

These 5 Charts Show Why Congress Must Stop Its Reckless Deficit Spending

US Companies Talk Layoffs Like Never Before

Corporations Are Shying Away From Leftist Pandering After Learning “Go Woke, Go Broke” Is More Than Just a Funny Phrase

Next Attack Against Food Will Be Your Back Yard Home Gardens As Climate Hysteria Crowd Claims That Growing Your Own Food Increases Carbon Footprint  

BIDENOMICS: ALL Jobs Recovered Post-Covid Under Joe Biden Went to Foreign-Born Workers – Including Illegals

House Votes to Impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas . . . First Cabinet Secretary to Be Impeached Since 1876!

Let’s Talk About the Gender-Poisoned Mass Shooter Trend the Media Are Trying to Hide

Islamization of France: Muslim Hospital Staffer Denies Hungry New Mother Pork After Childbirth,...

World Leaders Like to Fly on Posh Private Jets, but Watch How the President of Argentina Flies

Still Not Learning From History             

CDC's Own Scientists Found Masks Ineffective for COVID - But Agency Recommended Them Anyway.


On the Arrogance (and Stupidity) of Pfizer’s Super Bowl Ad

RFK Jr. slams Big Pharma 'medical cartel' for profiting off America's chronic disease crisis

BREAKING: US State Confirms First Human Case Of Bubonic Plague In Over A Decade

Think WHO Shouldn't Make Decisions About Your Health? You Must Be a Conspiracy Theorist

America’s Military Units Are Not Ready for a Combat Deployment

Vanishing Dutchman: The Suicidal Costs of Mass Migration in an Illegals' Paradise

Days After Trump’s Warning, the Majority of NATO Members Suddenly Decide to Actually Pay Their Share

Globalists Howl Over Trump's NATO Comments 

EXCLUSIVE: FOIA Documents Reveal Secret 2020 Election Day Meeting With CISA, Dominion, ES&S, ERIC, FBI, Leftist Organizations, State Officials, and Others – Only Recently Discovered

New Report Says Obama CIA Worked With International Spy Agencies to Get Trump

CIA Had Foreign Allies Spy On Trump Team, Triggering Russia Collusion Hoax, Sources Say

Shamed From CPAC Stage? Fewer GOP Lawmakers Invited to Confab After Congressional Flubs

Biden admin shifting ‘Climate Czar’ from State Dept to White House – Podesta will wield the power without the title & without a confirmation hearing

Atlantic City Ballot-Stuffer Reportedly Worked for the Feds- “Does the FBI have ‘Ballot Stuffers’ on the Payroll?”

What Does an Insurrection Look Like?

Study Finds Handwriting Increases Brain Connectivity          2/14


The MMR Vaccine Is The New Tuskeegee Experiment  5  min.

Hidden Mic Catches Nurses Pushing Dangerous Vitamin K Shot For Newborns   5  min.

Joe Allen Warns Of The Technologists' Created god Being Built In The Shadows   9  min.

Liberals Quit Covering School And Church Shootings When They Realized The Shooters Are Leftists   23  min.

5 Global powers fighting to take over the world – WHO WILL WIN?

You Will Live in Tiny Homes and Electric Vehicles and Be Happy . . . This Is the Future They Have Planned for Us 

Tokenized, Inc: Blackrock’s Plan to Own the Fractionalized World

Bank Crises and the Interventionist Spiral

Jobs vs. Machines: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

CRE Crash Unfolding: "Yes That's Not A Typo - It Literally Sold For $9 Per SQFT"

Boeing's Lost Bolts Reveals an Even Larger Leadership Crisis for America

Bitcoin Price Hits $50,000 For The First Time In Two Years

BMW i3 Owner Quoted Over $70,000 for New Battery

Biden’s Super Bowl Video On ‘Shrinkflation’ Was A Catastrophe

US Senate BETRAYS America – BILLIONS for Ukraine and Israel but not a single dollar to secure the U.S. border

JD Vance Says Ukraine Funding Includes Hidden Impeachment Clause Against President Trump

Conservatives Now Have a Credit Card That Aligns With Their Values

LAYOFF season continues: PayPal cuts off 9% of its global workforce – roughly 2,500 jobs

Bomb Sniffing Dog Performed Vehicle Search Outside DNC Hours Before “Pipe Bomb” Was Discovered

For Some Reason, Dementia Joe Will Be Skipping the Cognitive Test in His Upcoming Physical

Biden Targeting Military Veterans, Older Americans, Rural Communities And Those That Hold The Bible And Constitution Sacred, With Federally Funded AI Censorship Tool

Poll Shows More Latinos Than Whites Oppose Illegal Immigration

Highest Number Of Apprehensions In US History At Southwest Border In 1st Quarter Of Fiscal 2024

I never thought I’d see

Crime Caused By Illegal Migrants Skyrockets             

The Explosive Link Between COVID Vaccines and Increased Cancer Rates in Children & Young Adults

Tens of Thousands of Elderly Secretly Euthanized to Boost “Covid Deaths”

Excess deaths among patients in elderly care homes skyrocketed following COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Shocking CDC Report: Autoimmune Heart Disease Risk Skyrockets Post-COVID Vaccination

Employers that mandated COVID-19 injections for workers can be held LIABLE for vaccine injuries, Australian court rules

Study: Covid Vaccines KILLED 14 For Every 1 Life "Saved"   17  min. 

Another Variant, Another Desperate Cry for Masks That Don’t Even Work

VOTER FRAUD ALERT: Georgia Specialist Finds Thousands of Illegal Votes in 2020, 2021, and 2022

Microsoft CEO hints that upcoming AI “misinformation” censorship tools might DISABLE your Windows PC for questioning establishment narratives about the election

‘Green’ Mandates Force Us to Exploit Child Slaves in Africa, But at Least They Don’t Post Mean Tweets

Gab AI Glitches The Matrix

NYPD ditches subway police robot after only 4 MONTHS 

France: 66-Year-Old Woman Raped at Her Home By a Fake African Doctor

Invasion Spreads To Unfenced US Northern Border Amid "Record-Breaking Surge" Of Illegal Entries Detected

A Small Town Prepares to Fight the State Over Illegal Immigration

Arab Migrant Gang Stomped to Death 16-Year-Old in German Skate Park

Pulling Dead Bodies From the Rio Grande: The Daily Life of Fire and Rescue on the US-Mexico Border

America Is Reaping The Whirlwind We Have Sown: As Our Nation And Leaders Embrace Satan & Globalism While Sacrificing The American People, Destruction & Deception Thrive  

New Study Finds That CO2 Is Increasing the Rate by Which the Globe Is GREENING, Even Under Drought

Arctic Sea Ice Continues its Remarkable Recovery: Ice expands to 21-year high

Friendly Reminder: 1936 Saw the Hottest Temperatures in the United States – So Why Are They Hiding this Data?

New looming EV disaster begins to emerge  

How Boris Johnson Sabotaged World Peace                2/13


Oh Hey, I'm A Far-Right Extremist   1  min.

Joe Allen Reacts To Tucker Carlson’s Interview With Putin   11  min

Mind Matters and Everything Else with Karen Kingston & Dr. Joseph Sansone     2/12

Organisations that make up the UN World Government System

Financial Enslavement: WEF's Globalist Scheme to Control the World Through PPPs

Global Economic War Is Coming And The Threat To The US Dollar Is Real

Interest On National Debt To Become Second Largest Government Expenditure In ’24

Fears of more regional bank failures grow as Moody’s cuts New York Community Bancorp’s credit rating to junk status

Farm, Food Prices Rise Under Net-Zero Climate Rules   

One Major Manufacturer Resisted EV Mania — Now, It’s Raking in the Cash While Competitors Take Losses

Ukraine foreign aid bill advances in rare vote on Super Bowl Sunday.

Biden defies Supreme Court on student debt cancellation, absurdly claims there’s no cost to taxpayers

Report: Whistleblowers Lining up to Testify in Fani Willis Case

Gaslight Supreme: Mayorkas Says "We Don't Bear Responsibility" For Border Crisis

Chaos Reigns In The Streets Of America As An Epic Crime Wave Terrorizes The Nation

Rape in Seattle: just another defund-the-police consequence

Bring violence to tranquil Puget Sound city

Respect for Authorities ‘Died Suddenly’

In South Africa, a Great Evil Is Growing Fast         

How We Can Stop The WHO’s Horrific Pandemic Treaty

Global Eugenicists Pick 'The Vax' As The 'Hill They'll Die On': New Round Of Butchering Humanity Launched To Appease The Genocidal Psychopaths In The WHO, WEF, CDC And 'Big Pharma'- Colleges And Universities Issuing New Mandates For All Students To Be Vaxxed

CDC Is Now Retaliating Against Its Own Scientists For 'Wrong' Mask Research

Were COVID lockdowns and “distance learning” PLANNED to make today’s kids and the next generation of adults DUMB ENOUGH to vote for more communism?

Chernobyl wolves develop cancer resistance

For The First Time Ever, Poll Shows Le Pen Winning French Presidency In The Second Round

Defending the Family: Alberta's Bold Resistance Against Canada's March Towards State-Controlled Childrearing

Year Of The Dragon Makes Its Entrance

Boris Johnson Has Meltdown After Being Exposed For Sabotaging Ukraine Peace Deal

Jonathan Turley: Biden Hides His Climate Agenda —From Congress And Voters

Trump’s New Montana Senate Pick Tim Sheehy Has Many Red Flags, Forcing the MAGA World to Side with His Opponent

Drug cartels targeting America's 'last best place'  

European Parliament Condemns Massacre of Christians in Nigeria, Blames Climate

EU Farmers Rise Against the Climate Cult

Arctic Sea Ice Continues its Stonking Recovery                       2/12


Dr. Peter Hammond How Cultural Marxism Subverts Society   52 min.

If Only Biden Had A Brain    5  min.


Putin, Tucker, And The Ancient Mystery Religions     33  min.

DEVIL WORSHIP At Grammys: Olivia Rodrigo Performs Satanic Blood Ritual   12  min.

BREAKING: OMG Infiltrates SECRET Converted Illegal Immigrant Compound     19  min.

'Disease X' Fear Campaign Begins: WHO Preparing New Pandemic To Oppress World With More Tyranny   19  min. 

Naomi Wolf Joins The Fight For Voter Integrity   7  min.

The FED the source of all economic misery

Edmonton planning to roll out WEF-style ’15-minute city’ policy this fall

CBO: Deficit To Grow From $1.6 Trillion To $2.6 Trillion By 2034

China’s Real Estate Collapse Is Infecting Troubled American Sectors

HERE WE GO: Moody’s Downgrades New York Community Bank to Junk After Stock Plummets Amid Losses on Commercial Mortgages

Credit Card and Auto Delinquencies Soar, Especially Age Group 18 to 39

Household Belt-Tightening: Will the Trickle Become a Flood?

Massive Discovery of Rare Earths in Wyoming Could Break America’s Crippling Dependence on China

Top US Firms That Invested $3B In Chinese Military, Tech Revealed By House Panel

Microsoft patents a method to “computerize the human body” and use it as a conduit for power transmission, data surveillance and control

Illegal Migration’s Effects on Wages, Prices, and Taxes

EU seeks to ban cash payments greater than $11,000.

Disney Invests $1.5 Billion In ‘Fortnite’ Developer Epic Games To Build ‘Gaming Universe’

Mass immigration to Germany will cost taxpayers up to €19.2 trillion, warns top academic expert

And so it begins… two JetBlue airplanes collide in Boston

Matt Walsh exposes FAA plans to reduce the number of white males in the airline industry

U.S. Marshalls hand deliver congressional subpoena to Fani Willis, after she ignores order from Jim Jordan.

Canada Euthanized 16,000 People in 2023        

Peer-Reviewed Study: mRNA Shots Killed 14 Times More People Than Were Saved

Data Analyst Unveils Where the Vaccine Deaths Are Hiding

The FDA and Vaccine Manufacturers Refuse to Show Us Their Work

Turbo cancers in people who got the COVID vaccine, William Makis, MD

Horrific Aftermath of Jabbed Patients, Carnage at Clinic / Begging Doctors to Speak Out

Embalmers Continue To See White, Fibrous Blood Clots In The Bodies Of Vaccine Recipients

JAB FAIL: All COVID-19 variants resist mRNA vaccine-induced antibodies, study finds

DOD Told Pharma Exec the Virus “Posed a National Security Threat” on Feb. 4, 2020

WEF elites tout ‘safety’ of digital ID technology used to control people during COVID lockdowns

Inventor of lipid nanoparticles used in mRNA COVID-19 injections KNEW they wouldn’t stay in the arm

mRNA Injury Series - Couples who take mRNA boosters together - Pharmacy Manager Jennifer Ormiston Novak's husband Robert had a stroke. Within 24 hours she died twice and was paddled 20 times

After decades of fighting Big Pharma drug cartels, Dr. Burzynski begins to reform cancer treatments in the U.S.

Maui ‘ground zero’ for release of billions of biopesticide lab-altered mosquitoes

French Populist Marine Le Pen Leads Field In Race To Replace President Macron

The Gang’s All Here—Thanks to Biden’s Open Border: The BorderLine

If Conservative Voters Actually Want to Weed Out the GOP Establishment, They Need to Stop Being so Apathetic

Seattle to Spend $1.8 Million on a Public Restroom

Stunning view of Iceland volcano from passenger jet.             2/10


Dr Richard Day. New Order of Barbarians - Tape 3    79  min.

Deep State Deploys New AI System To Rig 2024 Election    5   min.

THE DIVINITY OF WATER, MUSIC & MIRACLES -- Dr. Len Horowitz   61  min.

Investigative Reporters Expose Giant Child Trafficking Rings In New York, Arizona, And California   51   min.

The Great Reset Agenda: Australia Sets A Date For Digital ID

The Great Reset Is Dead, Long Live the Great Reset

Astonishing Predictions from Dr. Richard Day, 1969 – Part 3 – They Planned to Announce – ‘The New World Order Was Now the System For The World’

$2.7 Trillion Buys “Spectacular” GDP

The Most Ridiculous Jobs Report In History by Peter St Onge, Ph.D.    3  min.

Consumer Borrowing Screeches To A Halt

Bank Runs Are Back on the Menu, Boys!

Divest From Blackrock — Reject Leftist Ideology

Squatters Are Taking Over Homes All Over The Nation On An Industrial Scale And Turning Them Into Dens Of Crime

Actual cost of green agenda is destroying Europe.

Ford Announces Billions of Dollars in Losses on Electric Vehicle Range—Worse Than Expected

Stop Allowing Noncitizens to Determine Congressional and Presidential Representation

Again! Biden Boasts of Meeting E.U. Leaders After They Died

Here Are the Photos of Joe Biden’s Classified Documents Scattered All Over the Place – Still No Charge

Volcano Spews Lava And Smoke In New Iceland Eruption

Retreat from Net Zero is underway: Around the world, unpopular decarbonization policies are being shelved

Confessions of a Former Environmentalist: Five Reasons Why I Gave Up on ‘Green’ Policies

A Visit to Julian Assange in Prison     

Dr. Tess Lawrie: Governments not decisively rejecting WHO's power grab suggests they are no longer in Charge

mRNA vaccines are extremely toxic, Moderna scientists now warn

Mom sues hospital after daughter died from forced ventilator, Remdesivir treatment for COVID

Mayo Clinic Vaccine Research Director Calls For Expanding Detection Of 'Silent' COVID Vaccine Risks

Pfizer’s Pfrankenstein Proteins were injected into billions of people

Judge rejects Soros-backed New York DA’s attempt to prosecute buyers of fake COVID shot cards

Destructive Solutions to Imaginary Problems

Justice Jackson Shuts Down After Trump Lawyer Explains Why “Insurrection” Mania Is a Stupid Talking Point

BC’s top doctor calls for expansion of ‘safer supply’ drug program to include fentanyl and heroin

AI Deployed Nukes 'to Have Peace in the World' During War Simulation

California Man Accused Of Stealing Secret U.S.-Made Missile Tech To Assist China

'Too Old And Feeble': No Charges For Biden Despite 'Willful' Mishandling Of Docs, National Security Risk

‘Got It All Figured Out’: Arizona’s Election Chief Defends Split Rules on Proving Citizenship to Vote

New York's Illegal Alien Compounds Exposed | STABBINGS, DRUGS, DEATHS, AND MORE

Illegal Alien Openly Admits Past Terror Ties After Crossing Border

As city reaches “breaking point,” officials in sanctuary city Denver begin EVICTING illegals from overcrowded shelters

Illegal Aliens Are Already Voting

Dems Roll Out Welcome Mat for World’s Criminals             2/9


The Desperate Failing Plan for a New American Century   4  min. 

The Most Ridiculous Jobs Report In History by Peter St Onge, Ph.D.    3  min.

Analysis of the ICJ Ruling on Genocide in Gaza w/ Prof. Francis Boyle      33  min.     

2024 Is the New 1984: Big Brother and the Rise of the Security Industrial Complex

CBDCs will be used to control and enslave people – but they’re also destined to fail

CCP Policies Have Made Staying in China Untenable for Western Businesses

"That's Only Happened Once Before: August 8, 1929": Why Wall Street Is Suddenly Freaking Out About The Market's Collapsing Internals

The Commercial Real Estate Crisis Of 2024 Is Going To Be A Doozy…

New Report Shows Ford’s Electric Vehicle Efforts Are Costing the Company an Unthinkable Amount of Profit

Moody’s Downgrades New York Community Bancorp To Junk Status

The Real Estate Crisis Looming Over Banks

New York Governor Kathy Hochul Fast-Tracking Proposal That Would Allow Illegal Immigrants to Take American Jobs

Bribery Biden’s Climate Agenda Has Done Little More Than Drive up the Deficit and Make Our Lives Harder

Thomas Jefferson Warned Us Having More Machinery Of Government Than Is Necessary Would Create Too Many Parasites, Living Off The Labor Of The Industrious  

REPORT: Squatters Have Taken Over 1,200 Homes in Atlanta, Georgia – Transformed One Into an Illegal Strip Club

James O’Keefe disguised as homeless drunk vagrant in new sting video.

If Conservatives give Bud Light Another Chance, Their Money Would Go to Bill Gates: Here's How

Justin Truedope Claims Making Canada Great Again Is “Not What Canadians Want”

Report: Biden DOJ Won't Charge Biden for Mishandling Classified Documents

It’s Not Civics Class, It’s Progressive Activist Indoctrination

Confessions of a Former Environmentalist: Five Reasons Why I Gave up on “Green” Policies

It’s treason pure and simple         

WWIII ALREADY HAPPENED – There were millions of deaths, plus likely over a billion casualties that are still stacking up

Rep. Chris Smith warns WHO pandemic treaty is the greatest threat to freedom in human history

JANE RUBY WAS RIGHT: Hundreds of embalmers are now speaking up about strange, fibrous blood clots in corpses

Harvard is STILL forcing the beastly jab on students

ORWELLIAN: Amazon CENSORED books critical of COVID-19 injection at Biden admin’s behest

Restoring Trust on Public Health Issues After Covid Rests Squarely on the People Who Destroyed It in the First Place

New Evidence Provides Vital Clues on Who REALLY Won Georgia in 2020 and How to Stop Voter Fraud in 2024

US Politicians Are Playing With Fire At Our Peril: How The 'Fatal Trifecta' Will Lead To The Failure Of 'The Grid,' Sending 300 Million Unprepared Americans Into A Deadly New 'Dark Age'

SCANDAL: Senate “deal” would have allowed 1.5 million illegals to invade America annually while providing $2.3B to NGO traffickers, $60B more to Ukraine & $14.1B to protect Israel’s borders

Open Border Allows Chinese Special Operators to Infiltrate America

Lawmakers demand explanation from Biden’s DOJ regarding the proliferation of ILLEGAL CCP-linked marijuana farms

Leo Hohmann: When the Stealth Invasion of America Goes Mainstream: And Nobody Cares

George Santos lights the internet on fire with three savage words after failed Mayorkas impeachment

Draft UN Cybercrime Treaty Could Make Security Research a Crime, Leading 124 Experts to Call on UN Delegates to Fix Flawed Provisions that Weaken Everyone’s Security

The Never Ending War on Americans: FBI Arrests ANOTHER Grandmother for Walking Into the Capitol

New map posted of George Soros' 'pro-criminal' prosecutors

EU Globalists Call for Travel Ban Against Tucker Carlson for Daring to Interview Putin

Watchdog Group Warns of Foreign Money Being Used to Influence Elections Ahead of 2024 Cycle

Teen caught selling swatting services to radical leftists

Fani Willis Tries to Quash Subpoena Requiring Her to Testify       2/8


Border Convoy Veterans Lay Out Path To Victory / How To Stop Child Trafficking At The Border   44  min.


Seals Beat Biden - Tip of the Spear (Documentary)   23  min.

INTERVIEW The FACE Act Voided by Dobbs; "SEALS Beat Biden" Documentary  53  min.


AI Explains Why Humans Have Nothing To Worry About As Their Extermination Will Be Swift And Painless  2  min.

EXCLUSIVE: Poland Prepares For War With Russia As Globalists Expand Ukraine War, Jack Posobiec Warns      15  min.

The 5 Global Powers That Vie To Crush Each Other And Their Subjects

From Democracy to Dystopia: The World Economic Forum’s Stealth Takeover

Cryptocurrencies are playing key roles in the development of CBDCs

What's Really Happening With the Economy?

All Eyes On China, Where The Plunge Protection Team Bought $10 Billion In The Past Month

Investors Turn to India as China’s Economy Flounders

Gallagher, Comer Sound Alarm on China’s Spying on Military Bases

Chinese Migrants Have Become Fastest-Growing Group Trying To Cross U.S. Southern Border

Heartless globalists CELEBRATE demise of poor people who can no longer afford basics like electricity, food: “It gives us some hope and optimism, actually”

U.N. ‘Secretly Working With Banks’ to Destroy American Food Industry

EU FOLDS, FARMERS WIN: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen Will Scrap Green ‘Sustainable Use Regulation’ Aiming To Halve Fertilizer Usage

Bidenomics: Record-High Credit Card Debt Brutalizes Middle Class

Biden Admin Classifies Martha's Vineyard And Other Elite Enclaves 'Low-Income' To Push EV Charger Subsidies

Delinquency Rates Are Spiking! Has The Final Meltdown Of The U.S. Consumer Now Begun?

Chinese Solar Companies Are Gearing up to Cash in on Bribery Biden’s Signature Climate Bill

GOP Rep. Massie: Secret Service Deleted Texts From J6 and Destroyed Their Phones AFTER Being Told by Congress to Preserve Them

Biometric Scanning Is Increasing Making Its Way Into American Schools

Mass immigration to Germany will cost taxpayers up to 19.2 trillion, warns top academic expert

California plans to give unemployment benefits to ILLEGALS, while their own citizens foot the bill

Uncontrolled migration of infectious diseases

Rights Champ Decries W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty as Attack on Freedom

Tedros the Terrorist tries to push WHO's Pandemic Treaty using university students

Grand jury investigation finds COVID lockdown and mask policies were unfounded

68 American Colleges Still Have Covid “Vaccine” Mandates in Place

Large geriatric practice reports 3X increase in deaths AFTER the COVID vaccines rolled out

COVID-19 was genetically engineered in a lab as a bioweapon, new smoking gun evidence shows

Moderna Scientists Warn mRNA Vaccines Carry Toxicity Risks

Moderna Begins Trial For New mRNA 'Vaccine'

Has The "Cancer Cure" Been Known For 42 Years?

From Digital Domination to Global Governance: The Dystopian Shift of Bill Gates

Weapons Sent To Kiev Found In Possession Of Mexican Cartels

Report: Biden DOJ Won't Change Biden for Mishandling Classified Documents

65 Times Biden Gutted Border Security Since Taking The White House

Biden inherited a border that was under control, and then he tore it all down

‘Joe Biden is Giving You the Finger’: Devastating Impact of Open Borders Revealed in MAGA Campaign Ad

What could go wrong? DHS officers, not judges are deciding illegal immigrant asylum cases

Sweden: Three Explosions Rock Stockholm in Four Days as Country Comes Off Record Year for Bombings

Explosive Undercover Video: European Union's Migrant Trafficking Operation Caught on Film, Taxpayers Used To Fund the Invasion

Thousands Fill Dublin Streets in Protest Against Migrant Invasion (Video)

MS-13 Gang Members, Al-Qaeda Terrorist Found Living Illegally In US

Focus on Migrants Claiming to be Christian Converts, Making Them Less Likely to be Deported, as Alleged Chemical Attacker Remains on Run

Open Borders Germany: Catholic School Warns Parents, 'Regardless of the Time of Day, Don't Let Your Girls Walk to School Alone'

Democrat Plan For Martial Law In 2024 Revealed                 2/7


IT'S IN ALL OF US & THIS IS HOW TO GET IT OUT! -- Dr. Robert Young & Matt Hazen 65 min.

Mel K & James Roguski | World Health Organization Exposed: Don’t Be Fooled Again   85  min.

Democrat Plan For Martial Law In 2024 Revealed         24  min.

"The Greatest History Never Told" - Full Feature Explains All!   114  min.

Maria Zeee - Biodigital Convergence EXPOSED! Full Series     160  min.

The Latest Globalist Plans Revealed - but Dr Nordangard brings HOPE!    24  min.

Michael Connett Interview - Leading The Charge In The Fight Against Water Fluoridation  36  min.

Taylor Swift Performs Satanic Rituals Music Industry & NFL Partner To Keep America Distracted & Brainwashed   14  min.

The United Nations Is Stealing Your Future

Genetic Harvesting — The Globalists Push for Collecting Your DNA to Target and Control Your Behaviour

Chile Burned To The Ground: "It's Maui All Over Again!"

UN & U.S. Funding Border Invasion From Central America

The Pro-Censorship Activist Group Pressuring Big Tech To Censor "Climate Conspiracies"

Angry leftists threaten to go after conservatives in their homes, churches if GOP wins in 2024 

We Cannot Compromise With Those That Want Us Dead - There Is No Middle Ground Anymore Between Those That Love America And The Cult Of The Woke

Florida Law Banning Chinese Citizens From Purchasing Property Blocked By Federal Appeals Court

China's First AI Commercial Satellite In The World: What Do We Know About It?

China Markets Slump to 5-Year Lows the Day After Trump Suggests 60% Tariffs on Chinese Imports

. . . Xi Cannot Permit a Trump Victory: Expect CCP Election Interference on a Massive Scale

China’s Trojan Horses in Our Ground Links, Power Grid, and Water System

The Fed Has a Dirty Little Secret: It's Been Allowing the Wall Street Mega Banks to Calculate their Own Capital requirements

Iraq bans several commercial banks from US dollar dealings

Stocks Slump as Fed's Powell Dismisses Swift Rate Cuts

Great Reset Tax: London’s Khan Pouring £150 Million into Tech Capable of Pay-Per-Mile Road User Tax

The White House LNG Export Approval Freeze: Unspoken Consequences and Global Implications

Senate Agrees to Spend Three Times More Money on Ukraine as on U.S. Border Security

US Cattle Herd At 73-Year Lows As Retail Beef Prices At Record Highs

Paris Slaps Mega Tolls on SUVs in Bid to Drive Cars From City, $245 for Six Hours Parking 

Government-Funded Entities Are Building a Network to Flag “Misinformation” in Private Messages

The “Crisis” in Mainstream Media Is Due to the Rise of Independent Journalism and the Reporting of Truth

Spain pledges to increase UNRWA funding          

How to Fake Pandemics in 4 Easy Steps.

Steve Kirsch: CDC FORGOT to warn the public that COVID-19 vaccines cause DEMENTIA

South Australian court rules employers who mandated COVID jabs can be held liable for injuries

Kids in New Jersey Schools Can Win Cash Prizes by Shilling for Vaccine Makers

United Airlines SUED over harassment and bullying of unvaxxed employees instigated by WOKE CEO Scott Kirby  

Canadian statistician reveals 'fraud' of study used by Trudeau Liberals to justify Covid lockdowns

How to Fake Pandemics – Part 2. I Do Not Believe Science, and Neither Should You.

Amish: Test Case For COVID Policies

COVID-19 masks provided NO PROTECTION during “pandemic,” British government now admits

Amazon Bowed to White House Pressure to Suppress Books Skeptical of Covid “Vaccines”

New York DA Bragg brought felony charges for false vax passport, judge dismisses case

Electrical Engineer Whistleblower Exposes Serious 5G Health Hazards, Explains 5G Propagation Into Every Orifice of the Head

By Failing To Abide By His Constitutional Duty To Protect The USA, Joe Biden OWNS The Next Terrorist Attack Upon America - Open Borders Are 'Big Business' For Those Here To Kill Americans - Border Invasion Is Biden's Plan To Create A One-Party State And Complete The Destruction Of America

A Hurricane-Force Wind Warning Is Issued As A Monster Storm Begins To Dump 8 Trillion Gallons Of Rain On California 

MONUMENTAL RULING FOR ELECTION INTEGRITY: First Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Voter Rolls are Public Records and Election Officials Cannot Hide Them from the Public

El Salvador's conservative Bukele wins re-election in mother of all landslides and Biden figures out a way to insult him

The Border Bill is a massive new government jobs program for Asylum checkers.

New Jersey Illegal Migrant Gang Charging Other Migrants $6,000 To Illegally Migrate

Violent carjacking spree in DC continues, 57 incidents in 2024 so far

Reports: Illegals Who Assaulted NYPD Officers Part of Major Theft, Robbery Conspiracy

VIDEO: “Bisexual” NYC judge recuses herself from custody case after trying to hook up with mom on “swingers’ app”…

The FBI and Fourth Amendment follies

Pillaging Invaders Drag Woman From Moped                              2/6


LIVE FROM THE BORDER: FBI Says White Supremacist Attack Imminent    37  min.

Agenda 2030: A Power-Mad Document

How The Satanic WEF Propaganda Network Uses A.I. To Carry Out Brainwashing To Control The People Through Dystopian Dark Psychology, Trying To Turn Demonic Deceptions Into 'Truth'

New Pandemic Treaty Talks Spark Debate on WHO’s Impact on National Sovereignty and International Law Enforcement

Explosive Investigation Uncovers a Global Shadow Government’s Secret Control Over “Elected” Governments & Public Health Bodies, Forging a Global Vaccine Regime

Warning to the “Unbanked”: More Establishments Are No Longer Taking Cash in America

41 Bank Closings During One Week Of January

Senate’s Long-Awaited Border Bill Released: Allocates $60 Billion to Ukraine But Only $20 Billion for U.S. Border Security

Russell Brand: Liberals Secretly HATE the Working Class

Deepfake Scammers Stage Bogus Conference Videocall and Steal $25 Million From Multinational Company in Hong Kong

Migrants to Be Given Tens of Millions in Free Money Structured Like Food Stamps: Report

POISONING THE BLOOD: Mexicans Caught Smuggling 500 Pounds of Fentanyl to U.S. Hidden in Bus Wheel.

DOE To Push Forward $1.2 Billion Biden Plan To Expand Federal College-Prep Aid To Illegal Immigrants

Cultural Replacement: Why The Immigration Crisis Is Being Deliberately Engineered

Biden Team Concerned Robert Hur’s Report Will Include ‘Embarrassing’ Photos of Stolen Classified Documents Stored in Biden Delaware Garage – NO CHARGES EXPECTED

The US Govt's Desperation To Keep 'The Truth' Hidden Reveals How Treacherous Our Own 'Government' Has Become And Why 2024 Will Be The Most Dangerous Election In Our Lifetimes - Biden's Terrorists Will Burn Down US Cities To Distract America From Their Crimes

'There Are Terror Threats Coming Across The Border': Reporter Discusses Terrorist Caught In Minnesota

Denver Police Officer Tells Whistleblower About Sleeper Cells From Open Borders [VIDEO]

The Sexual Predators of the WHO       

Ivermectin Is Trending AgainNew Scientific Paper Released Exposing "Miracle Drug"

Slovakia Prime Minister Orders Investigation Into Covid-19 Response and “Vaccines” Over 21,000 Excess Deaths Since 2020

MEDICIDE: How American hospitals and doctors methodically murdered COVID patients

COVID injections confirmed to weaken immunity, cause brain disorders and cancer

The World’s First Dating Website for the UNVACCINATED is Here! Sign up For “UNJECTED” Now and Meet Other Singles That SAID NO TO THE COVID VACCINE! VIDEOS!

Alvin Bragg Charging Fake Vaccine Card Holders With Felonies, Not Violent Criminals

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban accuses EU of resorting to BLACKMAIL to force his support to Ukraine

France Caves To Farmers As Ireland 'Solidarity' Protests Kick Off

The First Casualty of War Is Truth. And Propaganda is the First Weapon Used in Times of War

Special Agent David Lazarus Who Lied Under Oath Against the Oath Keepers During Their Trial Is Leaving the Department for Another Agency – Will Walk Free following His Confirmed Perjury in Court

The FBI Again Tries to Block Seth Rich’s Laptop From Public View

The Ninth Circuit: Enemy Of Cities Trying To Shut Down Homeless Camps

Italy: Seven Teenage Egyptian Migrants Arrested After 13-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped in Front of Boyfriend

75% Of House Democrats Voted Against Deporting Criminal Migrants Who Commit Social Security Fraud 

Paris Train Station Attack: African Suspect Declared ‘I Hate the French’ Prior to Stabbing Spree

Globalists will use carbon controls to stop you from growing your own food

Microsoft CEO Says the Company Is Working To Address Election "Disinformation and Misinformation"

Meta Oversight Board Member Says 2020 Election Meddling Was Not Enough, Will Do More In 2024.

Scientists Warn: Declining Academic Standards Mixed With DEI Recipe For Disaster and a Declining Society

They like him in El Salvador                        2/5


Conflicting Pole Shift Agendas Between The East And West by Greg Reese  4  min.


The End of the World as We Know It with Whitney Webb   83  min.

Big Pharma Is Fooling You Again, and You Don't Even Know It  40  min.

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire | The Secret World of Finance  78  min.

Is NOT Taking Disease X Seriously Part of Their Plan? w/ Dr. Michael Schwartz  40  min.

THIS Is What They're Hiding About BlackRock - Whitney Webb Bitcoin Prediction  13  min.

FALSE FLAG ALERT: FBI Issues Fake Terror Alert To Trigger Digital Martial Law  25  min.


PROOF: 92% of Elections Globally are Controlled by ONE Evil Corporation w/ Dr. Robert Epstein  60  min.

Dr. Pete Chambers, Michael Yon and Leo Hohmann on "Religious" Organizations Flooding U.S. with Illegals    24  min.


Bizarre Satanic Tapestry Displayed at WEF Davos Summit

The Globalists Want CBDCs In 2024… What Really Comes Next Will Surprise Them

Russian central bank governor claims BRICS group has now surpassed G7 in aggregate GDP

China Poised To Take Further Control Of Iraq’s Key Southern Oil Assets

The US has a $6 Trillion Problem Over The Next Twelve Months

Farmers in Europe are protesting because they are being destroyed, Dutch MP says

Dave Brat: “This Should Not Be Called a Tax Package, This Is a Patronage Package”

The IRS Plans to Boost Its Army of Armed Goons by 40% by the End of the Year

COVID-Era Back-Rent Now Due In Los Angeles

US strikes more than 85 targets in Iraq and Syria in initial barrage of retaliatory attacks

America Last: NYC to Provide Illegal Aliens With Pre-Paid Credit Cards

Sharia Britain: Conservative MP Mike Freer Resigns Amidst Islamic Intimidation and Threats to his life

Calling Evil Good and Good Evil: What in the World Is Happening on College Campuses?

Rikers Rape Case Shows Female Prisoners Are Voiceless Victims of Gender Ideology

EU-funded extremism researcher admits she wants tradwives, 'far-right' female influencers censored

Homeschooling: Increasingly in the Crosshairs     

STUNNER! Scientists Want ‘Global Moratorium’ on Deadly mRNA Shots

COVID injections confirmed to weaken immunity, cause brain disorders and cancer

38,000 Kids Had to Be Jabbed to Stop ONE Covid Hospitalization

There’s an “Alarming Increase” in “Vaccine” Injuries Among the Elderly

NIH virus lab in Montana with links to Wuhan Institute of Virology found to be carrying out risky virus research

The Case for the Lab Leak “Theory” Is Not Just Stronger Now, It’s Almost Undeniable

Resident Shows Off Disturbing Secret of East Palestine Creeks Ahead of Biden Visit: ‘They’re Lying to You’

Here Are the Top 4 “Conspiracy Theories” About 5G That Are Actually Coming True

Owning the Weather in 2025: A forecast study published in 1996 by the US Airforce

WATCH: Female CNN Anchor is Left Speechless After Law Enforcement Analyst Explains Why Illegal Aliens Don’t Stay and Commit Crimes in Florida

Chinese Military Studying ‘Cognitive Attacks’ Against US Population

Tucker: How China and the UN Are Fueling the Invasion of America [VIDEO]

Left’s Global Networks Take Aim at Argentina’s New President  

More Than 500 Arrested In California Human Trafficking Operation

Globalists Will Use Carbon Controls To Stop You From Growing Your Own Food

Scaremongering climate “experts” spread absurd myth that HOME GARDENING is hazardous for the planet

They don’t want a nation of critical thinkers

UN Climate Chief Calls For $2.4 Trillion In Climate Finance          2/3


The New Human: Transhumanism, Disease X & the Intra-Body Network w/ Kent Lewiss   121 min.

Democide Party Says Bomb Americans  5  min.

Conflicting Pole Shift Agendas Between the East and West    4  min.

Scott Bessent: "I Think The Market Is Anchoring On A Trump Victory"  11  min.


763 Celebrities Dead After DNA / mRNA Injection! How Many More Died Then?  38  min.

The Plot Thickens: Damning New Details Emerge In Jan 6 Pipe Bomb Cover Up   11  min.

Human Smugglers Caught On Video Drugging Children: Human Trafficking Rampant At Border  13  min.

EXCLUSIVE: Court Documents Prove Big Pharma Knew COVID Shots Destroy DNA, Linked To Cancer  25  min.

Mel K & Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos | The Controlled Demolition of the EU Continues    45  min.

Pfizer Pays Travis Kelce $20 Million: Clot Shot Sellout Gets More From Pfizer Than NFL Yearly Salary   10  min.

Media-Government Complex Frames Father: Media Mind Control Kicked Into High Gear During Covid Hysteria   18  min.

The CDC just accidentally proved “The Great Replacement Theory” is 100% real

Alderman Blasts Chicago for Giving Illegals $9,000 in Free Stuff Every Month: ‘You Know What? I’d Come to Chicago too!’ (VIDEO)

Thousands of Farmers Blockade Brussels During EU Summit, Orbán Joins Farmers, ‘New Leaders’ Needed

Massive fire engulfs Texas chicken plant as global elites ramp up calls for world to stop eating meat

Saudi TV Confirms Kingdom Has Joined BRICS Group – South African Minister Says Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, and UAE Also Confirmed Members – Argentina Will Not Join

The Globalists Want CBDCs in 2024… What Really Comes Next Will Surprise Them

Whitney Webb Warns of Threats to Bitcoin and an Impending Catastrophic Cyber Event

Blackstone CEO Says ‘U.S. Isn’t Prepared For 4 More Years Of Joe Biden.’

What Do You Call It When The Number Of Layoffs In The U.S. Goes Up By 136 Percent In Just One Month?

64 Million Americans Risk Losing Work Thanks to the Biden-Harris Regime’s New Rule

Largest Refinery In US Midwest Shuts Down After Power Outage

Commiefornia, New York, and More May Be the First in a Coming Wave of States Going Bankrupt

Oregon spends $260 Million on legalizing drugs.

The Only Denny’s in Oakland, California is Closing After More Than 50 Years Due to Crime

The Convoluted Politics of the Senate Border ‘Bill’

Mainstream media’s demise continues as CNN shuts down all operations in the Philippines

Leftist Media Wants Taxpayers to Save Their Propaganda Platforms From an “Extinction Level Event”

“The Messenger” Launched With $50 Million Last Year But Just Shut Down Because Corporate Media Is Awful

OFF THE BALLOT: Oregon Supreme Court Bars 10 Republican Lawmakers From Running for Reelection

Natalia Mittelstadt highlights top recommendations from election integrity watchdog's 2024 report

Global Population Maps Show There'll Be Wide Open Spaces For 'The Few' Once They've 'Eradicated' The Rest Of Us - Globalists Using A Provable Lie To Push Diabolical 'Genocide' Agenda - Evidence Shows Excess Deaths Will Continue To Skyrocket In 2024

Canada Delays Killing Mentally Ill People amid Widespread Public Disgust

Today's Censorship Is Personal

Russia Begins Building 15-Minute Cities          

Criminal FDA Declares Informed Consent Null and Void

New study finds myocarditis from covid jab 223x higher than all previous vaccines combined

Excess deaths in children rise 22 percent.

CDC drafted but never released warning on COVID jab risks to avoid 'alarm,' emails suggest

PHARMA OVERLORDS: Moderna’s online censorship agenda detailed in newly released documents

Our ‘Leaders’ Learned Nothing from Their Covid Failures

Medical regulator drops allegations against Ontario doctor for criticizing COVID narrative

Disease X is a sure thing as corporate media blasts headlines about “next pandemic” causing “20 times” more deaths than COVID

New State Law Opens The Door For Mass Medicalization And Surveillance Of Children, Expert Warns

Germany to Mandate Biometric Photos for Documents

Ultra-Processed Foods Are Leading Many of Us to Early Graves

U.S. Space Force: China and Russia CONCEALING THREATS posed by their satellites

EXCLUSIVE: Professor David Clements Speaks About Stolen Elections, Lawfare, and New “Let My People Go” Documentary

Bribery Biden’s Failing Infrastructure Revitalization Plan Shows How Overregulation Stifles Growth

Former Trump official HOSPITALIZED after violent carjacking incident in D.C.

WATCH: White House Official Runs From O’Keefe After Telling Him “What They Can’t Say Publicly” About Joe Biden’s Mental Health and Why They Need Kamala Harris

John Podesta is Back in the White House.

Utah Is the Latest State to Ban DEI Efforts on Campus and in Government

NYC becomes a literal den of thieves as the ‘huddled masses’ continue to swarm in and set up shop

Manhunt in London After Convicted Afghan Sex Offender, Granted Asylum by Posing as Christian Launches Chemical Attack on Mother and Children (Video)

Trump warns 100% chance of ‘major terror attacks’ in America: ‘Terrorists pouring in, unchecked, from all over the world’

Media Blackout: Deaths Linked to Islamic Violence in Africa Reach Alarming Levels

Illegals Who Brutally Assaulted Cops Flip Off America, Literally, After Being Set Free With No Bail [VIDEO]

The U.S. is a lawless society where the criminals get to go free but underwear and socks are locked up

Bloodthirsty Venezuelan gang now operating inside U.S.

Choose your future: Trump or Obama?

The Rise of Techno-Authoritarianism 

Agenda 2030 communicates an EVIL agenda                  2/2




FDA Inserts Don't Lie: Colorado Ebola Psyop Exposed  5  min.

The END of the International Monetary Order | Its Over  29  min.

Thrive Time Show: Clay Clark ft. Mark Moss & Andy Schectman   26  min.

Breakthrough In Jan 6 Cover-Up Threatens Deep State Narrative   26  min.

Mel K & Ed Martin | Rereading Tragedy and Hope: The Real Stakes for 2024   52  min.

J6er Ryan Samsel Gives Update On SHAM Trial: Political Prisoners ROT In D.C. Gulags  17  min.

Texas Border Convoy Leader: Don't Let Leftists Scare You Away From Defending America  19  min.

The Swamp’s Tax Deal Estimated To Add $1.5 Trillion To National Debt, Richard Stern Reveals  11 min.

Former FBI Agent Discusses Why He Left The Country And The Dangers Of The Biden Administration    26  min. 

American businesses, big-box stores increasingly rejecting CASH as forced shift to cashless society accelerates

The Real Victors In All The Bloodshed: US Arms Exports Hit Record High In 2023

The Economy May Already Be In Recession

UPS Slashes Around 12,000 Jobs To Reduce Costs

IMF accused of domestic meddling after telling UK to reach net zero targets by raising taxes

Chinese economy is set to implode.

New run on regional banks. NYCB tanks 40 percent.

Chicago 9th Ward Alderman Says Venezuelan Illegal Immigrants Are Getting $9,000 Housing Vouchers, Food, Free Childcare & More

New York May Screw 4,000 Legal Residents Out Of A Job – So Migrants Can Have Them

Philadelphia court orders Bayer to pay $2.25B to man who developed cancer after exposure to Roundup weed killer

An Egg McMuffin Was Once Just 99 Cents. Can You Guess How Much One Costs Today?

Can Federalising Central Governments Fix…Federalism?

Nancy Pelosi’s son just dodged charges for the SEVENTH time

Shocking Revelations Expose George Soros’ Attempts to Topple Governments and Push Political Interests

Globalist billionaire George Soros is financing efforts to elect more open borders Democrats in Texas

The Era Of Easy-Money Ruined Us  

Big Pharma Is Double-Dipping by Manufacturing Meds to “Cure” Injuries Caused by Their Own Covid “Vaccines”

CDC Blames Covid and Stress for All These Sudden, Unexplained Heart Attack Deaths

U.S. government “authorized” COVID injections by misapplying laws forged to deal with weapons of mass destruction

The WHO and Phony International Law   

Prepare Now for When Quantum Computers Break Biometric Encryption: Trust Stamp

The Plot Thickens: Damning New Details Emerge in Jan 6 Pipe Bomb Cover Up

Appeals Court Finds FBI Did Violate 4th Amendment Rights of Los Angeles Residents by Seizing Hundreds of Safety Deposit Boxes without ‘Any Legal Basis’

Russia And Ukraine Exchange Hundreds Of POWs  

A Biden regime released-migrant crime wave is sweeping sanctuary cities and suburbs

Terror by Night: Who Pays the Price for Botched SWAT Team Raids? We Do

Targeting Children With 'It's Okay To Pass Away Today' Videos On Multiple Platforms - Creators Claim It Is 'Satire', But It Is Truly A Sickening Push For Assisted Suicide

Measure That Blue State Voted for Resulted in 241% Increase in Opioid Deaths, Forces Dems to Declare State of Emergency

Portland Declares Emergency Over Fentanyl Crisis Three Years After Decriminalizing Drug Possession

Agenda 2030: A Power-mad Document

The Elite 1 Percent Behind The Cultural Civil War                         2/1


Alexa who will win the 2024 Election    1  min.

False Flag Warnings For Martial Law in the USA and War with Russia   5  min. 

BREAKING: Federal Provocateurs Identified By Texas Border Convoy Leader — CRITICAL INTEL SHARE NOW    42  min.

Hospital Murder - A Conversation With the Nurses   72  min.

Polluting our Skies, our Bodies and our Minds w/ Reinette Senum   110  min.

INTERVIEW: Will CBDC Be Imposed by Emergency BEFORE 2024 Election?   59  min.

Global War Is Coming. Here's What You Should Know.    16  min.

NWO SERVICE CORPS & MURDER INC. -- Christopher James    55  min.

Dr. David Nixon - What else are they hiding in the vaccines?   14  min.

David Webb: Central banks and the people controlling them are the REAL POWER behind everything

The 'Off-The-Rails Psychologically,' Power-Crazed Globalist Cabal Will Do Anything To Avert Losing Control Of The US Govt As They Haul America Into The Graveyard Of Empires

When Will the January FIFTH Insurrectionists Go to Prison?

Controligarchs: Control freaks and billionaires who think the world is overpopulated

Orban Hits Back After Secret EU Plan 'To Sabotage Hungarian Economy' Revealed

Twelve states sound the alarm: Globalist banks are conspiring with the UN to WIPE OUT U.S. farms and food production

Russia Says BRICS Now Surpasses G7

Hong Kong court tells China’s Evergrande property developer to LIQUIDATE with debts of $330 billion

Dems’ Energy Permitting Reform Bill Includes Billions for Eco-Activist Groups  

The War on American Energy Independence Continues

Top American Automaker Just Reported a $1.7 Billion Loss on Electric Vehicles

Major Cuts at UPS: Company Announces Layoff of 12,000 Workers Nationwide

European Farmers Unleash Wave of Protests . . . Are You Prepared for the Food Revolution?

San Fransicko Is Being Sued by Residents for Giving Cash Handouts to Black and Latino Trannies as the City Crumbles

Poll: 31% of British youths think “climate change” is DELIBERATELY EXAGGERATED

AP: ‘Pandemic of snow’ in Anchorage sets record for earliest arrival of 100 inches – ‘Even by Alaska Standards

So Many Problems Continue to Plague the EV Industry

Taxpayer-Funded Electric Busses Are Sitting Broken Down And Idled Across The Country

The Power Of Love                

Medicine Has Been Fully Militarized

Meet the Mom Being Politically Persecuted for Protesting Tyrannical Covid Mandates

EU To Censor "Disinformation" and "Hate Speech" Under the Guise of Supporting Human Rights 

WATCH: French Farmers Tighten Their Grip on Paris, as Government Scrambles To Appease Them – Revolt Spreads to Belgium

Most people DO NOT REALIZE that Google is a corporation that’s controlling, censoring and warping vital information

The CCP Is Trying to Infest America Through Its Local Governments

The Rise of China’s Shadow Diplomacy

The Defense Department’s China Military Power Report: The Threat Is Worse Than Advertised

Australian government report warns against the potential THREATS of AI

The Line Has Just Been Crossed: A.I. Went Rogue And Couldn't Be Brought Back Under Control As World Moves Rapidly Into A Time Of 'Thought Crimes' And Computers 'Disabling Our Brains' - Imagine What Happens When Rogue A.I. Decides Humans Are Their Greatest Threat

Bribery Biden Education Department Met With SPLC Before Center Put Parental Rights Groups on Its “Hate Map”

A secret Obama memo could hold the key to Trump’s exoneration 

BETRAYAL and TREASON: SCOTUS takes away states' rights to protect border as three former presidents fund flights to bring in more illegal aliens

Damning Airport Sign Proves the Biden Regime is Letting Illegal Aliens Fly Without Acceptable Identification Even as Regime Warns of Terror Attacks – Airline Travelers Are Enraged (PHOTO)

Mob of Illegal Aliens Brutally Beat Two NYPD Officers Near Times Square, Gets Released Without Bail [VIDEO]

Islamized Germany: Afghan Migrant Who Previously Sexually Assaulted a Child, Rapes Young Woman in Train, Tells Court, 'I Felt like it...

The Atlantic: Technocracy And The Despots Of Silicon Valley          1/31


Joseph Trimmer Reporting Live On The Border Crisis From Eagle Pass, Texas   5  min.

Matt Boyle: "They Literally Brag Publicly About Controlling The Message Of President Biden"    5  min.

Former IRS Agent Exposes ILLEGAL Tax System: Federal Income Tax UNCONSTITUTIONAL   12  min.

Syrian Girl: Nuclear Apocalypse Inches Closer As Middle Eastern Wars Expand, Journalist Warns  44 min.

Jack Posobiec On Terrorist Kamikaze Drones: "They're Learning How To Beat Our Smart Technology"   4  min.

FED Employees Caught Planning Marxist Revolution: Millie Weaver Reveals TRUTH On 2020 Election Coup   18  min.

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern on why America's leadership is DELUSIONAL about Russia and the Middle East    55  min.

This Is The End by Dr. Vernon Coleman  28  min.       

Technocratic globalists plotted our subjection at the 2024 WEF meetings in Davos

Klaus Schwab On AI: "We Don't Even Need Democratic Elections"

The world is no longer afraid of the US empire; the DEATH of mainstream media accelerates

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop - Reminder Of Unconstitutional State Laws Implemented In 2020 As World Is Being Programmed For 'Disease X' Ahead Of The 2024 Presidential Election

Homelessness In The U.S. Is Up 48 Percent Since 2015, And Americans Are Being Laid Off In Droves…

Chinese Property Giant Evergrande Ordered To Liquidate After Failing To Reach Deal With Creditors 

Climate Experts Reveal How Trillions of Dollars Were Spent on “Climate Change” Based on Faulty Temperature Data

EU Plans to 'Sabotage' Hungary's Economy If They Block Ukraine Funding

Check out the TOP 10 job roles that AI is slated to replace

Godfreys Collapses After 93 Years of Operation  

Shifting Gears: Dealers Urge GM To Prioritize Hybrids Over EVs 

New Report Shows Electric Vehicles Are Unreliable, Suffer 79% More Maintenance Issues Than Gas Cars

Canadians will pay nearly $500 million in sales taxes to fund Trudeau's carbon tax in 2024

Biden Administration Provided Over One Billion Dollars to UN Organization Before Severing Connections Due to Staff with Terror Links

Bidenomics in shambles: Microsoft cuts 1,900 jobs in gaming market

Shoplifting Wave Drives Walmart, Target To Take Unprecedented Step - 40 Minute Wait Times For Underwear!

Border Agents Released More Than 440,000 Illegal Aliens in Just Three Months

US Caught Known Terrorist At The Border, Then Let Him Go Due To Clerical Error

A Radically Different World Since Assange’s Indictment

How Movies Are Used to Precondition the Masses to Accept Dystopian Slavery


Majority of Americans Believe Covid “Vaccines” Cause “Unexplained Deaths”

Big Pharma manufacturing medications to “cure” injuries caused by the very COVID-19 vaccines they hastily rolled out in 2021  

No doubt about it: the COVID vaccines CAUSE dementia

Healthcare Students Still Forced to Inject Vaccines  

COVID vaccine compensation claims totaling over $100M lodged against AstraZeneca

14-Year-Old HS Basketball Player Dies Suddenly After Collapsing During Game

Watch: WHO Chief Admits Infowarriors Hindering NWO Agenda 

Johnson & Johnson Reaches $150 Million Settlement Regarding Role In Opioid Crisis

China Begins Permanent Warship Deployment in a Direct Challenge to America

China and Russia Are Secretly Weaponizing Their Satellites in Preparation for War With America

French FM: Russia to control 30% of worldwide wheat exports if Ukraine loses the war

A Catastrophe On Every Level As Biden Crime Cabal Allows Drug Cartels To Flow Into America Along With Human Traffickers As They Rush To Turn America Into A 3rd World Nation

Dutch government already wants this year's asylum budget topped up by 600 million

JACK POSOBIEC: US soldiers are 'sitting ducks in the shooting gallery of the Middle East right now'

Former FBI Agent: FBI Tied J6 Pipe Bomber to Metro Card of Ex-Government Official, but Blocked Interview of Him

UN Aid Agency Members Supplied Hamas With RPGs, Took Israeli Woman Hostage During Oct. 7 Attacks, Damning Intel Finds

Here’s Why so Many Electric Buses Are Sitting Unused in Cities Across America

Elon Musk Announces Neuralink Inserts First Brain Chip Implant Into Human

This Story from the 3rd Century Will Sound Quite Familiar to You

Here’s How an Iran-Backed Militia’s Drone Got Past US Defenses and Killed Three US Service Members

Solar Update January 2024

When Free Speech Dies, The Killing Begins                   1/30





Michael Yon on the Border Crisis • ALEX NEWMAN: SCHOOL'S INDOCTRINATION OF CHILDREN   46  min.

WEF Totalitarians Seek to Euthanize the West

The Globalists 'Diabolical Master Plan' To Create World Govt Seen In The UN's Agenda 2030 Ensures An Explosion Of Widespread Violence And Economic Disintegration In The Coming Days

UN Funds US Invasion, Participates in Hamas Terrorism

Denationizing the United States

What we learned at Davos 2024: global aristocracy intends on 'Rebuilding Trust' through censorship and surveillance

The Fed to Force Healthy Banks Into a Sinking Lifeboat

What does the decimation of North American buffalo herds have in common with 15-minute cities?

Rand Paul: It's Time The US Stopped Being "The Sugar Daddy Of The Entire World"

Really, Commissar? 89% of "Educated Elites" Want Strict Rationing of Gas, Meat, and Electricity

UK to Become Only G20 Country Incapable of Raw Steel Production

Famed Analyst's Final Forecast Is Fall of U.S. Economy

Media And Tech 'Bloodbath' Continues As More Than 24,500 Employees Laid Off Or Fired In January 2024, While What Is Left Of The Media Lies About 'Thriving' Economy

Joe Biden cuts off LNG exports in latest act of economic sabotage against Texas and Western European countries

Biden To Announce Billions In New Chip Subsidies

A.I. Platform Blatantly Lies About 'The Fall of Minneapolis' Documentary

Delusional Biden-Harris Regime Plows Forward With Electric Buses Even as Cities Stuck With Inoperable Vehicles

Pharmaceutical Giant Bayer Ordered To Pay Over $2 Billion

Adjusted for inflation, retail sales have almost flat-lined over the past two years... as consumer-debt hits record highs, and savings dwindle.

Biden Blackmail Intensifies: Won't Shut Border Until Congress Coughs Up Ukraine, Israel Funds

Ukrainian Defence Officials Charged With Stealing $40 Million From Weapons Budget

Veterans Affairs Sued to Provide ‘Gender-Affirming’ Surgery to 163,000 Transgender Vets

E. Jean Carroll EXPOSED             

Dissecting “Disease X” and the Pandemic Agreement

RSV introduced into population by polio vaccines; now Pfizer's RSV vaccines risk harming, killing people

Survey: Nearly half the deaths observed in US households judged to be due to the COVID vaccine

. . . Dr. Pierre Kory Drops Startling Revelation on Sudden Deaths

See How “The Simpsons” Predicted a Media-Induced “Phony Baloney” Public Health Scare in 2010 That Sounds Eerily Familiar

Was It the Jabs? High School Girls Basketball Player Collapses, Dies During Game

French farmers join German farmers in blocking highways with tractors, throwing manure to stop globalist agenda that targets farms for destruction

PARIS UNDER SIEGE: Farmers Block All Highways to the City – Security Forces on High Alert – Minister Vows ‘No Tractor Will Enter the Capital’

Three US soldiers killed, over 30 service members injured in drone attack on small US outpost in Jordan

Biden Terrorizing US Veterans While Building His Own Private Army From Illegal Aliens He's Fast Tracking In To Slaughter Americans As 'God's Army' Stands Up Against Biden Treason - Beware A False Flag In Texas To Further Demonize Christians And Conservatives

Meet Amy Pope: The UN's Human-Trafficking Czar

More UN staff collaborating with Hamas

Reckless illegal immigration part of large-scale plan to DESTROY AMERICA, warns Border Patrol source

Unprecedented Surge in Illegal Crossings by Chinese Nationals at U.S.-Mexico Border Surpass Previous Year  

U.N. Chief Guterres Cries Poor: Implores World to Keep Funding UNRWA

George Soros Pours Millions Into Texas In Hopes Of Shifting Power To Dems

Exclusive — Meet the Radical Left Network That Hijacked Democrats to Stop Trump Biden Using Org’s Talking Points Verbatim Origins of Jack Smith, E. Jean Carroll, and Letitia James Cases

High School Senior Throws Her Conservative Christian Father Under the Bus at School Board Meeting

Crazed Global Warming Freaks Throw Soup at Mona Lisa Painting in the Louvre Museum in Paris

Paul Craig Roberts: RIP, The Western World            1/29


Greg Abbott “Prepared” for Conflict With Federal Authorities   14  min.

Mel K & Joe Allen | Digital Twins & Ghosts in the Machines: Where Are We Heading?    45  min.

Historian Warns Satanists Founded And Controlled The Worldwide Leftist Movement   42  min.

Solomon: "There Has Never Been A More Serious Threat To The Security Of America Than This Moment"  9  min.    

Col. Anthony Shaffer joins Mike Adams to discuss the Texas border, Biden failures and how Trump can help save America    52  min.

EXPERT: Foreign Military Sleeper Cells Are Covert Part Of NGO Multifront Invasion Program   25  min.

Michael Yon joins Mike Adams to EMERGENCY WARNING over the INVASION and coming CIVIL WAR  64  min.

Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams ft. David Webb The Great Taking plus free book    29  min.

FBI Luminaries Starkly Warn Congress That U.S. Being Invaded At Border: ‘Alarming And Perilous’

Border Betrayal: China’s Covert Infiltration Through America’s Southern Border

Leadership Of Major US Landowner Chock-Full Of Chinese Communist Party Members

Disease-X and Davos: This is Not the Way to Evaluate and Formulate Public Health Policy

Nearly Two-Thirds Favor Ending ‘Corporate Welfare’

Biometrics needed to protect Africa’s digital economy ambitions from growing fraud  

Just 34% See Better Economy in 2024

Yes, the tech layoff surge you are feeling is real

Left-Wing Media Collapse Marches On Bankruptcies, Layoffs, Viewership Crashes Bidenomics Bust: 2,681 Journos Lost Jobs!

Business Insider Laying Off 8% Of Staff

Retiring lawmaker Ruppersberger was one of first to sound alarm on Huawei, ZTE in US networks

NSA is buying Americans’ internet browsing records without a warrant

The U.S. Is A Lawless Society Where The Criminals Get To Go Free But Underwear And Socks Are Locked Up

Video shows illegal aliens lining up to receive FREE housing in New York City

Joe Biden Met Chairman Of Chinese Company That Paid Family Millions: Former Hunter Associate

ANOTHER Biden Corrupt Scandal

Email Reveals Why CDC Didn’t Issue Alert On COVID Vaccines And Myocarditis

Sky News sports announcer delivers remarkable speech on athletes ‘dying suddenly.’

Pentagon Report Predicts New Age of COVID Bioweapons and Brain Chip Warfare

The United States Navy Essentially Lost A Battle At Sea This Week

Expect ‘AI versus AI’ conflict soon, Pentagon cyber leader says

‘Sharp Turn to the Right’ — Populist Parties Projected to Win EU Parliament Elections in Nine Nations

Shocking 7,300% Spike in Illegal Immigrants from South American Nation with terrorist Ties

US plan to link biometric databases for travelers in limbo

Exclusive — Meet the Radical Left Network that Hijacked Democrats in Effort to Stop Trump At All Costs ... Biden Using Org’s Talking Points Verbatim ... Origins of JACK SMITH CHARGES, E JEAN CARROLL and LETITIA JAMES CASEs

The Trump-Carroll Case Is Blatantly the Greatest Miscarriage of Justice in Modern American History

Report: Dress E. Jean Carroll Claims She Wore During Alleged Trump Assault Did Not Exist At The Time

Give 'em the moot: Courts help red-state universities block conservative students' speech suits

Biden Regime 'Temporarily Suspends' UNRWA Funding After Alleged Involvement of 12 of Its Employees in the Oct. 7 Islamic Massacre 



PARASITES: The Cause Of Cancer And Covid?     20  min.

FROM GRAMMAR TO GROOMING          95   min.

Underground Tunnels and Hybrid Breeding Programs    4  min.

James Rickards Explains Why Pollsters Have It Wrong For 2024   31  min.

Pretext For A Fedsurrection | Darren Beattie Reveals The Stakes For 2024  11  min.

Maine Bill Creates Transgender Safe Haven: Would Allow Genital Mutilation Of Minors   24  min.

SCOTUS Rules Texas Can’t Defend Her People: Fed Can Resume Removing Razor Wire   32  min. 

Financial analyst David Webb warns of impending FINANCIAL COLLAPSE in latest interview 

The Delusions of Davos and Dubai – Part One Achieving Universal Energy Security

GOP Rep. Perry Proposes Bill to Stop American Subsidies to WEF, Davos Globalists

Destroying America: United Nations Budgets Millions For U.S.-Bound Migrants In 2024

Trusted Pastor Warns Biden’s Border Battle With Texas Could Be Deliberately Provoking Civil War

Banker claims COFFEE is bad for the climate at WEF annual meeting

The Fed Prepares for a Bank Crisis While Telling Americans the Economy Is Strong

Why The Whole Banking System Is A Scam by Godfrey Bloom MEP

War Is Always Inflationary  

Is The U.S. Economy Actually Growing?

Sharp Increase in Federal Debt Surpasses Economic Growth in Late 2023

Republicans Gear Up For New Civil War While Gov. Greg Abbott is in India Working On Outsourcing Their Jobs

EU Looks To Accelerate Development Of Small Nuclear Reactors

Lawsuit Claims Unequal Treatment in Minnesota’s Farmland Program

Bidenomics In Shambles: Microsoft Cuts 1,900 Jobs In Gaming Market

Feds Blow Through $20 BILLION For ‘Refugee Assistance’ In Just 2 Years

Republicans question Biden admin over $3 billion loan to Sunnova, which has been accused of scamming elderly dementia patients into signing expensive solar panel leases 

Kari Lake's Bribery Audio a Reminder That Elites Control Both Parties

Is NASA's 'Temperatures Are Rising' graph evidence of global warming or evidence of widespread fraud?

Beware A Coming Black Ops Black Flag Event Created By Our Own Intel Agencies via The Invasion At Our Southern Border - Biden Allowing Evil Monsters To Drive The Final Nail In America's Coffin

Survey: Nearly Half of Potential DC Jurors Say Death Penalty or Life in Prison is 'Fair Punishment' for J6ers

Seattle to Pay Black Lives Matter Rioters $10 Million in Lawsuit Related to George Floyd Riots

It is a bloodbath for the mainstream media

70% of embalmers report finding strange blood clots beginning in mid-2021

Excess deaths in the U.K. are due to COVID vaccine-induced circulatory issues, NOT COVID-19

Researchers urge governments to endorse a global moratorium on mRNA injections in a newly released science paper

Florida Surgeon General calls for COVID-19 vaccines to be STOPPED due to cancer-causing contaminants

To Get US Residency Still Requires The COVID Jab

Watch Bill Gates' Reaction When Asked: "Is the Vaccine safe?"

Disease-X and Davos: This is Not the Way to Evaluate and Formulate Public Health Policy

FRC Warns Against WHO’s Pandemic Accord: ‘The Loss Of Freedom Will Be Far More Life-Threatening Than Any Pandemic’

Chinese scientists create COVID strain with 100% kill rate

This Is How ChiCom Minions Are Gaining Control of Our Food Supply Through “American” Subsidiaries

Dan Bongino uncovers more mystery surrounding the J6 “attempted assassination” of Kamala Harris

Two Americas: One For U.S. Citizens Is Heavily Regulated And Monitored, The Other For Illegals Is Free Of Mandates, Regulations And Bureaucratic Harassment

Cultural Replacement: Why The Immigration Crisis Is Being Deliberately Engineered

Border Betrayal: China’s Covert Infiltration through America’s Southern Border

Great Replacement: Former German Spy Chief Warns of Deliberately Engineered Suicidal Mass Immigration and Islamization of Europe

Showdown: Texas Defies Supreme Court, Installs More Razor Wire Along Border

UPDATE: 25 States Now Stand with Texas Governor Greg Abbott – Sign Letter Supporting Texas’ Constitutional Right to Self-Defense

Republican senators pummeled Melissa Dalton over her job as the Pentagon’s top homeland defense official. She presided over the fire sale of Border Wall materials at a 97% discount while misleading lawmakers

Report: Michelle Obama preparing to replace Biden for White House run against Trump

At This Point, Election Interference Is Basically a Government Policy . . . But Only the Left Is Allowed to Use It

Part 1: Full Scope of Dominion ICX Hack in Federal Court is FAR Worse than Just the BIC Pen Hack – With Transcript

WATCH: Texas AG Ken Paxton reveals Democrats rigged 2020 elections by merely ceasing to count votes (then running mail-in ballots until they achieved fake vote targets)

Bridgeport Democrat Mayor Wins Race After His Associate Is Caught Stuffing the Local Ballot Drop Boxes with Bags of Ballots

Can America survive its traitors?                                  1/26


Victoria Nuland Plan To Destroy Nuclear Power Plant And Blame Russia  4  min.

Ed Dowd on the Coming Political, Financial, & Medical Chaos in 2024

Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You – Episode 6   64  min.

The Great Taking – How they Plan on Taking ALL of Your Assets w/ David Webb   90  min.

BANKERS, ASSASSINATIONS & PEDO NETWORKS -- Mark Anthony Taylor    74  min.

Maria Zeee on Infowars - UN Publishes Goal for Worldwide Censorship & Transhumanism Agenda Link   47  min.

If Devious Davos Elites Get Their Way, Your Lifestyle Could Be Tracked, Taxed, and Criminalized

Depopulate 6 Billion People 'Peacefully' - as in, 'Without Violence'

We The People Are The 'Carbon' The Narcissistic WEF Hypocrites Want To Eliminate

Dutch Queen Máxima's popularity dwindles as she markets Digital IDs and CBDCs

Coming Soon: Lockdowns to Save the Environment?

Why Does Manufacturing at Home Really Matter?

Gaslighting Media Insists Economy ‘Fantastic’, Voters Just Too Dumb to Realize It

Dem State Bag Ban Backfires: Makes Bag-plastic Use INCREASE 300%

Experts: Biden’s push for China-made EVs poses NATIONAL SECURITY risk 

Most Americans Are Literally Living On The Edge Of Disaster

The Democratic Socialists of America are Broke, In Debt, and Beginning Mass Layoffs.

Cultural Replacement: Why The Immigration Crisis Is Being Deliberately Engineered

‘Europeans Will Succumb to Islam,’ Says Former Intelligence Chief

Pakistan Proves Mass Deportation is Possible as 500,000 Afghans Ejected in Just 4 Months.

PAYOLA PROPAGANDA: DHS paid leftist academics to create “counter-propaganda” under the guise of improving media literacy on hot issues like immigration

Arizona GOP Chairman Resigns After Leaked Audio Relaying Alleged ‘Bribe’ from ‘Powerful People’ to Stop Kari Lake

AG Ken Paxton reveals exactly how Dems stole 2020 election, and it’s so much simpler than you realize

Cracking Down On Looters And Thieves In PA

How Big Pharma shaped the law to avoid vaccine damage liability

Darkfield Live Blood Analysis C19 Unvaccinated Blood. C19 Vax Shedding And Environmental Exposure Has Not Slowed Down Look at the pictures for yourself

Dr. Malone: ‘Disease X’ is manufactured by the WHO to drive fear and public compliance

How Many Colleges in Your State Still Require the COVID Shot for Enrollment?

Call for TYRANNY: WHO head says we need global compliance (obedience) to prepare for future pandemics

W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty Inches Closer to Reality

The globalists want to criminalize simply talking about the ‘tsunami of deaths’ in the young and healthy, attempting to ‘normalize’ athletes dropping dead at the ripe old age of 29

Why Is The West's Mainstream Media Ignoring Europe's Farmers' Revolt?

Germany, France, Romania, Poland, Lithuania… Farmers All Over Europe Take a Stand Against Crippling ‘Green’ Policies

Scottish farmers' protest: "Farmers are getting pushed to the limit – We’ve had enough”

Top 4 conspiracy theories about 5G that are coming true

Watchlisted: You’re Probably Already on a Government Extremism List

"My Party Is Completely Delusional": Dean Phillips Destroys Democrat Demagoguery Of Republicans After Attending Trump Rally

Male Prisoner at NYC’s Riker’s Island ‘Instructed’ by Staff to Claim He Was a Tranny to Gain Access to Female Inmates, Lure Them Into Prostitution Ring: Court Documents

Women and Children Win! Ohio Bans Sex Changes For Minors and Protects Female Sports After State Senate Overrides RINO Governor Mike DeWine’s Veto

Conservative mom cleverly tricked Joy Reid into admitting she supports rape and pedophile books on live TV

It Is A Bloodbath For The Mainstream Media

How the Federalist Society Betrayed Conservatives

FBI Broke the Law in Warrantless Seizure of Safe Deposit Boxes                 1/25


Don't Let the Gene Out of the Bottle    16  min.

DISEASE X- An Overton Original Documentary   10  min.


Supreme Court Decision Provokes Civil War In Texas  5  min.

Victoria Nuland Plan To Destroy Nuclear Power Plant And Blame Russia   4  min.

The Tenpenny Files, On Your Health: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny ft. Jeffrey Smith  53 min.

Singing Urn Celebrating The Death of White Children Shown As Ad On Youtube   3  min.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Investigative Journalists Infiltrate Massive U.S. / Chinese Funded Illegal Alien Invasion Camps  42  min.

May the WEF Plot Suffer the People’s Resistance  

VIDEO: WEF Prophet Says Humans Have No Rights They're A Fairy Tale

As The Pentagon And US Govt Sacrifice Excellence, Integrity And Honor For Diversity, Equity And Inclusion, Beware Of The Unexpected As The American Empire Death Spiral Accelerates- A War Against Russia Is Beyond Insane In This 'Most Dangerous World' Globalists Created

Growing 'No Cash Accepted' Signs Bad News For Millions

Pro-humanity advocate Laura Aboli: Globalists are carrying out their TRANSHUMANISM agenda to achieve a DYSTOPIAN future

Major U-turn! OpenAI drops ban on military tools to partner with the Pentagon

Toyota Chairman Says Electric Cars Will Never Dominate Global Market

Election systems expert demonstrates how easy it is to HACK voting machine USING ONLY A PEN

2024: The Super Election Year

Germany’s electricity prices DOUBLE as “green” nightmare kicks in

Conspiracy Theorists Were Right About Climate Lockdowns

Federal Court of Canada Rules It Was Illegal for Trudeau to Declare National Emergency to Freeze Bank Accounts and Stop the Trucker Convoy

Mass Layoffs Rock LA Times: Over 100 Staff Cut, Affecting a Quarter of the News Guild Due to Heavy Losses

Paramount Set to Lay Off ‘Hundreds’ in Latest Hollywood Bloodbath

Psychopathic behavior on the rise as society descends into freefall collapse

January 6: the bombs that weren't?

UK Raises Alarm Over Sudden Death Surge: “Worst Heart Care Crisis in Living Memory”

Who Will Deliver Justice to Our Service Members?

New Report Finds Sharp Increase in Infant Deaths, Micro-Clotting, and Strange Blood Clots Since Mid-2021

When 12-Year Old Suffered Debilitating Side Effects During Experimental Covid Vax Trial, Doctors “treated her like a crazy person”

W.H.O. Chief Tedros: ‘Torrent of Fake News’ Stopping Global Pandemic Treaty

Did Fauci Slip While Under Oath?

Hospital’s COVID protocols killed a woman’s husband by refusing to treat him with ivermectin

New FDA Rule Allows for Medical Research Without Informed Consent

Trust the SCIENCE!? Harvard teaching hospital to retract papers by top researchers following data falsification probe

The ‘Re-Education’ of New Zealand Medical Doctors

Disease X and the Make-believe World of Experts

China Expert Outlines Taiwanese President-Elect Lai Ching-te’s Daunting Challenges Ahead

The Atlantic says child sex trafficking is FAKE and not really happening

A whopping 70% of Haley voters in the New Hampshire primary weren’t registered Republicans

What Does Biden Have on Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett?

Report: Michelle Obama’s Secret Plan to Replace Joe Biden for President Emerges

@Barnes_Law..If you're for lockdowns, #Barrett's your gal. If you're for forced vaccines, #Barrett's your gal. If you're for cops bashing in your door in the presence of your minor child w/o any probable cause of a crime, #Barrett's your gal. If you're an authoritarian, #Barret's your gal.

Leaked Audio CONFIRMS AZGOP Chair Jeff DeWit Tried to Bribe Kari Lake – Lake Tells DeWit, “They’re Going to Have to F*cking Kill Me to Stop Me”

Is the Arizona migrant who said ‘Soon you’re gonna know who I am’ head of the Islamic Party of Azerbaijan?

Europe's Top Border Guard Calls For Open Borders                           1/24


DISEASE X BIO-TERROR -- Dr. Jason Dean    53  min.

Brain Virus Bioweapons & GM NanoProteins   45  min.

Jeff Clark: "The State Of Texas Has A Right To Resist Invasion"   5  min.

BREAKING: New Jan. 6th Pipe Bomb Information Released By Darren Beattie   25  min.

Douglas MacGregor: Turkey will fight in Gaza in April, conflict will escalate into global war    38   min.

Democrats Tried To Delete More Than 100 Encrypted Files From J6 Committee Records    4  min.


Julie Kelly On The Files Deleted By The January 6th Committed Before New Leadership Took Over  12  min.

Jim Rickards: Put on Your Crash Helmets - New Banking Meltdown Could Snowball into Global Crisis  40  min.

The Great Taking: Greg Hunter Interviews David Rogers Webb   69  min.

Best 18 seconds you will see; New WEF Participant Crashes 2024 Davos Meeting

WEF Summit: Argentina's Milei praises free markets, slams socialism at Davos  1  min.

Javier Milei addresses World Economic Forum in Davos | FULL SPEECH   26  min.

WEF's Looming Economic Shift is Global Serfdom - What Are NAC, BIS, CBDC, PPP?

Dutch Queen Promotes Global Digital ID At Davos

The Never-Ending War On Cash

Sweden is now going AGAINST cashless agenda..right-wing Swedish government is looking at strengthening the use of physical cash for the future and FORCE shops to accept cash...

Foreign entities now own 40 MILLION ACRES of U.S. agricultural land

Real Life Bond Villain Bill Gates and Rockefeller Brothers Are Funneling Millions to the CCP  

World Economic Forum claims misinformation is top risk to society… while spewing misinformation everywhere 

Watch: WEF Members Claim Coffee Bad for Environment

"We Owned the NewsWe Were the Gatekeepers" - WSJ Editor-in-Chief Laments Mainstream Media Power Loss

Jeffrey Epstein's links to the development of Bitcoin and CBDCs

U.S. Ranchers Banding Together To Save Our Food Supply! $300 Million Raised!

French Farmers Also Revolt Against Taxes, Price Pressure and Green Regulations – New Macron Government Quickly Caves to Demands

Germany Went All in on the Green Transition — Now, Its Economy Is Crumbling

Is EU dropping Net Zero?! Biggest political party in EU now wants to drop the ban on gas & diesel cars –...

BREAKING: Citigroup To Slash 20,000 Jobs!

5G wireless technology is a DISASTER waiting to happen 

America’s Once Great Cities Are Being Turned Into Open Sewers

Get woke, go broke? Sports illustrated lays off almost ENTIRE staff

Meet Five Accused Pedophiles Who Bought Kids Through Surrogacy

Alex Soros Tweets Out Bullet Hole and 47 — A Direct Violent Threat to Donald Trump

A culture in collapse                    

History Will Remember Sweden's Anders Tegnell’s Covid Heroism

This Bus Is Touring the Nation to Collect Stories From People Injured by Covid “Vaccines” 

Florida Surgeon General says DNA contaminants in COVID-19 vaccines are “beyond the pale”

Congress Helped Craft a Bill Last Summer Called the “Disease X Act” and We Have Questions

OBEY, CITIZEN! Massachusetts mother faces jail time after trying to enter State House without vaccine passport

Are the globalists preparing us for another lab leak?

Alex Soros Tweets Out Bullet Hole and 47 — A Direct Violent Threat to Donald Trump

One-in-Five Mail-In Voters Admit to Committing Voter Fraud During 2020 Election

AG Ken Paxton reveals exactly how Dems stole 2020 election, and it’s so much simpler than you realize

SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE: Nearly TWO-THIRDS of All Controls Needed To Ensure Accurate and Secure Elections Are Missing!

Secret Service Foreknowledge or Criminal Negligence? Damning New Evidence Surfaces In FBI’s January 6 “Pipe Bomb” Story

Eurabia on the Horizon: Islamization Will Be Complete in 50-70 Years Warns French Intelligence Veteran (Video)

Illegal Immigrant Brazenly Threatens Border Journalist: 'Soon You're Gonna Know Who I Am'

Enemy Within: Revered 'Moderate' Islamic Scholar Who Conned Top U.S. Government Office and Elite Academic Circles Reveals His Jihadi Face

Amish Farmer Terrorized Again By Government Gestapo A Dire Warning To ALL Americans With Our Rights To Grow Our Own Food And Eat The Food Of Our Choice Attacked By Tyrants

Major M7.2 earthquake hits China - Fourth powerful quake within the last two days - Link to increased solar activity?

Bottled water found to contain alarming levels of plastic particles, microplastics

Frustrated Customer Gets AI Service Chatbot to Joke, Swear and Trash Its Own Company – International Parcel Delivery Firm Disables the Bot Pending Reprogramming

Once Again, Charter and Private Schools Utterly Outperform Public Schools

Are Meta And Google America’s Next Big Landlords?

89% of Ivy League Grads Support ‘Strict’ Rationing of Gas, Meat, Electricity to Fight Climate Change

Technocracy: "Science of Social Engineering" Is Brainwashing

A New Business Plan to Save Electric Vehicles!

Electric bikes start record number of fires in New York                       1/23



BREAKING: Americans Being Infected With Live Ebola By Secret Bill Gates Project     25  min.

New Zealand investigator Liz Gunn interviewed on the arrest of Barry Young for releasing the TRUTH about vaccine fatalities   48  min.



Covid19 Nanotechnology And Synthetic Biology. Conversation With Karen Kingston. Truth, Science And Spirit    75  min.

Klaus Schwab Got up and Walked Out of Room During Argentina President Milei’s Speech at Davos Attacking Globalist Power-Hungry Elites

Best 18 seconds you will see; New WEF Participant Crashes 2024 Davos Meeting

Davos, Trust, and the End of “Comfortable Wolves”

German truckers, factory workers join farmers’ protest against incumbent left-cult government that’s trying to DESTROY FARMS and the food supply

Shocking Poll Exposes How Much the Elite Hate Us

Globalist junta boasts about “damaging plans” being set up to block Trump from retaking his White House seat

House Republicans Introduce Legislation To Prohibit Funding For World Economic Forum

A Plea to End the War in Ukraine

The Country You Didn’t Think Would De-Dollarize as the De-Dollarization Era Begins

Osage Nation’s Victorious War Cry After Judge Rules Wind Farm on Tribal Land Must Be Dismantled: ‘This Is Our Homeland’

Man Convicted of Starting 14 Canadian Forest Fires Media Blamed on ‘Climate Change’

Green Globalist Disaster: E-Bikes Caused Record Fires, Injuries, and Deaths Last Year In NYC

$5 Million Down the Drain: Asheville Grapples with Idle Electric Buses Due to Technical Flaws

Global Historical Hurricane & Cyclone Statistics Establish that 2023 Experienced a Very “Normal Year.”

An Amish Farmer’s Food Rights Battle            

Why Was the Pfizer mRNA “Vaccine” Not Recalled in February 2021?

Cancer Cases Expected to Hit Record High in 2024… What Changed?

The six-foot social distancing rule was nothing but FRAUD weaponized against the people, and its architects are finally being exposed

FDA Influenced the CDC’s Decision to Remain Silent After Learning About the Dangers of the Covid “Vaccine”

Journalist Who Tried to Cancel Novak Djokovic Over Not Taking Covid “Vaccine” Collapses and DIES While Covering Australian Open

To Get US Residency Requires the Covid Jab 

“Virology is a Fraudulent Pseudoscience and is a Dying Field” according to Biomedical Scientist.

THE JIG IS UP… EXCLUSIVE: Local Reporter Describes Election Expert Halderman Breaking into Dominion Voting Machine and Changing Vote Totals During His Georgia Testimony

Meet the Democrat Saboteurs Who Registered as Independents in New Hampshire to STOP Trump

Julie Kelly has the straight dope on Revolver’s explosive J6 pipe bomb revelations

IDIOCRACY IS HERE: Woke FAA now hiring workers with “severe intellectual and psychiatric disabilities” in new DEI program

China’s Stock Gutted with Brutal Loss of Over $6 Trillion – This Isn’t Beijing’s Only Problem

As Chinese Purchases Of US Farmland Soar, It's Becoming Impossible To Track How Much It Owns

Depopulationist Bill Gates Set Up 20 Shell Companies to Hide Purchase of $113 Million of Nebraska Farmland

"F**k These Cops, It's A Lesson To Him": NYC Woman Makes Self-Incriminating Statements After Car-Ramming Attack Caught On Video

Illegal Alien Threatens Independent Journalist After He Was Asked Where He Was From: “You Find Out Who I Am Very Soon”

EMF Radiation: Everything You Need To Know.                 1/22


Best 18 seconds you will see; New WEF Participant Crashes 2024 Davos Meeting

Mel K & Jovan Hutton Pulitzer | Deconstructing A Nonsensical Nation  48  min. 

WEF Planning Next Global Pandemic: Davos Elites Seed Public Narrative On “DISEASE X”   15  min.

BREAKING: NATO Officially Mobilizes 90,000 Troops To Prepare For War With Russia, Warns Jack Posobiec   20  min.

BREAKING: Johns Hopkins Wargames Disease X Killing 150 Million People, Collapsing Government    

Dr. Judy Mikovits |  What Do You Need to Know About "Disease X?" | Why Are U.K. Scientists Developing Vaccine for "Disease X" Before "Disease X" Event Exists? + How Did Alex Jones Predict "Disease X"       55  min.

Noor Bin Ladin: ‘The West Will Not Survive Without America’   6  min.

"Civil Asset Forfeiture" — How Long Will Highway Robbery by Cops Continue?   16  min.

Scott C. Smith Interview - EPA & Norfolk Southern Continue To Hide East Palestine's Dioxin Poisoning   57  min.    1/19

EMERGENCY: Leaked German Military Document Details Countdown To World War III  16  min.

Trump Pledges to Block Government Push for Central Bank Digital Currency

WEF Declares a New Era of Order is Evolving

Internet Censorship Seems to Be the Biggest Topic at the WEF

Rently to Use SingPass for ID Verification of Renters and Tenants

"Food Deserts" Rise In Democrat Run Cities As Grocers Leave In Droves

Surveillance State: Feds Asked Banks for Private Transactions for Terms With ‘MAGA,’ ‘Trump’

The World’s Coal-Fired Power Generation Hit a Record High in 2023

Major Video Game Company Says It’s Time to Get “Comfortable” Not Owning the Things You Buy

Digital Kill Switches: How Tyrannical Governments Stifle Political Dissent

More evidence that blacks are maddest of all about Biden's open borders

Drug overdose deaths skyrocket to all-time high in major blue city

Kevin Morris confirms $5 million in loans to Hunter Biden, art purchases: Comer

Donald Tusk Sends Riot Police to Purge Media of Critical Journalists – and Suddenly the EU Has Nothing to Say About the ‘Rule of Law’

Hamas reveals hidden reason for Oct. 7 attacks on Israel

Elon Pokes Fun at Our WEF “Overlords” as Klaus Schwab Worries About Need to “Rebuild Trust”

Arctic sea ice just reached its highest level in 21 years, and it’s going largely unnoticed

Killing the Messenger  

True cost of Chinese solar panels.

Dr. Joseph Ladapo Florida's Surgeon General : End COVID Shots Now!

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced Turbo Cancer Tsunami is underway - and it's driven by young people under age 50

Spin-off DISEASE: Fully vaccinated for COVID manifesting new disease called VEXAS syndrome

European Parliament Votes to Keep Secret Pfizer Contracts Withheld From Public

Bill Gates Attends Climate Summit In Africa To Market His “Vaccines”

St. Louis REVOKES MASK MANDATE less than 24 hours after it was announced following pushback from hospitals and health experts

Genetic Scientists On Track To Create A Genetically Engineered Doomsday

World Health Organisation Head: Global Compliance Needed For Next Pandemic

Spider Silk Polyamide Polymers Applications In Self Assembly Nanotechnology, Biosensors, Vaccine Delivery, Synthetic Biology, Brain Computer Interface

All of a Sudden, Leaders All Over the World Are Warning That World War III Is Very Close

Bombshell Emails: US Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Wife Questioned INTEGRITY OF VOTING MACHINES with Maryland election officials

WEF head Klaus Schwab predicts AI will make elections obsolete

Secret Service Foreknowledge or Criminal Negligence? Damning New Evidence Surfaces in FBI’s January 6 “Pipe Bomb” Story

How the Great Cultural Revolution Transformed the CIA and FBI

Denver Hospital In Financial Crisis: Surge of Illegals Contributes to $130M in “Uncompensated Care”

James O’Keefe Uncovers “Shadowy Network” Of NGOs Facilitating US Border Invasion

Maine allowing illegal aliens to squat in new apartments for free while veterans throughout state remain homeless

Illegal Alien From Haiti Charged with Rape of Disabled Person Released by Boston Court in Defiance of ICE’s Detainer Request  

HUGE – Sweden SCRAPPING Agenda 2030 goals            1/19


We Uncovered a Secret Immigrant Housing Operation  5  min.

Noor Bin Ladin Joins WarRoom To Discuss The Cult Of Davos  10  min.

Pt1: Apocalypse - 2024 Predictions & Solutions with Steve Quayle   62  min.

Defense Team To Prove Agents Planted Evidence on Jeremy Brown   4  min.

Mel K & William Shipley | Exposing Fact Versus Fiction of January 6    60  min.


BREAKING: Johns Hopkins Wargames Disease X Killing 150 Million People, Collapsing Government  17 min.

White Genocide Talking Points On MSNBC: Joy Reid Blames White Christians For Trump’s Iowa Win   18  min.

Disease X: A Secret Weapon For A New World Order     5  min.

Naomi Wolf Discusses Davos’ Desire To Rebuild Trust   28  min.

UN’s Vision of the Future: One Digital ID to Rule Us All

Ursula von der Leyen hopes EU Digital Services Act will tackle WEF's top concern: The truth getting out

Globalist Bond Villain Ursula von der Leyen Spreads “Misinformation” and “Disinformation” at Davos

WEF creeps descend on Davos to ‘rebuild trust’... and subsequently book all the local prostitutes

Globalist President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen Vows €50 Billion Aid for Ukraine, With or Without Hungary’s Orbán Agreement

CEO of World’s Largest Bank Hints at Historic Crash

Fractional Reserve Banking (Part II)

Firesale: Blackstone's Defaulted Manhattan Office Tower Loan Marketed At 50% Discount

China’s Stock Market “Appears to Be in Free Fall Now” – Will the U.S. Stock Market Be Next?

New York Fed: Manufacturing Activity Is Plummeting

New Labor Edict From Biden Regime Declares War On Independent Workers

Jim Jordan Demands Answers After Biden Admin Caught Flagging "MAGA" And "Trump" To Track Political Opponents' Financial Transactions

Energy Department Caught Massively Cheating to Boost Electric Vehicle Efficiency Data and Corporate Media Is Ignoring It

A Conservative Executive Has Bought the Baltimore Sun Newspaper and the Left is Freaking Out

DHS pays democrat groups $700,000 to create ‘propaganda attacking conservatives.’

Woke cross-dressing United Airlines CEO under fire for diverse hiring comments, sponsoring drag shows

Increasing Psychopathic Behavior Is A Sign That Society Is On The Verge Of Breaking Down

Davos: From Proto-Fascism to Post-Fascism    

Florida surgeon general tells Tucker it's 'absolutely possible' for mRNA shots to change DNA

DNA Contaminants In COVID Vaccines Are 'Beyond The Pale': Florida Surgeon General

Federal Judge Orders CDC to Release V-safe Texts Detailing COVID Vaccine Injuries

New Cancer Diagnoses Projected to Be Highest Ever With People Under 50 Leading the Surge, Yet ZERO Mention of Jabs as Cause

WHO Director: 'COVID Was The First Disease X', 'May Happen Again' [VIDEO]

HORSE WORMER! Feds Conceal Details About Anti-Ivermectin Campaign in Response to Doctors’ Reinstated Lawsuit

Fauci admits physical distancing rule implemented during pandemic NOT based on science

Great Replacement: Belgian MEP Stuns EU Parliament, Exposes Their ‘Purposefully Organized Repopulation’ Migration Scheme

With a Growing Demographic Collapse, the Biggest Threat to China Is . . . China

Chinese Media: ‘Taiwan Independence Means War’

Stock Exchange pulls 'natural assets companies' SEC proposal amid backlash from state officials

Watch: The Most Ridiculous 75 Seconds Of Bullshit From Davos Yet On "Ecocide"

Guardian: A third of British Teenagers think Climate Change is Exaggerated

2024 Promises the Expansion of the Green Energy Scam

ABSURD: Maine constructing new luxurious apartments for illegal aliens using taxpayer money

France: Muslim migrants beat girl, strip her naked, threaten her ‘on Qur’an of Mecca’ if she files complaint

Islam Overtaking Europe? 

Biden Regime to List Houthis as ‘Terrorists’ While Still Making It Legal to Fund Them

BREAKING: Godless Biden Regime Flagged Americans Who Shopped at Dick’s, Cabela’s or Who Bought Christian Bibles!  

Shut The Border Or Shut The Government                            1/18


“MAGA Beats Globalism”: Noor Bin Ladin Live From The World Economic Forum Conference In Davos   15  min.

BREAKING Globalists Announce Plan to Launch CBDCs Worldwide, Alex Jones and Expert Guest WarGame How to Thrive in a System Designed to Destroy You     63  min.

WEF Prophet Says Trump 2024 Will Be ‘Death Blow To Global Order’   7  min.

FDA Blocks Real Solutions & Protects Failed Medicine w/ Dr. Dean  63  min.

Phony Covid Dissidents - Beware the Dream Team Narrative Police   36  min.

Bonus Tribe Talk - January 11, 2024 - Matt Hazen, CEO of MasterPeace   63  min.

The Medical Industrial Complex is Collapsing as EDEN Returns w/ Dr. Carrie Madej   65  min.

Brandon Showalter Discusses The Mutilation Of Children Against The Parents Discretion  7  min.

Mel K & Noor Bin Ladin | Live Update From The World Economic Forum Davos Switzerland   27  min.

Gain-Of-Function's Newest "Brain Virus" & Genetically Engineered Proteins To Control... Everything 120  min.

Mel K & Joel Gilbert | Is the Other Obama Coming in to Finish the Controlled Demolition of America?  52  min.

AMERICAN GLADIO -- Jim Fetzer    64   min.

WEF President Declares That “We Are on the Way to a New Order”

Klaus Schwab On Using AI to Predict Votes: “Why Do We Need Elections?”

Globalist Losing Streak Continues: Davos Panic Over MAGA Monday Marlow to Kudlow: Democracy Thrived in Iowa

Klaus Schwab Admits That Communism Is the Cornerstone of the WEF [VIDEO]

Here We Go: WEF Hosts Panel Today for ‘Disease X’

If The Deep State Cannot Stop Trump With Lawfare, Or Dire 'End Of Democracy' Warnings, Watch For A New 'Plandemic' To Delay Or Stop The 2024 Election

Davos Elites Complain About Lack of X Censorship  

Central Bank Digital Currencies are Spycoins

The TSA Plans Big Digital ID Push in 2024 

Recession Signal: Private-Sector Job Growth Is Being Replaced By Gov't-Sector Job Growth

German Economy, Europe’s Largest, Shrinks

Month-over-month U.S. budget deficit rose by 50% in December as financial collapse looms

Goldman Was Dumping Billions in Stocks and Other Assets as It Told Clients to Buy

Trump Called It: New York State Sees Manufacturing Numbers Plunge Worse than 2008 Recession 

John Deere Partners With Elon Musk's Starlink To Unlock "Vast Opportunities"

U.K. cash cow: PM Sunak announces $3.2B in military aid for Ukraine

91% of small business owners say colleges are giving students 'unrealistic expectations' for life after graduation: Survey

“This is Crazy, It’s a Disaster” – Public Charging Stations Turn into Electric ‘Car Graveyards’ in Bitter Chicago Cold (VIDEO)

Go Woke Go Broke: Disney’s Pixar to Undergo Significant Layoffs in 2024

Underwear, socks latest items to be locked up in shoplifting crackdown

Muslim Hordes Display Warlike Dominance Across Europe Under the Pretense of “Prayer”

DEI, Airplane Crashes, and Bad Medicine

Chinese Researchers Engineer Deadly Coronavirus Strain Targeting the Brain and 100% Kill Rate in Mice, Acknowledge Potential Human Spillover Risk

W.H.O. Applauds Itself for Coronavirus Vaccine Efforts: Warns Virus Is ‘Here to Stay’

Havoc in the Human Body: Clumping of Blood Cells Caused by “Vaccines”

EXPOSED: One Simple Hack to Detox from the COVID Vaccine   

A Hearing on Blood Related Adverse Events Post Covid Vaccine – What Happened to the Medical Profession?

. . . What’s the Magic Number of “Vaccines” Needed for Covid?

How Moderna Came Up With a Vaccine Against Vaccine Dissent

Despite All Of The Death Unleashed On The World via Their Killer Vaxxes That Attack The Heart, Circulatory System And Immune Systems, The WEF Hopes To 'Rebuild Trust' With Humanity

Genetically Modified Synthetic Milk To Hit Stores In 2024 

Tens of thousands of illegal Chinese migrants detained at U.S. border in major national security threat

BORDER SHOWDOWN Texas Must Give Feds Access By Jan. 18,
Or Else, Says Biden Admin

Illegal immigrant charged with VEHICULAR HOMICIDE in Colorado had already been deported FOUR TIMES

From the open border to anti-poverty programs, the Democrats wage war on the lower class

The 15-Minute City Guru is Coming to Town

CATCHING THE FRAUD: Check My Vote Investigators Uncover FAKE MI Addresses On Voter Rolls—One Address Has 19 Registered Voters—8 of Them VOTED In 2020 and 2022 Elections

Head of Pelosi's Security Detail Allegedly 'Perjured Himself on the Stand' About Jan. 6: Report

Today Marks 3 Years Since the Arrest of J6er Jake Lang- and Still NO TRIAL

FBI Now Recruiting, Entrapping Autistic Children Terror Patsies for National Security

Progressive Lawmakers Line Up Behind Costly Fix For Error They Made In Renewable Energy Plan

Democrat-Backed, AI-Powered “Misinformation” Tracker Conveniently Targets Conservative Opinions

Kemp Flies to Davos While Refusing to Open Criminal Probe into Fani Willis

Contracts Show Fani Willis Offered Top RICO Expert Lower Hourly Rate Than Her Alleged Lover In Trump Case – Then Lied About it in Church

The Ukraine War Needed to End Yesterday                                      1/17


WEF Prophet Says Trump 2024 Will Be ‘Death Blow To Global Order’   7  min.

Watch the Water 2: Closing Chapter - Dr Brian Ardis with Stew Peters  52  min.

WEF, WHO & UN All Targeting Your Speech--and YOU!    12  min.

The True Covid Dissidents Tried to Warn Us From the Very Beginning   12  min.

Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You – Episode 5   62  min.

Scientists Warn COVID-19 Vaccine Produces The Perfect Poison Protein    20   min.

Mike Adams interviews Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Ed Group, Dr. Henry Ealy and Dr. Jana Schmidt on HEALING after COVID   51  min.

WEF Declares All-Out War On Free Speech As World's Greatest Threat

Death, 'Disease X', & "Rebuilding Trust" With The Denizens Of Davos

WHY is the US Congress involved with creating a bill called "Disease X Act" back in June of 2023?

WHO was created to CONTROL and RULE over the global population, warns German physician

With 'Disease X' The 'Cover Story' For The Coming Mass Deaths From The Release Of The Globalists New Bioweapons, Their 'Blood Lust' Won't End Until They Are Permanently Stopped

Great Danger Ahead: 2024 Will Be an Epochal Year for Xi and the U.S.

World's richest five men double fortune since 2020!

"It's All Over": Powell's WSJ Mouthpiece And JPMorgan Confirm Imminent End Of QT

IMF Chief: AI Will Impact 60% of Jobs in Advanced Economies Like United States

YAHOO: Inflation 'Cooling' Thanks to Cheap Migrant Labor Depressing Your Wages.

IMF: Artificial Intelligence Will Affect 60% of Jobs

Robots Looking Better to Detroit as Labor Costs Rise

Appeals Court Rules The Homeless Have A Right To Camp On Sidewalks

San Francisco Hilton Defaults on Mortgage  

The hits keep coming: meet the DEI tranny pilot hijacking United with no survivors

United Airlines Takes Flak Over RACIST DEI Hiring Practices

United Airlines CEO Criticized For DEI Hiring Initiatives, Drag Queen Photos Surface

United Airlines CEO is a cross-dressing freak       

‘Conspiracy Theories’ About the COVID-19 Shot that Turned Out to be True (Part 1)

Sen. Ron Johnson Presents a Must-See Chart About the COVID Vaccines

FDA Launches Fresh Bid To Toss Out High-Profile Ivermectin Case

Victims of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 injections were CENSORED by Facebook and YouTube, inquiry reveals

Fully Vaxxed and Boosted “All My Children” Actor Dies Suddenly at Age 50 – COVID Suspected as Cause of Death

“Islamophobia” Hoax: It Turns Out the Man Who Shot Three Palestinian Students in Vermont Supports Hamas

EU continues to attack Hungary but stays silent on brutal power grab in Poland, says Hungarian MEP

Today’s Journalists Seek Power, Not Truth 

The New York Times Admits Ukraine Is Losing The War

CNN Finally Admits the Obvious About Trump Charges: It’s a Witch Hunt

Pilot, 22, Becomes First Active-Duty U.S. Air Force Officer to Win Miss America Pageant

What's Happening In California Is A Dire Warning For The Rest Of America: The Government Never Gets Tired Of Slapping Americans Around And Telling Them It’s For Their Own Good - America’s tyrants use the same two-pronged approach that all totalitarian regimes do

New Jan 6 Footage Shows Capitol Cop Perjured Himself, Lying About Whereabouts & Altercations with Oath Keepers

Vigilant Fox: Yuval Noah Harari Makes Surprising Comments About Donald Trump

Republican National Committee Chairmen and Treasurers have met with officials from the Chinese Communist Party and its vast network of foreign influence groups to discuss “campaign strategies” and the direction of U.S.-China relations for over a decade

78% of Iowa Caucus Goers See Charges Against Trump as Political Attacks – Up to 88% of Iowa Caucus Goers Believe Joe Biden Is Illegitimate President

Report: Georgia Prosecutor Nathan Wade Held In Contempt Of Court Last Year

Fani Opens Up: Fulton County DA Says 'You Cannot Expect Black Women To Be Perfect And Save The World'

Fani Willis And The Corrupt Mainstream Media                  1/16